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R. Sid Spocane II Serpent Silk borrowed white handkerchief transposes with colored handkerchief in spectator's pocket, see p. 874 for credit information in MUM by Persi Diaconis The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 1, No. 12) 62
Persi Diaconis, Bob Bergheim, Howard Cross, Robert Eagle, Murry Graham Etcetera "R. Sid Spocane II" The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2, No. 2) 71
Persi Diaconis Les Cartes Diaconis Variations Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 89
Harvey Rosenthal Cavorting Aces "The effect that follows is highly endorsed by both Charlie Miller and Persi Diaconis." Expert Card Mysteries 142
Edward Marlo Added Note short 1958-dated description of the "Les Cartes Diaconis" plot without mentioning DiaconisRelated to Hierophant (Issue 2) 69
Edward Marlo, Persi Diaconis Credit Information on the Benzais' Cop credited to Persi Diaconis here Advanced Fingertip Control 142
Edward Marlo First Objective culling procedure for red/black separation, including several credits and sources for other approaches, for a Persi Diaconis credit claim by Karl Fulves see page 212 of Epilogue Marlo's Objectives 3
Karl Fulves Babel final issue, list of pseudonyms, Joseph K. Schmidt, Persi Diaconis anagram R. Sid Spokane II and pseudonym George Henbeck, J. W. Sarles The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10, No. 12) 1055
Persi Diaconis Diaconis Business Card reproduction Interlocutor (Issue 15) 57
Jerry K. Hartman Flatfoot, Floozie and the Boy-Boy Hotel MysteryInspired by Loose Ends 61
Karl Fulves Fooled Again on Pete Biro's credit claims about Persi Diaconis's inventionsRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 36) 143
Jeff Busby Interesting Sidelight dealing stay stack into any number of piles retains stay stack, with tables how to pick up the piles for up to five piles
- General Rules For Pick Ups
- Added Notes
Related to Curioser 14
Persi Diaconis Anti-Faro Generalization up-down-jog procedure with 2, 3, four cards at a time as mixing procedure Best of Friends 134
Harry Lorayne Sid R. Spocane II mini bio, Persi Diaconis Best of Friends 131
Edward Marlo Less Cards Marlo no extra CardInspired by Marlo without Tears 108
Persi Diaconis Anti-Faro Generalization up-down-jog procedure with 2, 3, four cards at a time, no credit, for credit information see referenceRelated to Trend Setters 58
Persi Diaconis Avoiding Grip Shifting handling tip (now standard) The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 1 51
Persi Diaconis, Roberto Giobbi, Harry Lorayne The Red-Black Location free chosen card is found in a flashInspired by
  • Persi Diaconis trick from foreword of "Revelations"
Card College - Volume 1 113
Persi Diaconis The Persi Diaconis Presentation for Tilted Aces four aces come to top all at once Arcane (Issue 14) 204
Jon Racherbaumer The Jabberwock Way essay on the Hotel Mystery or Motel Mystery (four Kings and two Queens), as inspired by Persi Diaconis, see also p. 87 The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 16
Nick Trost Tenkai Poker Deal Cards shuffled face up/down, poker hands are dealt, only magician gets face down cards (plot credited to Persi Diaconis, routine inspired by Ricky Jay's routine on Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women) The Card Magic of Nick Trost 108
Persi Diaconis, James Swain Persi's Collectors faroRelated to 21st Century Card Magic 105
Gazzo The Luck of the Streets How Gazzo met Persi Diaconis, story about how Persi came to own Vernon's cups Street Cups and Balls 9
Jason Ladanye The Gathering aces appear and trap three selections, using farosInspired by Confident Deceptions 101
Persi Diaconis Stay Stack Dealing Property Related to Quarterly (Issue 3 (Summer 2015)) 35
Roberto Giobbi, Persi Diaconis Shuffle Statistics as presentational hook Hidden Agenda (Issue July 29) 217
Persi Diaconis Elmsley Counting Direction into left hand The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 173
Persi Diaconis, Johnny Thompson End Grip Jordan Count The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 174