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Jack Birnman Bulls-Eye! called "Jack Birman"
Variations Sep. 1981
Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 9)
Harry Lorayne Jack Birnman mini bio
1982 477
Jack Birnman False Identity Ace to Three are removed, named value transforms into selection
1982 478
Jack Birnman Cover Control card controlled to small number from top, cover pass substitute
1982 479
Peter Marshall Apocalypse Variations Or Additions instant sandwich
Inspired by Mar. 1983
Apocalypse (Vol. 6 No. 3)
Jack Birnman Platinum Trajectory
Oct. 1986
Apocalypse (Vol. 9 No. 10)
Larry Jennings Intuitively Yours finessed handling, two methods
Variations 1987 15
Jack Birnman The Triangle aces change to kings, aces now face-up in deck
The Chronicles (Issue 35)
Jack Birnman And a Pair of Kings red kings change to black deuces, kings then reproduced, two more changes and pair produced from air, "Tens Routine"
Variations 1989 13
Jack Birnman Push-In Revelation card moves out at back
1989 14
Karl Fulves Ad Hoc Aces
Inspired byVariations 1989 18
Jack Birnman Swivel Multiple Shift & Palm tabled push-through action for multiple shift, then deck picked up and cards palmed out, also as bottom palm
1989 42
Jack Birnman The Birnman Revelation performer cuts deck swiftly into four piles, Ace on top of each, including a handling by John Bannon
1990 118
Steve Beam The Jack Birnman Insert
1991 727
Jack Birnman Flying Downs
1991 727
Jack Birnman Guardians red queens put in center and appear again
1991 728
Jack Birnman Super Sum four cards produced, total gives position of card
Related to 1991 729
Jack Birnman Four-Sites face-up Four is shuffled in deck and locates two selections
1992 219
Jack Birnman Dragnet Queens are tossed in deck, they split up and sandwich two selections, Birnman's original sleights replaced with standard sleights
Variations 1992 222
Jack Birnman Sharper's Image after some shuffling (also by spectator) a two-handed game is dealt, performer receives a Full House with Aces and Kings, faro
Variations June 1993 15
Jack Birnman Subliminal Suggestions four cards are chosen via counting and numbers, they match a prediction
Inspired by Nov. 1993
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 3)
Jack Birnman One-Hand Glide from end grip
Jan. 1994
Magic (Vol. 3 No. 5)
Jack Birnman Timeless three cards are used to form a prediction verbally
1995 81
Jack Birnman The Bermuda Triangle Aces transpose with quartet, Aces found reversed in the dek
1995 118
Jack Birnman Foreword
1995 1
Aaron Fisher, Jack Birnman The Long and Winding Trick Aces lost, four indifferent cards found, their values used to count down to four cards, they are the Kings, Aces found on other side of counted packets
Also published here 1995 2
Jack Birnman The Dyslexic Psychic entertaining presentation
Winter 1996 1
Jack Birnman Higher Math cards are used and transform/appear to illustrate simple calculations
Related toVariations Summer 1996 93
Steve Beam Jack Birnman 1921 - 1997
1997 1281
Doug Conn Pasteboard Calculus cards change and split to display basic calculations with its spot values
Inspired by Feb. 1997
Magic (Vol. 6 No. 6)
Jack Birnman My Spectator, The Clairvoyant fair selection (automatic placement), added value of three selections determines position of first selection
Related to Winter 1998 133
Larry Jennings, William Goodwin Even Higher Math
Inspired by Winter 1998 144
Jack Birnman, Eddie Joseph, Roy Walton My Spectator, The Clairvoyant card fount at total of four stopped at cards
Related to 1998 1468
Simon Lovell Backwards Kelly Replacement Jack Birnman?
2000 42
Aaron Fisher, Jack Birnman The Long and Winding Trick Aces lost, four indifferent cards found, their values used to count down to four cards, they are the Kings, Aces found on other side of counted packets
Also published here 2002 116
Jack Birnman Fishing Idea brief
2004 53
Jack Avis Meeting Jack Birnman
2006 137
Packet Trick Revelation marketed, shown by Jack Birnman, questions on cards lead to card and backs form giant version of selection when puzzled together
2006 138
Nick Trost The Gambler's Luck
Inspired by 2008 114
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #39 on Super Sum
Related to 2011 xxvi
Steve Beam Special Issues #30 Insert - Scott Robinson
#34 Harvey Rosenthal - The One Man Issue
#35 The Floating Issue
#37 No-Card Issue
#38 High-Octate Card Magic (all cards)
#39 Insert - Steve Pressley
#40 Insert - Jack Birnman
#41 Semi-Automatic Card Tricks
#42 Harry Levine - One Man Issue
#47 Scott Robinson - One Man Issue
#49 International Issue
2011 liv
Harapan Ong Scattered Sandwich Aces reversed in center, split up to sandwich two selections
Inspired by 2014 86
Steve Reynolds Sharper's Fate after fair shuffling by spectator a two-handed game is dealt from a spot decided by a cut card, chosen winner receives a Royal Flush, faro
Inspired by 2020
Output (Issue 10)
Steve Reynolds Bottom Placement Finesse
Related to
  • Jack Birnman's handling
Also published here
Output (Issue 13)
John Bannon BOLO
  • Dealing With It
two cards chosen and lost, Jacks tossed in deck face up, they split up and sandwich both selections
Inspired by July 2020
Genii (Vol. 83 No. 7)