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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Bill Simon The Four Packet Shuffle four packets are shuffled into each other face-up/face-down
Related toVariations 1954 21
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Ups and Downs
Inspired by 1967 213
Lewis Ganson, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen, Frederica Bangle Delight linking by Rink, unlinking by Frederica
1967 40
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Simplex Knife Routine three knifes
1967 141
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Migrating Pennies eight coins, travel from under lid into box, from box into hand, penetrate the table and the box, two shells
1967 232
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Rink's Move with Two Single Rings and a Key Ring
1968 61
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Cut-Knot-Join rope is cut and knots by itself, then it is found restored again
1968 15
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Rope Thru Wrist rope is knotted into loop and ends pulled by spectator
1968 19
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen A Remarkable Square Knot
  • The Application of the Two Knots
1968 26
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Another Remarkable Knot
  • The False Knot
1968 97
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Rope Through Neck forming a loop, two ropes
1968 107
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Fly-Away Knot
1968 112
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Acrobatic Paperclips paper clips suspend on each other and finally a finger ring as well, when examined the paperclips have linked together to form a chain with the ring
Variations 1969 101
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Coins Apart four copper and four silver coins are mixed in the hand, copper coins travel to the other hand, with a stick
1969 109
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Chink-A-Chink Simplified with four small balls
1969 118
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Rope Through Neck
1969 121
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen, Somerset Maugham Grand Guignol thumb is cut with a knife until the performer bleeds, wound is healed
Variations 1969 126
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen One Cup - Two Balls chop cup, two large balls as climax
1969 130
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Beachtliche Möglichkeiten mit einem Gewöhnlichen Knoten false knot
  • Der Falsche Knoten
Also published here
  • The Gen
Jan. 1974
Intermagic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Knoten in Hülle und Fülle knot routine with two different-colored ropes
Also published here
  • The Gen
Jan. 1974
Intermagic (Vol. 1 No. 3)
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Drei Ring Melodie three ring routine, can end clean, sixteen phases
Also published here
  • The Gen
Apr. 1974
Intermagic (Vol. 1 No. 4)
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Becher, Münzen und Bälle cups and balls with small cups and coins
Also published here
  • Magigram
June 1975
Intermagic (Vol. 2 No. 4)
Al Mann Permutation of Matter - A Solid Through Solid Effect safety pins link together, three phases
  • Part I - three pins link in spectator's hand
  • Part II - safety pin links with finger ring, phase with Andrus Linking Pin gimmick
  • Part III - pins are magnetized (inspired by Rink's Acrobatic Paperclips)
Inspired byRelated to 1977 3
Jochen Zmeck, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Chips a la Kümmelblättchen monte routine with three chips with transformations
1977 23
Lewis Ganson, Bob Gill, Eddie Gibson, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Magnetic Coins uses of magnetic coins with Okito box
1. coin through box
2. box load (Bob Gill)
3. handlings with box and a card (Bob Gill)
4. Eddie Gibson's Coin Unique gaff set for vanish sequence
5. other magnetic materials (Rink)
1978 11
R. C. Buff, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen A Lady's Influence two different colored ropes are knotted together and knot dissolves
1987 9
Aldo Colombini, J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Chinesische Seile
Also published here
  • Genii, 1989
May 1994
Intermagic (Vol. 18 No. 3)
Simon Lovell The Texas Chainthumb Massare or Grand Guignol Revisited thumb is cut with a knife until the performer bleeds, wound is healed
Inspired by 2000 135
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Rink's Penetration
2006 211