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Unknown Backslip Control The Royal Road to Card Magic 110
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Hierophant (Issue 3) 133
Allan Ackerman A Card Pass Magic Mafia Effects 29
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly Related to The Esoterist 15
Edward Marlo On the Convincing Control Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 2) 12
Slydini Copter Control card inserted in fan is brought to top via temporary Tenkai palm The Best of Slydini ...and More 53
Harvey Rosenthal The Outjogged Placement similar to "Ackerman Varies Kelly", see Notes 2./3. on p. 168 Packet Switches (Part Three) 152
Harvey Rosenthal Outjogged Placement in Palm Convincing Control Features, see Notes 2./3. on p. 168 Packet Switches (Part Three) 162
Harvey Rosenthal Left Hand Bottom Cop Outjogged Placement Control with cop, see Notes 2./3. on p. 168 Packet Switches (Part Three) 158
Harvey Rosenthal Right Hand Edge Palm Outjogged Placement to Tenkai Packet Switches (Part Three) 169
Harvey Rosenthal Control To The Top Outjogged Placement to the top Packet Switches (Part Three) 171
Allan Ackerman New Convincing Control no switch of outjogged card involvedRelated to Here's My Card 82
Allan Ackerman A Card Pass variation of standard method Here's My Card 88
Harvey Rosenthal, Martin A. Nash Outjogged Placement variation Sleight Unseen 382
Edward Marlo Less Out Convincing Control card is not outjogged Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 45
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Reverse instantly reversing card while it is apparently outjoggedRelated to Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 46
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly Close-up Entertainer 130
Frank Simon Convincing Control Variation Variations 33
Harvey Rosenthal, Martin A. Nash Outjog Placement Variation Jacks or Better 7
Ken Simmons Center Clip Control clip side steal to bottom with decoy moment Cards — With a Different Touch 18
Edward Marlo Open Hockley as forceInspired byRelated to Card Finesse 95
Frank Simon, Edward Marlo Convincing Control Variation For Your Entertainment Pleasure 64
Harry Lorayne, Bruce Elliott The Lorayne Control to second from bottomInspired by Best of Friends 431
Meir Yedid The Card Control convincing control variation Meir Yedid's Incredible Close-Up Magic 22
Edward Marlo Convincing Convincer Related to Marlo without Tears 267
Ross Bertram An Uplifting Application Bertram on Sleight of Hand 158
Jon Racherbaumer On the Spread Cull essay on culling and convincing control, credit rantRelated to Facsimile (Issue 1) 40
Jon Racherbaumer On The Spread Cull nine page long credit fight on the Convincing Control Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 100
Edward Marlo New Approach Convincing Controls six methods, see also pages 257 & 268 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 109
Edward Marlo Variation on the Original variation on original handling Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 131
Edward Marlo 1st Method of "New Approach Convincing Control" tip for control on page 109, see also page 268 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 257
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Bottom Palm see steps 8 and 9 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 110
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Reverse see step 10 Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 111
Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne Convincing Control to Bottom or Tenkai Palm starting at step 7, for Lorayne-credit see Apocalypse, page 1092Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 118
Edward Marlo Incomplete Convincing Control as a center palm Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 127
Edward Marlo Easy on the Tears Related to Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 130
Edward Marlo Tips Marlo Cull (page 122) as multiple control and tip for Convincing Control (see pages 109 & 257) Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 268
Frank Simon Versatile Spread Control West Coast Quarterly (Vol. 1 No. 1) 58
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 4 105
Ken Krenzel No-Switch Upjog Control Related to Best of Friends — Volume II 263
Larry Jennings Immediate Bottom Placement The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 17
Edward Marlo Easy Multiple Convincing Control Thirty Five Years Later 52
Ben Harris My Way convincing control handling, really just a cull control
- With two or three cards
Also published here 1 a.m. The Sequel 2
Ben Harris My Way Convincing Control handlingAlso published here 1986 World Lecture Tour Notes 2
Unknown Convincing Control CardPerfect 140
Larry Jennings Immediate Bottom Placement The Cardwright 129
Edward Marlo On the Convincing Control credit information, in Foreword Marlo's Magazine Volume 6
Harry Lorayne Primal Final finesseInspired by Trend Setters 30
Harry Lorayne The Summit Switch Convincing Control Handlings Trend Setters 245
Gary Ouellet Convincingly Versatile Control Close Up Illusions 167
Jörg Alexander Weber Versatile Outjog Control Handling Inspired by
  • "Versatile Outjog Control" (Frank Simon, Versatile Card Magic)
Hardcore 50
Allan Ackerman, Richard Kaufman Ackerman Varies Kelly Variation The Collected Almanac (Issue ) xxix
Ernest Earick Bow-to-stern Control Related toVariations By Forces Unseen 16
Ernest Earick One-handed Convincing Control see page 90 for mention of the sleight as cull, force, palm, switch By Forces Unseen 83
Edward Marlo コンビんシングカードコントロール (Convincing Card Control) Interesting variation, card is placed into back palm Larry Jennings's Card Technique 167
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly to a Full Palm Convincing Control Features Las Vegas Kardma 50
Allan Ackerman The Movie Control Las Vegas Kardma 55
Steve Beam Bye-Pass Operation single card controlInspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 2 181
Aaron Fisher Nowhere Pass Variation to second from bottom, with outjog feature The Sleight Album 11
Harvey Rosenthal Outjogged Placement Siamese Signatures and Other Oddities 6
Steve Bedwell Convincing Control Fold Parked Card and Other Manoeuvres 1
Allan Ackerman Ackerman Varies Kelly The Art of Astonishment — Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 117
Jon Racherbaumer Putting a Placement in its Place credit essay on the spread cull and convincing control Facsimile (Issue 4) 13
Larry Jennings Immediate Bottom Placement - Full-Deck Handling
- Small Packet Handling
Jennings '67 44
Edward Marlo, John Luka Convincing Control variation L.I.N.T. — Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians 37
Unknown Immediate Bottom Placement Kaufman's version of its history Jennings '67 44
William Goodwin Subtlety for Screened Leipzig Pass for Ron Bauer's "Screened Leipzig Pass" (Genii 47/2, Feb 1983, p. 113) The Ancient Empty Street 2
Unknown Convincing Control brief The Inslow Effect 9
Larry Jennings, Edward Marlo The Convincing Control Card College - Volume 3 551
Allan Ackerman, Frank Simon The Convincing Control Palm Related to Card College — Volume 3 771
Allan Ackerman The CR Move center reverse during convincing control Classic Handlings 27
Frank Simon Convincing Control variation Close-Up & Personal 31
Allan Ackerman, Edward Marlo, Steve Bedwell Ackerman Varies Kelly / Misdirection Palm Combo Thick Schtick! 19
Lee Asher, Allan Ackerman The Losing Control Light Reft Spread Pass, outjogged card - feature by Ackerman, credit information Hand Jobs 6
Harry Lorayne Down And Dirty convincing control into cop (called "Rear Palm" here), to pocket application, two handlings Personal Collection 427
Harry Lorayne Optically Controlled illogical cut control, showing that card is not on top and bottom, with Convincing Control addition and pocket finaleInspired by Personal Collection 463
Edward Marlo, Ron Bauer Ed Marlo's Convincing Control detailed Fair & Sloppy 15
John Dowdy Lefties Box not on left-handed convincing control Fair & Sloppy 29
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Tricks 88
Frank Simon Versatile Outjog Control Penumbra (Issue 5) 2
Jack Avis A Control a bit unclear, decoy card left outjogged and cover pass made somehow Rara Avis 146
Frank Simon Versatile Outjog Control Variant 52 Memories 143
Unknown Convincing Control Weapons of Mass Deception 49
Ron Bauer Technique For The Convincing Control Weapons of Mass Deception 58
Frank Simon, Tom Stone Convincing Control Handling Vortex 34
Tyler Wilson Convincing Control - Credit Information Reinventing the Real 27
Tyler Wilson Convince Me version with outjogged cardInspired by Reinventing the Real 25
Daryl Martinez, Bill Simon Daryl-Simon Convincing Control card ends in cop position Maelstrom 173
Ernest Earick One-handed Convincing Control Stand-Up Fantasies 9
Tomas Blomberg Proteus Bound while the deck is in the card box
- Ambitious Card Ending
Inspired byRelated to Blomberg Laboratories 84
Edward Marlo, Alexander Hansford Convincing Control to Deep Cop Sprezzatura 25
Edward Marlo Convincing Control Game Changer 173