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Unknown Coin Tray money plate Modern Magic 177
Unknown The Vanishing Plate, or Salver coins vanish when picket up from plate Modern Magic 208
Unknown The "Changing" Plate Modern Magic 210
Frank Hiam The Tray of Proteus by Hiam & Lane, for switching, vanishing, producing Modern Magic 211
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Unknown The Shower of Sweets sweets appear on plate from loading bag with handkerchief, another loading bag from Robert-HoudinRelated to Modern Magic 251
Unknown The China Plate and Flying Cards deck laid on plate, selections fly out horizontallyRelated to Tricks with Cards 185
Unknown Der grosse Kartenrahmen in frame appear cards, plate, rings, ... Der moderne Kartenkünstler 195
Unknown Das bezauberte Karten-Foulard deck placed on (gaffed) plate, selections shoot out of deck (really plate)Related to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 202
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Grosses Kartenmanöver Jacks, Queens and Kings travel and transpose with two plates, heavily gaffedRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 221
Unknown Abrakadabra deck thrown in air and selection caught on plateRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 228
Unknown Plate raps Number plate on tray raps according to thrown die number, electro magnet Jedermann Zauberkünstler! 74
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Tuch- und Tellerkunststück No. 31, silk vanishes in hand and travels to upside down plate, three methods Jedermann Zauberkünstler! 92
Unknown Der Kartenteller No. 5, three cards chosen, deck placed on plate and covered with paper or handkerchief, selections shoot out from plate into audience one by one, secret mechanism at bottom of plateRelated to Der Amateurzauberer 68
Charles Bertram, Mademoiselle Patrice The Handkerchiefs and Soup Plate travel to under plate, two methods for man or woman (Bertram & Patrice) The Modern Conjurer 215
Unknown To Balance and Spin a Plate on the Point of a Needle puzzle The Modern Conjurer 290
Unknown A Novel and Quickly Constructed Soup Tureen Stand non-magic tip The Modern Conjurer 292
Unknown The Home-Made Cinematograph non-magical science experiment The Modern Conjurer 296
Charles Lang Neil The Art of Plate-Spinning eight pages, photographs of J. N. Maskelyne The Modern Conjurer 319
Unknown Reproduction Beneath a Soup-Plate (Methods of Reproducing a Vanished Handkerchief)
silk appears between two plates
Related to Later Magic 290
Stanley Collins The Siamese Bloodstone deck in hat, which is balanced on edge of a plate, selected cards jump from hat Original Magical Creations 41
Unknown Silks and Soup Plates two silks vanish in hands and reappear between two plates, "visible or invisible?" The Magic Annual for 1937 60
Frederick Eugene Powell A Ring There Was ring to egg with gaffed bowl and plate The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 87) 550
R. J. Cooper Balancing an Egg on a Plate Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2, No. 10) 109
Jean Hugard Silks and Soup Plates two handkerchiefs vanish and appear between two soup plates, hollow loop ball Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2, No. 8) 93
Harvey P. Graham Slate Plate slate effects using a dinner plate, brief explanation of a living and dead routine, appearance of a writing and a design duplication The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 109) 438
Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig's Grindstone shown by Joe Scott, knife grinder with a plate on table's edgeRelated to The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 324) 104
Charles D. Smith Leipzig's Grindstone knife grinder with a plateRelated to The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 2 97
Bob Read Business For Knife Sharpening gag for plate/knife grinder attributed to Nate LeipzigRelated to Pabular (Vol. 2, No. 4) 195
Stephen Minch Poltergeisties! rocking chair starts to rock, pictures on walls tilt, objects move on shelves, books fall over, plates tip, MO wire Mind & Matter 39
Alan Shaxon Smoking A Tin coin between tin plates, number appears on coin Practical Sorcery 32
Rick Sherman Blue Plate Special coin through dinner plate Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 10, No. 3) 1328
Karrell Fox Ready-Aim-Fire with single shot rifle, plate breaks in front of face Goodies 104
Al Baker Plate-Biting Stunt biting out a piece of a dinner plate, black art The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Instructions) 571
Ken Brooke A Plate plate changes into plastic Magic Page by Page 293
Patrick Page The Vanishing and Reappearing Saucer spectator on stage, saucer disappears and appears, rest of audience can see how it works Magic Page by Page 311
Patrick Page The Early Version spectator on stage, saucer disappears and appears, rest of audience can see how it works Magic Page by Page 312