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Justin Higham Foreword
Justin Higham The Anti-Gravity Shift one-handed shift that is done from pinky break, hand can be in any position (including upside down)
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun, Dai Vernon Covers & Applications for the A.G. Shift
  • With the Hand at the Side
  • Move-to-Pocket Cover (Houstoun)
  • Behind-the-Jacket Cover
  • Back-pocket Cover
  • Envelope Cover
  • Banknote-Counting Cover - Gaming Scenario
  • Behind-the-Shoulder Cover (Vernon)
  • Behind-the-Chair Cover (Houstoun)
  • As an Addition Move (see Spread Pass Addition)
Related to 4
Justin Higham One-handed Slip Pass Secret one handed Slip Cut
Justin Higham One-handed Pull-out one handed method of transferring card from center to top
Related to 8
Justin Higham Around-the-Deck Reversal Secret reversal of bottom card to the top of deck
Related to 9
Justin Higham Fake Zarrow Shuffle modified handling of Fake Zarrow Shuffle from Collected Card Notes
  • Second Version
  • Third Version
Inspired by 10
Justin Higham Svengali-ish Convincer Zarrow/Shank shuffle convincer with unsquared deck (deck left in slight reverse faro condition)
Related toVariations 12
Justin Higham Up-The-Ladder Finesse
Justin Higham Multiple Undershuffle Finessed handling of a multiple undercut in the hands
Inspired by 13
Justin Higham Deal Shuffle Slop style shuffle with both hands in Mechanics grip, just pushing over packets from left to right hand. Can be used as:
  • Key card placement
  • Control (top or bottom)
Benjamin Earl Logical Strip-Cut Force Spectator say stop anytime during a strip-cut sequence, top card dealt out as selection
Related to 15
Benjamin Earl Logical Strip Discovery Using the Logical Strip-Cut Force during an Ace Production or with a stacked deck
Related to 16
Justin Higham Illogical Strip-Cut Force Spectator says stop during stip-cut sequence, magician deals face card onto table as selection (modified Hindu Shuffle Force)
Related to 16
Justin Higham Illogical Strip Cut Aces locate all four Aces using Illogical Strip Cut Force
Inspired byRelated to 17
Justin Higham Sympathetic Triumph Card that is left face up after Triumph shuffle is the mate of previously made selection
Related to 17
Justin Higham Illogical Spread Force Tabled spread is separated and top card is dealt off as selection
Variations 18
Justin Higham One-Handed IDF One handed variation on the Cross Cut Force where top packet is flipped face up
Justin Higham One Handed Flip-Over Force
Inspired by 20
Justin Higham False Throw-Cut Force Using False Swing Cut as force after riffle stop, uses Fourth Method of Single False Cuts (Marlo's Magazine vol. 6)
Inspired byVariations 20
Justin Higham Illogical False Throw-Cut Force
Inspired byRelated to 20
Justin Higham Illogical Riffle Force Riffle Force done upside down, where the two packets are openly transposed
VariationsAlso published here 21
Justin Higham, Roger Crosthwaite Third-Eye Force Spectator says stop while magician deals cards on table, bottom card of tabled packet is slid out
Justin Higham Tilted Fake Removal pretend to take card from center of deck, actually take bottom card
Inspired byAlso published here 23
Justin Higham CO2 Lazy Man's Card to Pocket, but even lazier - no palming required
Inspired by 24
Justin Higham Cognitive Transposition two cards transpose, and then the suits on the cards transpose
Variations 25
Justin Higham Biddle Appearance face-up card appears to be thrown onto the table from thin air
Related to 27
Justin Higham Biddle-Appearance Sandwich sandwich sequence using the Biddle Appearance
Related to 27
Justin Higham Biddle-Appearance Collectors Collectors routine with Biddle Appearance (reference to Apex Ace by Frank Garcia)
Related to 28
Justin Higham Chinatown Bluff Card/Copper/Silver routine with Chinatown presentation
Inspired by 29
Justin Higham Jungian Poker five poker hands dealt, spectator peeks at one card from a poker hand, all cards are collected and re-dealt, performer gets winning hand of straight flush consisting of peeked at card
Inspired byRelated toVariations 31
Justin Higham Longitudinal Monte three Card Monte tabled routine, cards held longitudinally
Inspired by
  • "Marlo's Monte & Moves" (Edward Marlo, The Sorcerer's Eyes, Vol. 3, Issue 33-36, 1981)
Justin Higham, Edward Marlo Longitudinal Monte Switch
Justin Higham Mini-Faro, Pseudo Centres Pseudo centre routine - spectator get Kings, performer gets Aces, uses Mini Faro concept
Related to 36
Justin Higham Mini Faro Faroing Aces into deck in preparation for stacking later
Justin Higham Spectator Cuts a Run of Seven Spectator cuts seven piles, top cards are Ace to Seven of Hearts (strong rummy hand)
Inspired by 38
Justin Higham Digital Poker deck placed in pocket, full house pulled out with each card clipped between the fingers
Related to 41
Justin Higham Digital Aces Ace Production with Digital Poker technique
Related to 43
Justin Higham No-Palm Digital Poker Alternative method for Digital Poker
Justin Higham Subconscious Culling Poker deal demo, magician gets four Aces, presentation involves technique called "subconscious culling"
Inspired by
  • "Subconscious Poker" (Bob Fisher, The Sphinx)
Justin Higham Riffle-Shuffle Sandwich Skill demo of shuffle tracking to sandwich selection
Inspired byRelated to 45
Edward Marlo Controlled Riffle Shuffle From Advanced Fingertip Control, how to time the shuffle properly to avoid sandwich cards
Related to 45
Justin Higham Spectator-Shuffled Sandwich Spectator apparently shuffles selection between sandwich cards
Related to 46
Justin Higham The Magician, The Fool, and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot cards spelled to get to predicted playing card
Inspired by 47
18/35 Principle
Related to 48
Justin Higham Deal, Count, Spell Different handling for The Magician, The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune with six-sided die
Justin Higham Off-Centre Coincidence Deck is split in half, dealt down, two selections appear at the same time
Inspired by 51
Justin Higham Pseudo Topper four random cards laid on table, spectator chooses one, revealed to be selection, the other three suddenly change to match as four-of-a-kind
Inspired by 53
Justin Higham Sense of Touch Location Card selected and lost amongst one of three piles, performer eliminates all, except selection
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
Justin Higham, Kevin Baker The NoBo Lie Detector "No" = Bottom
  • First Version
  • Second Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Third Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Fourth Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Fifth Version
  • Sixth Version
  • Seventh Version
  • Eighth Version (Kevin Baker)
  • Ninth Version
  • Tenth Version (Kevin Baker)
Inspired by
  • Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks, pp. 130-133
Related toVariations
Justin Higham Intuitive Twenty-One Card Trick
  • First Method
  • Second Method
  • Third Method
  • Fourth Method
Inspired by 65
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