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Bill Simon The Simon Card Control insertion from the sideVariations Effective Card Magic 93
Edward Marlo Spread Pass Addition with variations (Delayed Addition, Off The Face Switch)Related to Thirty Five Years Later 20
Justin Higham, Will Houstoun, Dai Vernon Covers & Applications for the A.G. Shift - With the Hand at the Side
- Move-to-Pocket Cover (Houstoun)
- Behind-the-Jacket Cover
- Back-pocket Cover
- Envelope Cover
- Banknote-Counting Cover - Gaming Scenario
- Behind-the-Shoulder Cover (Vernon)
- Behind-the-Chair Cover (Houstoun)
- As an Addition Move (see Spread Pass Addition)
Related to Dexterity Manual 4
Will Houstoun Guestimation Inspired by Seventeen Secrets 23
Will Houstoun Editorial Quarterly (Issue 1 (Winter 2015)) 4
Will Houstoun Editorial Quarterly (Issue 2 (Spring 2015)) 2
Will Houstoun Editorial Quarterly (Issue 3 (Summer 2015)) 2
Will Houstoun Magic Wands: Need They Have A Point? Quarterly (Issue 3 (Summer 2015)) 17
Bill Simon, Will Houstoun, Alex Hansford Control A Sidejogging a card during square up to obtain microbreak, sidejog finesse provided by Will Houstoun, cut card to the top of the deckInspired by Sprezzatura 13
Will Houstoun Editorial Quarterly (Issue 4 (Summer 2016)) 2
Will Houstoun Editorial Quarterly (Issue 5 (Winter 2017)) 2
Will Houstoun Abracadabra Quarterly (Issue 5 (Winter 2017)) 35