Written by Edward Marlo
Work of Edward Marlo
28 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Edward Marlo Foreword credit information
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Edward Marlo More Bluff Shifts intro
Related to 2
Edward Marlo For One Card (Added Ideas) Aces inserted from back one by one, all in same place and jogged
Inspired by 2
Edward Marlo Bluff Shift to the Top or at Any Number from the Top Tilt, lowering deck below top card
Edward Marlo Bluff Shift to the Bottom or at Any Number from the Bottom Tilt directly to bottom
Variations 5
Edward Marlo Bluff Shift and Palm Off Tilt to bottom and cop or palm "Side-Squaring Palm"
Edward Marlo Flexible Bluff Shift Aces inserted from back into center one by one, controlled together in any order, bluff spacing
Variations 6
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico's Idea establishing tilt break in center during insertion of first Ace
Inspired by 7
Edward Marlo Front Tilt when spectators are looking from above
Edward Marlo Mental Elimination one of four thought of, three discarded, remaining card placed on top is selection
Edward Marlo Rising Thought "First Effect", one of four cards thought of, all lost in deck, selection comes to top
Edward Marlo Quick Acembly "Second Effect", three Aces buried, top three cards placed on last Ace, they change into Aces
Edward Marlo 4 and 4 Transposition "Third Effect", two fours-of-a-kind, some cards lost, follow the leader type effect
Edward Marlo Trapped "Fourth Effect", sandwich cards passed through deck trap selection
Edward Marlo The Pincers "Fifth Effect", sandwich cards are stuck into deck from back and selection is pulled out with them
Edward Marlo, Charles Aste Jr. Center Push Subtlety actual center cards pushed out a bit from back, see precursor by Charles Aste, Jr. on p. 13
Edward Marlo Gathering of the Clan "Sixth Effect", quartet lost in deck, reappears on top
Related to 13
Edward Marlo Surprise "Seventh Effect", top and bottom cards shown and lost, one was selection, it appears back on top, sucker
Edward Marlo Note using Tilt in ambitious card routine, "most obvious use (...) for this reason I have avoided it", getting into position before removing top card
Edward Marlo Another Classical Quickie "Eighth Effect", card(s) pushed into center changes directly or delayed into another card
Inspired by
  • "Future Classic" (Ed Marlo)
Related to
Edward Marlo Aces to Pocket "Ninth Effect", Aces placed reversed in deck, they change into Kings, Aces from pocket
Edward Marlo The Prediction (Open or Closed) "Tenth Effect", card touched face down, it is pushed in center of face-up deck which is then spread
Edward Marlo Do As I Do "Eleventh Effect", with two decks, two methods
Inspired byRelated to 18
Edward Marlo The Tilted Transposition "Twelfth Effect", two cards placed reversed into two halves transpose
Edward Marlo On the Presentation of Transpositions clarity
Edward Marlo The Criss Cross Transposition "Thirteenth Effect", more complex version of previous transposition
Edward Marlo The Tilt Stab "Fourteenth Effect", card stabbed next to selection by performer
Edward Marlo Milk Key Placement with block and reversed card
Edward Marlo The Tilt Sandwich "Fifteenth Effect", two cards pushed into deck sandwich selection
  • Alternative Handlings for The Tilt Sandwich
Edward Marlo Tilt Doubly Ambitious "Sixteenth Effect"
Edward Marlo Tilted Aces "Seventeenth Effect", Aces placed into center come to top, no cuts, see p. 1 for credit information
Variations 25
Edward Marlo Tilt Addition "Eighteenth Effect", using Tilted Aces to add cards behind them
Inspired by 25
Edward Marlo Numbered Tilt "Nineteenth Effect", value of top card used to count to selection, top card is selection, sucker
Edward Marlo Tilted Dunbury "Twentieth Effect"
Edward Marlo Tilted Classical Quickie "Twenty-First Effect", reversed card in center changes into selection
Related to 27
Edward Marlo Visible Tilt "Twenty-Second Effect", card pushed face-up in center appears on top
Edward Marlo Clip Palm Transformation
Roger Klause Fake Center Deal using Tilt
Related to 28
Neal Elias Tilt Contribution
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