68 entries in Newspaper / Headline Prediction
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Theodore Annemann Erased Address Prediction mailing envelope with pencil-written address to yourself
1940 The Jinx (Issue 79) 516
Sylvan Barnet Wuxtra!
1945 My Best 220
Herb Runge Tomorrow's News headline predictions, nested in three tubes
1945 My Best 263
Bill Becher Brain Buster with Brema's bill tube, sealed in envelope
1946 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 115) 463
C. L. Boarde Stop Press! letter sent beforehand, never touched again
1948 The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 142) 569
Harlan Tarbell The Royal Newspaper Headline Prediction
1954/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 228
Harlan Tarbell, Robert Parrish Newspaper Headline Prediction
1954/27 Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 233
Tony Corinda No. 20. Headline Predictions
1958 The Swami Gimmick 23
Dr. Spencer Thornton Futuramic Headline Prediction prediction mailed
1958 Thornton's Secrets of Mental Magic 16
Tony Corinda Headline Predictions on its staging and presentation
1960 Publicity Stunts 383
Robert A. Nelson Nelson's Notes idea for headline prediction with Nelson Mental-Gimmic
1961 Still More Miracles in Mentalism 11
Dick Johnson Impromptu Headline Prediction prediction in envelope, opened with pair of scissors
1961 Still More Miracles in Mentalism 30
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Before the Presses Roll! headline prediction in nest of envelopes, sent by mail
Also published here 1967 Between Two Minds 69
Ned Rutledge Tomorrow's Newspaper
1967 Between Two Minds 73
Hans "Mr. Bogo" Boginski Mr. Bogo und der Weltmeister headline prediction, envelopes in box, promotion stunt
Related to
  • "Magie" Nr. 2, 1967.
1967 Hokus Pokus (Vol. 28 No. 3) 35
Fredric Kolb Club Show Headline Prediction prediction mailed in advance, two envelopes
1971 Magick (Issue 21) 101
Gene Nielsen Challenge Prediction subtleties for the Billet Pencil and locked-box
Inspired by 1971 Magick (Issue 28) 138
Paul Siegel Future Witness headline and magazine prediction
1972 Doorway to Delusion 21
Chester "Dr. DeMille" Miller Miller's Miracle as explained by North Bigbee, sent prediction in bill tube
Related to 1972 Magick (Issue 51) 253
Dr. Dan J. Alessini Poor Man's Prediction Chest bill tube in locked chest, prediction in capsule
Related to 1973 Magick (Issue 69) 341
Nathan Stark The Man from 2001 prediction is on a cassette
Variations 1973 Magick (Issue 81) 401
Gaylord E. Hill Time Capsule headline prediction recorded on cassette
Inspired by 1974 Magick (Issue 105) 522
Gene Nielsen NuAge Prediction mailed before, Himber wallet
1975 Magick (Issue 131) 651
Dr. E. Raymond Carlyle No-Touch Sealed Prediction mailed prediction, color, card, number, and vague headline
1975 Magick (Issue 137) 681
Arthur Setterington Headline Hit live headline prediction, by tearing a newspaper and selecting a piece
Apr. 1976 Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 8) 241
Gene Nielsen Matchless Guile prediction in signed matchbox
1976 Magick (Issue 149) 743
Danton Century 21 Prediction headline prediction, Koran's binary prediction
Related to 1976 Magick (Issue 159) 791
Al Mann Break Through card and headline prediction, nest of envelope sent to a member of the audience by mail
1977 Break Through 1
Walter B. Gibson, Al Mann Walter's Letter prediction in nest of envelopes, sent to spectator by mail
1977 Break Through 10
Al Mann The Prediction Caper previously mailed nest of envelopes
1977 The Photon Shield 4
Warren Stephens Look at it This Way or This Way NCR / carbon paper envelope
1977 Magick (Issue 181) 901
Ned Rutledge, James G. Thompson Jr. Vor Drucklegung headline prediction in nest of envelopes, sent by mail
Also published here Dec. 1977 Intermagic (Vol. 4 No. 4) 148
Larry Becker Mental Case prediction in coin purse
1978 World of Super Mentalism 97
Thomas Alan Waters Unknown Power tape cassette with headline prediction on
Related to 1979 Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue New Thoughts For Old) 28
Karrell Fox "Pro"-Diction prediction envelope switched with newspaper
1979 Another Book 157
Karroll Priest Predic-O-Clip! prediction with bulldog clip in box, headline prediction etc, sent in advance, Nelson Gimmick
1980 Magick (Issue 266) 1329
Stan Lobenstern "Impromptu" Headline Prediction credit correction on page 612, additional credit to Donn Davison, Sid Lorraine, Ted Annemann
Sep. 1981 Apocalypse (Vol. 4 No. 9) 535
Al Mann Page One with an Al Koran Wallet
1981 The "H" Factor 9
Barrie Richardson Tri-Psi three slips in signed and sealed envelope
1981 Magick (Issue 284) 1418
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Dunninger's Brain-Thrust analysis of Dunninger's Headline prediction according to some news articles, slip of paper
1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 1
Al Mann The Cornucopia Caper send prediction with different papers, different things are predicted which happen in the show as well as the headline of the newspaper, paper dumbed in a bread basket
1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 5
Unknown Geller's Gaff with assistant predicting actual events while performing
1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 6
Al Mann Knock on any Door headline predictions with demographic probability, adding details later on
1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 7
Jerry Fulton A Laugh comedy headline predictions
1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 8
Jack Dean The IronClad Prediction headline prediction sealed in envelope inside plates of steel
1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 9
Al Mann Fabulous Concepts on the principle of "Dy-No-Mite Prediction" by Donn Davison and how Dr. Stanley Jaks used it
Related to 1983 Mastermind Headline Predictions 16
Thomas Alan Waters, Edmund Rowland, Fred Lowe, Robert Harbin X-Positions page is torn in sixteen parts and a piece selected, analysis , ideas on headline predictions
Related to
  • Edmund Rowland in Warlock's "Pentagram" Vol, 7. No.2. P. 11.
  • Fred Lowe in "New Pentagram" Vol. 4, No. 1. P.1.
  • Robert Harbin in "Abra" Vol.7, No. 181. P. 387.
1983 Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Mindscript 2: The Newspaper Test) 392
Karrell Fox The "Let's cut out all of the Phoney Baloney and do something normal and natural for a Change.. Prediction" thoughts about framing a prediction
1986 For My Next Trick... 37
Karrell Fox How to Do - The "Let's cut out all of the Phoney Baloney and do something normal and natural for a Change" Prediction sending letter ahead for headline prediction, slip of paper switched when dumped out of envelope
1986 For My Next Trick... 47
Karrell Fox Producing Predictions using headling prediction to predict winners, stock market, ...
1991 Goodies 74
Larry Becker, Lee Earle, Ross Johnson The Howard Hughes Headline Prediction comedy prediction, humorous entries in news paper, apparently mailed 20 years ago
1992 Stunners! 211
Larry Becker Clearly Predictable mailed prediction of headline and chosen Jumbo card
1992 Stunners! 251
Larry Becker, Roy Roth The Nostradamus Prediction Chests two boxes, inside is cassette with recorded prediction, with effect variations
1992 Stunners! 265
Karl Fulves Spook Slate two small slates are initialed, headline prediction by performer and page number by spectator, sealed in envelopes, one kept by spectator, several days later: headline on chosen page is predicted on slate
Related to 1994 Verbatim (Issue 10) 144
Ted Lesley Early Edition newspaper headline prediction, sent by mail in advance, several methods
1994 Paramiracles 263
Karrell Fox A Bottomless Prediction loading prediction into bottomless pay envelope
1995 Much Ado About Something 66
Rudolf Braunmüller Trickumschläge III loading envelope for headline prediction
Mar. 1995 Intermagic (Vol. 19 No. 2) 74
Lee Earle Future's Window headline prediction mailed to client, sent to hotel
1995 Syzygy (Vol. 1 No. 13) 59
Paul Pacific Greeked! sending Himber wallet in advance
1996 Syzygy (Vol. 2 No. 13) 145
Maurice Nicole ImPressive in nest of envelopes, with bulldog clip
Mar. 1998 Mind & Magic Magazine (Vol. 1 No. 9) 3
John Riggs Post-Prognostication headline prediction done during show, with comedy headlines
2003 Syzygy (Vol. 5 No. 17) 429
Robert Cassidy Signed Twice prediction billet is signed by two spectators and placed inside envelope
2004 The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy 257
Peter Kougasian Headline Prediction (Or Card Trick) envelope mailed to host in advance, later switched in pre-show, as an out it contains a poker deal prediction in case the switch is not possible
2007 Best of Friends — Volume III 428
Burton S. Sperber Mind Flash
2010 Miracles of my Friends II 97
Colin McLeod Devil-May-Care mailed prediction contains two envelopes, one predicts which one spectator will select and the other predicts first couple of word of newspaper
Inspired by
  • Bruce Bernstein's "A Sporting Prediction" in "Perception is Reality"
2014 Divine 148
Alan Shaxon, Al Koran Headline Prediction prediction inside ball of ribbon which is inside a closed jar
2014 Alan Shaxon — The Sophisticated Sorcerer 172
Andy (The Jerx) Dewey Defeats Truman Solutions to common issues magicians have with headline predictions

Issue 1: Too bold a power to claim
Issue 2: What if there's a tragedy that day?
2016 The Jerx 165
Andy Nyman Foreseen letter mailed to client in advances contains headline prediction from event day's newspaper, detailed description
2020 Foreseen 2