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Jan. 1905
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 5 No. 2)
Oswald Rae Call for Your Drinks tube is sealed with paper and rubber bands on both ends, hole in paper and at will, liquids are produced
1928 41
Oswald Rae Novelty Paper Tearing any name / word teared from paper
1928 64
Oswald Rae Paper Tearing Feats patter and jokes for paper tearing acts
1929 36
Keith Clark March of Time - Finale Trick paper cutting with clock face and time
VariationsAlso published here May 1936
The Jinx (Issue 20)
Walter B. Gibson Tip For Torn Paper and Hat Tearing
May 1942
The Phoenix (Issue 9)
Jean Hugard Faith, Hope and Charity "Ideal Opener for Charity or Benefit Performance", pattern for paper tear
Oct. 1946 255
Jack Chanin The Lopeared Rabbit tearing rabbit from paper
Nov. 1947 366
Martin Gardner, Jay Marshall Stunts with Paper
  • Paper Bunnies (by Jay Marshall, based on Al Baker's Ring Around Rosie)
  • Paper Movies
  • Cardboard Snapper
Inspired by Sep. 1949 585
John Braun Paper Tears rabbits or six-pointed star cut from paper
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950)
Tonny Van Dommelen Front Page Cards three selections cut out of paper sheet, Eight of Hearts, Eight of Spades, Four of Diamonds
Related to 1956 50
Norman Houghton Shears invisible scissor is used to cut off two strips from a piece of paper, sight gag, two applications:
  • design of chosen card is cut from newspaper
  • ribbon in change bag is cut invisibly into as many pieces are the spectator chooses
Related to Sep. 1957
Ibidem (Issue 11)
John Gannaway Personal Touch to the Paper Hat paper to hat, person name in hat
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1958)
Werner Krämer-Orlano Ein Karten-Entree-Trick eight cards are selected, pictures on silks with various sizes, image of last card is cut paper
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 19 No. 5)
Ernest W. Brady Doily Dilly paper cutting
July 1961
The New Phoenix (Issue 359)
Bert Douglas Safety Magic series of tricks / presentations about safety and accident prevention
  • A Safety Introduction
  • The ABC of Safety (paper cutting routine)
  • Think (ABC card manipulation)
  • Don't Take Chances (Brent's Bill to Matches & Atomic Candle Trick)
  • How Come? (Blow book)
  • We All Do Crazy Things - Sometimes (Milk Pitcher routine)
  • Safety Begins at Home (Multiplying Thimble)
  • Don't Gamble with Safety (Die Box)
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1963-64)
Allessandro Humpty Dumpty Paper Tear Christmas themed
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1963-64)
Valentino Graziadei Glück oder Zufall ten of hearts is torn from paper, spectator selects one out of three envelopes which contains his card, money in other envelopes
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 25 No. 3)
Martin Gardner Martin Gardner on Afghan Bands History on Mobius strips in magic
1968 125
The Fir Tree Classic newspaper produce fir tree
1968 128
Jacob's Ladder Newspaper into ladder
1968 131
Strings of Things How to make a newspaper chain
1968 132
Val Andrews Diversion No. 19, card faces torn out of newspaper
1970 (ca.) 8
Val Andrews An Elaboration No. 20, card faces torn out of newspaper
1970 (ca.) 9
Peter A. McDonald Decoupage Tete- Beche strip of paper is cut to form a string of little men, one man in the center is upside down, adapted by Jean de Merry, see Ostin's Topsy Turvey for same trick with other method
Also published here 1972
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 33 No. 3)
The Paper Tree classic newspaper tree
1974 23
The Paper Ladder Newspaper into ladder
1974 26
The Garden Fence Newspaper into garden fence
1974 28
Paper Tearing simple tears
1974 29
The Paper Tree classic newspaper tree
1976 183
The Paper Ladder Newspaper into ladder
1976 184
The Scotsman's Kilt kilt from newspaper
1976 185
The Plaid plaid made of newspaper
1976 185
Ross Bertram Look, It's a Real Rabbit! folded sheet of newspaper is cut, when unfolded rabbit design is seen, live rabbit produced
1978 118
Ken De Courcy Tear for Two two cards chosen, design for pips of both cards torn out of newspaper
1980 34
Decepta Die No. 27, folded paper, some corners cut off, spectator rolls die, when paper is opened the holes mirror rolled number
1985 52
Stewart Judah Der Sheriffstern sheriff's star done from paper with single cut
July 1985
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 3 & 4)
Alan Shaxon Die Seidenpapierkarte tissue paper and pair of scissors are placed inside a cigar box, paper is apparently cut inside the box to match selection
Also published here 1986 8
Peter Wilker Eine Methode ohne Austausch paper cutting with clock face and time, method without switching paper
Inspired by 1987
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 4)
Karrell Fox "Clip-Tomania" cut-out holes in paper form card design as divination
Inspired by
  • Howard Albright, Tops magazine
1988 118
Detlef "Desimo" Simon Kultiviertes Karten-Chaos "Eine Kartenroutine für die Bühne und sonstwo"
three cards selected, wrong cards rise, then two card designs cut out of newspaper, silk with third card appears
Related to 1991 66
Tommy Windsor Steurrad und Tanzende Mädchen
Mar. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 4 & 5)
Jay Marshall Papierkette mit Hasen
Mar. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 4 & 5)
Ken Bowell Kreisquadratur paper folded, half-moon cut out, when unfolded the hole is a square though
Mar. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 4 & 5)
Jean Hugard Deckenreißen message on cut-out design
Mar. 1993
Intermagic (Vol. 17 No. 4 & 5)
Ted Lesley News Time set time is divined by cutting news paper
Inspired by 1994 223
Marc DeSouza Snowflake cigarette paper is crumbled together, snowflake design is cut into it when opened again
2001 65
"Senator" Clarke Crandall Cut-Up Card Trick card chosen, pieces cut out of piece of paper which becomes silhouette of selection when unfolded, funny presentation
Related to 2003 2
Bob Ostin Topsy Turvey strip of paper is cut to form a string of little men, one man in the center is upside down
Also published here 2005 52
Thom Peterson Punch Change paper folded, spectators punch holes in it, when unfolded the holes make up a message
Inspired by
  • "Punchline" (Timothy Wenk, marketed)
Related to
  • "The Birthday Bill" (Diamond Jim Tyler, Pockets Full of Miracles)
2006 317
Patrick Page Patrick's Hatrick hat made from newspaper
2011 238
Paper Tree, Very Pretty classic newspaper tree
2011 18
Keith Lingley Rabbit in Hat Cut-Out
Also published here
  • Genii, Sep. 1954
Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
"Senator" Clarke Crandall, Dr. Stanley Jaks Psychoanalysis card chosen, pieces cut out of piece of paper which becomes silhouette of selection when unfolded, funny presentation
Related to 2014 209
Dr. Stanley Jaks What Do You See? three cards are revealed by cutting a piece of newspaper
2014 240
Alan Shaxon Tissue Cards tissue paper and pair of scissors are placed inside a cigar box, paper is apparently cut inside the box to match selection
Also published here 2014 138
Gene Anderson Star of the Show cutting a star with one cut
  • A. The mighty template
  • B. Folding the star
  • C. Performance
  • D. Impromptu star
  • E. Gene's script
  • F. Star from "restored" newspaper
  • G. Many "stars"
Related to 2016 13
Gene Anderson The Newspaper Act entire newspaper act, including folding and cutting designs and tricks with newspaper
  • A. How it all began
  • B. The act
  • C. Set-up
  • D. Gene's script
  • E. Music
  • F. Keeping Current
  • G. Storing the prepared act
Related to 2016 90
Gene Anderson Star of David - The Six-Pointed Star cut from newspaper, two cuts
  • A. "Clean copy" pages
  • B. Folding the pages
  • C. Performance
  • D. Presentation possibilities
2016 102
Gene Anderson Peace Symbol cut from newspaper, one cut A. Folding the newspaper B. Performance
2016 105
Ken Bowell, Gene Anderson Squircle circle cut into newspaper, when unfolded it is a square, with credit information
  • A. Selecting newspaper pages
  • B. Preparing Squircle's pages
  • C. Storing the prepared Squircle
  • D. Performance
Related toAlso published here 2016 107
Gene Anderson Ship's Wheel & Dolls cutting dolls and a ship's wheel from newspaper
  • A. Preparing the pages
  • B. Performance
Related to
  • Vin Carey's "Easy Do' Paper Act", 1941.
Also published here
2016 132
Gene Anderson Hello Trick word "hello" shall be cut from paper, but then it is hell, then "O" appears on wrong end and finally with another cut it is restored to the other end
  • A. Clippo times two
  • B. Getting started
  • C. Newspaper
  • D. Props
  • E. Glue lines
  • F. Folding the Hello strip for performance
  • G. Performance, Phase I "cutting" Hell
  • H. Performance, Phase 2 - cutting the "O" for O Hell
  • I. Performance, Phase 3 - Clippo cut for Hello
  • J. Gene's script
  • K. Rubber cement
  • L. The history of Clippo
2016 137
Gene Anderson Torn Message message torn into newspaper
  • A. Finale message
  • B. Introduction
  • C. Preparing the papers
  • D. Preparing the message
  • E. Performance
  • F. Production Run
  • G. Gene's script
  • H. Newspaper article
Inspired by
  • Jean Hugard's "Paper Tearing Extraordinary" in "Hugard's Magic Monthly" February, 1957.
2016 158
Rune Klan Torn and Restored Vader newspaper page torn and restored with cut-out of Darth Vader
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Sep. 2013
2022 1230