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Robert A. Nelson Psychic Impressions Q&A
1945 257
H. Levenson Stage Size out to Lunch Trick picture transformation, signed on both sides, with clipboard
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948)
Greer Marechal Jr. Clipped Psyche writing appears on paper on clipboard, flap
Apr. 1948
The Phoenix (Issue 148)
Harvey P. Graham X prediction of selected word from a newspaper, torn piece on clipboard marked with an X
July 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 181)
George B. Anderson One-Man Clip-Board Readings carbon
1949 21
George B. Anderson The Mental Artist carbon clipboard, six people
1949 34
Dr. Stanley Jaks Jaks' Subtlest Secret word is encircled on clipboard, duplicate page under carbon paper
Related toVariationsAlso published here Feb. 1951
The Phoenix (Issue 223)
Walter Essman Clipped Thoughts impression device, clipboard
Mar. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 276)
James Torry Slated for Action ideas with children's toy called Magic Slate
  • ESP Revelation
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Suggestions
Related to 1958
The New Phoenix (Issue 348)
Gene Kirk Seek A Peek Plexiglas Clip Board impression device with see-through board, powdered impression
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1959)
Tony Corinda, Eric Mason (4) The Clip Board several versions, Eric Mason's Dubbul
1959 345
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks geistreichstes Geheimnis word is encircled on clipboard and divined
Also published here 1961 59
U. F. Grant Idea for Switching Bulldog Clip
June 1962
The New Phoenix (Issue 370)
Marshall Weinstein Clip Gyp! carbon clipboards, idea for multiple use
Magick (Issue 50)
Al Mann The Photon Shield seemingly transparent clipboard, for different uses
1977 1
Al Mann The Prediction Caper previously mailed nest of envelopes
1977 4
Al Mann Instant Thought Reading written thought is divined, with Photon Shield Clipboard and Impression Envelope
1977 7
Al Mann The Underlined Thought line from newspaper is underlined and divined, two methods
1977 9
Larry Becker The Perfect Mental Utility Device - The Anything Goes Tic Board bingo presentation for the two-way erasable prediction, clipboard
1979 130
Thomas Alan Waters Optionail three spectator's count their change, name and amount of the one who has the most is predicted, other applications of the principle
Inspired by
  • Sam Dalal's "Magical Musings" in "Swami" Vol. 3, No. 30.
Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Octasm)
Al Mann Jaks' Secret several spectators circle words on a sheet of newspaper, performer divines them
Inspired by 1982 4
Gary Mason The Mastic Mysteries impression device, clipboard, no wax or carbon, different uses
1982 1
Al Mann The See Through GM Board Gary Mason's The Mastic Mysteries impression device, with a see through board
1982 2
Gary Lee Williams Donovon's Dust clipboard impression device, dry anti-perspirant
1982 6
Stephen Minch Mindcast written on six pieces of paper, non-forcing method
1984 9
Richard Osterlind DI-1 information written on pieces of paper and always several pieces placed inside envelopes, Q&A, transparent envelopes
1986 2
David Ben Abstract Thought performer paints magic square for a thought-of age.
2003 117
Robert Cassidy The Clipboard Index
2004 219
Dr. Stanley Jaks Dr. Jaks Subtlest Secret word is encircled on clipboard
Also published here 2014 134