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Unknown The Congress of Court Cards with the twelve court cardsRelated to Modern Magic 59
Unknown The Queens digging for Diamonds hotel trick with eight cards each and story presentation Tricks with Cards 82
Professor Bellonie, Carl Willmann Ein Stündchen beim Wunderdoktor Ast in Radbruch second part of article, story presentation for hotel trick with fours-of-a-kindRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 4) 58
Professor Bellonie, Carl Willmann Ein Stündchen beim Wunderdoktor Ast in Radbruch third part of descriptionRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 1 No. 5) 74
Henry Christ Aces and Kings a bit procedure heavy The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 74) 496
Edward Marlo The Hotel Mystery Let's See the Deck 17
Warren Wiersbe Military Mixup Variations Action with Cards 8
Roy Walton Happy Families three cards of three suits are mixed and eventually uniteInspired by
  • Stewart Judah's "Lightning Strikes Twice"
Some Late Extra Card Tricks 19
Edward Marlo The Motel Mystery kind of travelling effect, seven methodsVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 1 245
Harvey Rosenthal Rosenthal on the Hotel Trick with four kings and two queens Close-Up Sampler - Part 2 6
Nick Trost The Hotel Mystery Subtle Card Magic: Part Two 30
Karl Fulves Song At Twilight three queens and four Kings change places, hotel story Transpo Trix 39
Karl Fulves Song II three queens and four Kings change places, hotel story Transpo Trix 40
Karl Fulves Song III three queens and four Kings change places, hotel story Transpo Trix 41
Jerry K. Hartman Flatfoot, Floozie and the Boy-Boy Hotel MysteryInspired by Loose Ends 61
David Britland The Oracle with credit information by Jeff Busby on The Hotel Mystery Plot The Talon (Issue 4) 39
Jeff Busby The Repeat Hotel Mystery with Joker as kicker and presentation ideas by Reinhard Müller, see p. 49 for credits The Talon (Issue 4) 41
Lou Gallo Only The Lonely see page 111 for procedure correction The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 11) 93
Stephen Minch Unbalanced two black cards on table, four red cards in spectator's hand, one red card moved to black pile, now four red cards on table and black in spectator's handInspired byAlso published here
  • Linking Ring Parade, July 1981
The Three Faces of Steve 4
Jon Racherbaumer A Night in the Big Easy credit information, see p. 101 Cardfixes 95
Peter Duffie Rooms for Maneuver also inspired by Hotel Mystery Duffie's Card Compulsions 205
Jon Racherbaumer The Jabberwock Way essay on the Hotel Mystery or Motel Mystery (four Kings and two Queens), as inspired by Persi Diaconis, see also p. 87 The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 16
Jon Racherbaumer Let Om two approaches The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 19
Lou Gallo Only The Lonely The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 22
Jon Racherbaumer Double Backing To Motel Six using double back card The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 24
Bob Farmer Stealing The Hotel Tao The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 26
Jon Racherbaumer Select Bibliography of "The Hotel Mystery" The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 28
Larry Jennings Hookers and Cowhands The Looking Glass (Issue 1) 29
David Solomon Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn using six cards, story presentationAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Dec. 1991
Solomon's Mind 141
Richard Kaufman Hotel Mystery Credit Information Also published here
  • MAGIC, Dec. 1991
Solomon's Mind 141
Jack Avis Hotel '81 Inspired by Vis à Vis 133
David Regal Romeo & Juliet Packet trick where Romeo and Juliet escaped from their parents Close-Up & Personal 26
Unknown The Great Escape No. 82, substitution trunk with cards presentation with Bess and Houdini, two court cards and five spot cards New Self-Working Card Tricks 122
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Hotel Daley three Kings and two Queens transpose, credit information on the plot Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 26
Arturo de Ascanio Dolores' Trick with just four Kings and two Queens The Magic of Ascanio - Studies of Card Magic 276
Nick Trost The Hotel Mystery - Updated two fake index cards Subtle Card Creations - Volume 1 158
Tom Stone Amore Motel using four of a kind and two of a kind, credit information on Hotel Mystery Maelstrom 91
Steve Beam Gals & Pals Hotel mystery using the kings and queensInspired by
  • "Bon Voyage" (Steve Beam, Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, Vol. 6, 2006)
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 9 154