208 pages (Hardcover), published by Full Moon Magic Books
Illustrated with photographs and drawings by Scott Penrose
Language: English
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John Wade Foreword
Stephen Short Introduction
Part One - A Magical Life
Alan Shaxon Alan Howson is Introduced autobiography, childhood
Alan Shaxon The Double Act autobiography, meeting Anne
Alan Shaxon Life at Sea autobiography
Alan Shaxon Anne Bows Out autobiography
Alan Shaxon The Magic Circle's New HQ autobiography
Alan Shaxon Into Retirement autobiography
Alan Shaxon My Early Influences
  • Ernest E. Noakes
  • Edward Victor
  • Robert Harbin
  • The Great Levante
  • Raoul
  • Maurice Fogel
  • Al Koran
  • John Booth
  • David Nixon
Alan Shaxon Thoughts on Lecturing
Alan Shaxon Harbin Remembered on Robert Harbin
Also published here
  • in Stan Allen's "Magic Magazine" January 2008.
Scott Penrose, Stephen Short Family Matters memories of Alan Shaxon by family members
  • Anne's Anecdotes
  • Billy McComb
  • Sport
  • By Royal Command
  • TV and Film Work
  • Mishaps
  • Daughter's Diaries
  • Paula
  • Julia
Marvyn Roy, Brian Miller, Scott Penrose, Leslie Melville, Andrew Van Buren, Michael Bailey, Tony Markey, Norm Nielsen, Nicholas Einhorn, Kevin Doig Friends Reminisce memories of Alan Shaxon
  • Marvyn Roy
  • Brian Miller and Audrey
  • Scott Penrose
  • Leslie Melville
  • Andrew Van Buren
  • Michael Bailey
  • Tony Markey
  • Norm Nielsen
  • Nicholas Einhorn
  • Kevin Doig
Part Two - The Magic of the Sophisticated Sorcerer
Scott Penrose Introduction - The Magic of the Sophisticated Sorcerer intro to the tricks chapter and on the repertoire of Alan Shaxon
Alan Shaxon Mix and Mingle Card Magic on strolling magic using cards
Alan Shaxon The Thick Card
  • Making The Thick Card
  • Using The Locator
  • Controlling A Chosen Card
  • Shuffling The Pack
  • Controlling Multiple Cards
  • Double Lift
  • Forcing A Cards
  • Palming The Top Or Bottom Card
  • Locating A Thought Of Card
  • The Peek
Alan Shaxon Neither Has This One back of one selection temporarily changes color
Alan Shaxon The Biddle Surprise Biddle trick
Alan Shaxon Card Stab deck wrapped in paper
Alan Shaxon One-Eyed Jack Sandwich sandwiched card transposes with card in pocket
Alan Shaxon Photo Card Trick chosen card appears on photo, picture of magician holding the card
Alan Shaxon Hour of Destiny with prediction engraved in watch and correct time predicted, Hunter watch
Inspired by 105
Alan Shaxon Locked Bill Tube bill vanishes under handkerchief and appears inside a bill tube which is inside a puzzle box
Alan Shaxon Aerial Fishing
Alan Shaxon Chinese Sticks apparently showing that the strings are connected
Also published here 116
Alan Shaxon Tearing Up the News with flash restoration,
  • The History of Tearing Up the News
Alan Shaxon Torn and Restored Drink Trick liquid poured inside newspaper, then paper is torn and restored
Alan Shaxon Linking Rings five rings
Alan Shaxon Ultimate Nudist Deck evolved version of routine from 1970
Inspired by
  • "New Nudist Deck" (Edward Victor, Harry Baron's "My Best Card Trick", 1953, p. 20)
Related to
Alan Shaxon Tissue Cards tissue paper and pair of scissors are placed inside a cigar box, paper is apparently cut inside the box to match selection
Also published here 138
Alan Shaxon Jumbo Card Rise with Houlette
Alan Shaxon Find the Lady on Stage with huge cards
Inspired by
  • an idea by Oswald Rae in Will Ayling's "Genii Presentations"
Alan Shaxon Rabbit in a Hat
Also published here 150
Alan Shaxon Die Box, Rabbit and a Hat rabbit produced from hat, in die box routine
Also published here 153
Alan Shaxon A Lesson in Magic handkerchief borrowed, handkerchief suddenly in shreds, restored to long strip in paper bag, then changes to lemon, handkerchief inside but with hole, center of handkerchief from same material as cloth bag suddenly, eventually restored
Related to 157
Alan Shaxon Confabulation with wallet, carbon paper
confabulation type routine with forced instead of free choices
Inspired byAlso published here
  • a marketed effect in the 1970s by Ken Brooke.
Alan Shaxon Cash, Card or Credit? credit card in envelope vanishes and is found inside a wallet, in place of credit card the selection is found
Alan Shaxon, Al Koran Headline Prediction prediction inside ball of ribbon which is inside a closed jar
Alan Shaxon Bewitched, Re-Bottled and Bewildered different bottles are covered with bags and mixed and numbered, chosen one is predicted in envelope
Inspired by
  • Maurice Fogel's "Bewitched, Re-Bottled and Bewildered"
Alan Shaxon, Robert Harbin A Toast to Robert-Harbin small box with lock
Robert Harbin, Alan Shaxon The Captain's Card Trick three cards are selected and performer fails to divine them, performer gets envelope with letter and duplicates of cards handed to him during show
Robert Harbin, Alan Shaxon Card in Whisky Bottle with table, bottle in cigar bottle shown empty in the beginning
Also published here 186
Robert Harbin Harbin's Fold Flat Roll-On Table
Alan Shaxon Hydrostatic Glass
Also published here 191
John Wade Afterword
Scott Penrose, Stephen Short Acknowledgements
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