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Jack Merlin Topping the Pack expose, helping spectator get a winning hand
1927/28 10
Eddie Joseph A Quick Four-Ace Trick Aces "mixed" with twelve cards, four hands dealt, one gets the Aces
1942 26
Russell "Rusduck" Duck Stack It spectator stacks the hand while apparently losing the cards in the deck, as Rusduck
Related to Mar. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 55)
Stewart James, Russell "Rusduck" Duck Variation on Rusduck's Stack It
Inspired by Aug. 1944
The Phoenix (Issue 66)
John Mulholland Dealing the Winning Hand spectator chooses either Bridge or Poker and magician can deal himself a winning hand (Bridge), or himself and spectator a winning hand (Poker)
1944 56
Richard Segal The Sucker Poker Deal three Jacks are controlled for the spectator, magician gets a Royal Flush
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959)
Matt Schulien Matt's Crazy Poker Deal spectator shuffles, performer deals five hands, third hand dealt openly from bottom, other hands shown first with some byplay, then third hand shown to be royal flush
1959 99
Jerry K. Hartman Hope For The Best Spectator thinks of highest card in the hand, then magician deals four of a kind
Related to 1973 80
Jerry K. Hartman All Hands On Deck: a dishonest lecture on dishonesty gambling expose consisting of false overhand and riffle shuffles, false deals (second and bottom) and “switching”, for finale the magician shows that everyone got a great hand, outline of entire routine’s handling on p. 39
1974 30
Roy Walton The Gambling Spectator solution to posed problem, stack that can be cut anywhere and a good poker hand can be dealt
Inspired by 1974
Necromancer (Vol. 2 No. 2)
John Bragoli Ace In the Hole
Feb. 1976
Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 6)
Nick Trost Mystic Five selection found with number five, then five hands dealt and spectator receives four Fives
1979 5
Karl Fulves Liar's Poker spectator lies about his poker hand, in next deal he gets this hand, posed as problem
Interlocutor (Issue 43)
Karl Fulves Spectator Aces spectator deals cards on aces, then deals out whole packet, aces are gathered in one packet and placed in spectator's pocket where they change into indifferent cards, aces reproduced from performer's pocket, spectator does almost everything
1982 20
Juan Tamariz Cortes Clasificadores stacking four Aces by cutting
1984 25
Karl Fulves Speedo spectator choses a player by removing a small number of cards, this player gets the four Aces
The Chronicles (Issue 31)
Karl Fulves Auto Gambler spectator gets four-of-a-kind after weird matching selection procedure, self-working
1991 20
Karl Fulves Draw Test sixteen-card poker, four players get four cards each
Related toVariations 1993
Rigmarole (Issue 2)
Jerry Mentzer A Poker Plot spectator deals poker hands, one from the bottom with the performer's back turned, he identified the bottom-dealt hand, also it's a royal flush
Inspired by 1993 70
Peter Duffie Ten Again Ten cards, spectator ends with winning hand (not ten card poker deal)
Inspired byAlso published here Mar. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 7)
Jerry K. Hartman Changing Hands performer and spectator have Poker hands and each keep one card and swap the other four with each other, performer’s single card together with spectator’s four are all same color, spectator’s card with performer’s four make up a Straight Flush
Inspired by 1995 185
Peter Duffie Backfire Poker Ten cards, spectator ends with winning hand (not ten card poker deal)
Inspired byAlso published here 1997 154
Al Mann Five Aces hand gets four aces and joker
1997 21
Harold Lloyd Der Zuschauer als Falschspieler spectator loses Aces (by putting three cards on each and only cutting), then he deals the Aces into wanted hand, no-touch
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 4 & 5)
R. Paul Wilson Fained Casualty spectator pockets a four-card poker hand, then this is used to complete a royal flush in the next deal
1999 53
Karl Fulves Base Deal deck shuffled, two-handed game dealt, one hand clearly off the bottom, those are the Aces
2001 92
Karl Fulves When Psychics Play Poker psychic vs. gambler, spectator riffle shuffles, psychic gets seven cards, gambler five, psychic finds two Aces and moves around some cards and wins
Also published here 2004 61
Ron Bauer Second Finger Top Deal Jacks shuffled into deck, yet shown on top, then dealt to partner as fake false dealing demo
Inspired by 2004 2
Karl Fulves When Psychics Play Poker psychic vs. gambler, spectator riffle shuffles, psychic gets seven cards, gambler five, psychic finds two Aces and moves around some cards and wins
Related toAlso published here 2004 386
Benjamin Earl Playing the Odds spectator shuffles and deals themselves royal flush, thought-of card divined
Variations 2007 10
Allan Slaight The Diligent Deck memorized deck stack which offers a couple of poker and gambling deals
Inspired by
  • New Pentagram, March 1976
2008 59
Benjamin Earl The Gambling Lesson various games played, at the end spectator and performer each find four-of-a-kind
Inspired byVariations Jan. 2009
Gambit (Issue 1)
Nick Trost Pinochle Poker Deal uses Pinochle deck
2009 505
Karl Fulves New Deal Poker Kings cut into deck, two poker hands dealt, Aces and Kings, with previous selections as kicker cards
Related to 2010
Prolix (Issue 7)
Jason England, Allan Ackerman, Steve Mayhew The World's Greatest Card Cheat "Topsy Turvey Poker" is played, spectator riffle shuffles, his straight flush is completed with previously openly sleeved card
Inspired by 2012 109
Persi Diaconis, Ron Graham, Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Herb Zarrow Gilbreath's Second Principle Spectator shuffles the cards, deals out five hands, one of the hands is a good hand, but the hand of the imaginary partner gets a straight flush, uses ideas from Herb Zarrow and Ron Wohl
Related to
  • "U-shuffle Poker" (David Ben, Zarrow, A Lifetime of Magic)
2012 66
Karl Fulves Fields Effect player gets five Aces repeatedly
Inspired by
  • W. C. Fields film poker sequence
Related toVariations
Prolix (Issue 10)
Joseph Barry Beginner's Luck spectator first gets a flush in hearts, then a straight flush in spades
Inspired by 2014 9
Roberto Giobbi Lucky Thingamajig lucky cent presentation
Hidden Agenda (Issue Jan 26)
Michael Skinner, Edward Marlo Skinner on Marlo's Poker Deal spectator deals himself the aces, bottom deal stacking, same as Marlo's really
Inspired byRelated to
  • Michael Skinner Private Tape (DVD, ca. 1988, edited by Richard Kaufman)
Hidden Agenda (Issue Oct 24)
Steve Reynolds Sharper's Fate after fair shuffling by spectator a two-handed game is dealt from a spot decided by a cut card, chosen winner receives a Royal Flush, faro
Inspired by 2020
Output (Issue 10)
Benjamin Earl Lucky Deal spectator deals himself his selection in a poker hand and his other cards complete a Royal Flush
2021 21