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Val Evans Multeffect Cards long-short paired deck used for a routine of eighteen different effects
Related toVariations 1937
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1936/37)
H. Adrian Smith A Unique Mental Problem missing cards are named, real memory
Variations 1938 906
Tan Hock Chuan Preface
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Giant Monte odd-backed queen cannot be followed, changes in joker as kicker, partial rough-smooth
Inspired by 1948 1
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Poker Hand Routine pair of deuces changes into Royal Flush, backs change as well, partial rough-smooth
1948 3
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Restless Cards seven cards are shown, squared, then alternating face-up/face-down, repeated, partial rough-smooth
Also published here 1948 5
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Master Pack deck shuffled, when card is removed the performer instantly knows it, rough-smooth pairs in Si Stebbins arrangement
Related toAlso published here 1948 7
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Memory Supreme gaffed method
Inspired by 1948 9
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Book Test page selected with rough-smooth deck
1948 10
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Dead and Living Test paper cards treated with roughing fluid
1948 11
Tan Hock Chuan, Edward Bagshawe R. & S. Optica Deck deck shown, then it changes back color and all cards are alike, partial rough-smooth
Inspired byRelated to 1948 12
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. One-Way Deck partial rough-smooth
1948 13
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Hallucination two spectators look at the same card which is placed on one hand, they have seen different cards and the card changed to a third one, suggested with Walt Disney cards
1948 14
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Mental Numbers pack of number cards, rough-smooth
1948 15
Tan Hock Chuan Epilogue
1948 18
John J. Crimmins Jr. (reviewer) Rough & Smooth Possibilities by Tan Hock Chuan May 1949
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 6 No. 12)
Tan Hock Chuan Das verhexte Schloss keys in envelopes, performer finds correct key, magnet
Also published here
  • "Lock and Keys" in "Sphinx" August, 1939.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 12 No. 3)
Tan Hock Chuan Ein Seidentuch Durchdringt ein Glas silk penetrates glass, covered with silk and rubber band
Also published here
  • in "The Sphinx Golden Jubilee Book of Magic"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 13 No. 6)
Tan Hock Chuan Silk through the Glass classic
Variations 1954/27 129
Jochen Zmeck Non Plus Ultra "Mein Verwandlungsspiel"
deck shown normal, then all cards are alike and back changes as well, then back, partial rough-smooth
Related to 1962 11
Tan Hock Chuan, Jochen Zmeck Das Meister-Spiel deck shuffled, when card is removed the performer instantly knows it, rough-smooth pairs in Si Stebbins or other arrangement, also for clean removal of three cards from deck out-of-hand, number force for book test
Also published here 1967 10
Tan Hock Chuan Ruhelose Karten seven cards are shown, squared, then alternating face-up/face-down, repeated, partial rough-smooth
Also published here 1967 26
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan's Appearing Knot flourish knot
1968 30
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan's Knot Effect handkerchief knotted on rope is pulled off
Also published here
  • "Genii" Vol. 17, Nr. 9 May 1953.
1968 295
Aldini, Tan Hock Chuan Singapore Silks impromptu version of Chuan's "Silk through the Glass"
Inspired by 1970
Magick (Issue 9)
Tan Hock Chuan Tan's Trick pattern folded into paper behind back on signed paper that should not be possible so quickly, see also p. 476 for comment by Gershon Legman and p. 521 for Bruce Arnold comment
Aug. 1971 437
Tan Hock Chuan, Aldini Singapore Force
Magick (Issue 29)
Tan Hock Chuan The Quick and the Dead blindfolded, card is found and name revealed, see Bigbee in #41 for other sources
Related toVariations 1971
Magick (Issue 34)
Bascom Jones Astro-Simple with zodiac sign
Inspired by 1971
Magick (Issue 34)
Tan Hock Chuan Mystic Twist loop of string through thumb
Magick (Issue 40)
North Bigbee Quicker Quick and the Dead credits and variation for The Quick and the Dead, Fillman Principle
Inspired by 1972
Magick (Issue 41)
Tan Hock Chuan The Phoenix Rope three lengths of rope are cut and restored simultaneously, loops
Magick (Issue 43)
Tan Hock Chuan 'The Devil... You Say!' medium finds three selections
Magick (Issue 58)
Tan Hock Chuan, Robert "Bob" J. Gunther Tan Hock Chuan's ABC Rising Cards! same as Ambitious Riser
Related to 1973
Magick (Issue 74)
Fred Robinson Ambitious Riser
Related toVariationsAlso published here Apr. 1975
Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 8)
North Bigbee Fillman Re-Visited ideas for the Fillman principle
Related to 1975
Magick (Issue 127)
Tan Hock Chuan Willkommen idea for torn and restored newspaper
Also published here
  • Pentagram, June 1947
June 1976
Intermagic (Vol. 3 No. 4)
Tan Hock Chuan Introduction
1977 2
Tan Hock Chuan A Useful Card Frame Playing card appears in empty picture frame
1977 6
Tan Hock Chuan One Handed Card Rise Pinky action
1977 6
Tan Hock Chuan Another Torn Corner Location Quickly locating a card with a torn corner in the deck
Inspired by
  • Torn Corner Location (Lewis Ganson, Abra 255)
1977 7
Tan Hock Chuan Your Card at Your Number Three cards selected and lost, found at three named numbers
1977 8
Tan Hock Chuan Surprising Location Spectator thinks of a card in poker hand, magician divines
1977 8
Tan Hock Chuan Seven's a Most Magical Number Spectator chooses a card out of seven, magician divines
1977 9
Tan Hock Chuan Matched Before Chosen Magician sets aside two random cards, spectator chooses random card, the two random cards reveal suit and value of selection
1977 10
Tan Hock Chuan Mind Reading
1977 11
Tan Hock Chuan Sympathetic Transposition S.B.S. Deck, any four cards transpose between spectator and magician's decks
1977 11
Tan Hock Chuan Prediction Duo Predict two cards selected
1977 12
Tan Hock Chuan The Breakthru Rough and smooth Mene Tekel deck, can be used for Card to Wallet
1977 13
Tan Hock Chuan Spell your Card Spectator thinks of one card from a group of six, spells to find it
1977 13
Tan Hock Chuan Secret Sortilege Spectator places a random number of cards in their pocket, after some dealing and discarding, magician can tell how many cards are in their pocket
1977 14
Tan Hock Chuan Controlled Choice Spectator chooses any card from a row of six on a stand, prediction matches
1977 15
Tan Hock Chuan Eclipse Discovery Selection rises from a tumbler as a cardboard cylinder covering the tumble is lifted up, card can be seen through window
1977 16
Tan Hock Chuan Dye Your Own Silks Method on dyeing in your own silks
1977 17
Tan Hock Chuan Silks - A Quick Restoration Cut and restored silk
1977 17
Tan Hock Chuan Reel-less Transformation Picture of rabbit on cloth changes into duck, small gag
1977 18
Tan Hock Chuan A Very Tight Knot How to untie a knot in a human hair, bar bet
1977 18
Tan Hock Chuan Magical Separation Red and black beads mixed in tumbler, they magically separate
1977 19
Tan Hock Chuan Percolation Extraordinary Three tied silks placed in tumbler, middle silk melts through bottom
1977 19
Tan Hock Chuan The Favorite Number Improved Number stunt, spectator name any digit, you multiply two digits to produce string of repeated named digits
1977 20
Tan Hock Chuan The Dissolving Ball Red ball dissolves in water, turns water red
1977 20
Tan Hock Chuan Watered Wine Water changes into wine, and back into water
1977 21
Tan Hock Chuan Line of Silks Spectator calls out order of colors for three silks, magicians pulls out three silks tied in that order
1977 21
Tan Hock Chuan Sands of Gobi Teaches method on how to make the sand, plus a simple handling
1977 22
Tan Hock Chuan Milko Multum Im Parvo Milk poured from different sizes glasses, always fill up to the brim. After milk is drunk, final glass vanishes
Related to
  • "Milko Multum Im Parvo" (Benson DuLay, Magic Wand, Dec 1946)
1977 23
Tan Hock Chuan Chuan's Multiple Melting Knots
1977 24
Tan Hock Chuan Tri-Cut Twine Bundled rope is cut in three places, restores
1977 25
Tan Hock Chuan The Singapore Twist Rope looped around thumb loosely, melts through
1977 26
Tan Hock Chuan Chuan's Appearing Knot
1977 26
Tan Hock Chuan The Box from Singapore Production Box
1977 27
Tan Hock Chuan Invisible Santa Christmas stocking placed in box, comes out filled with goodies
1977 28
Tan Hock Chuan Unhungry Bunny Bunny placed in box, "disappear", bulge under tablecloth shown to be cabbage
1977 29
Tan Hock Chuan Matter Through Matter Solid cube melts through glass of water
1977 30
Tan Hock Chuan Night-Club Double Box Illusion
1977 31
Tan Hock Chuan Singapore Screen Three fold screen, produce two girls
1977 32
Tan Hock Chuan Amazia - Wonder Rising Cards Rising cards, three selections rise out from deck placed under glass dome
1977 33
Tan Hock Chuan Sawing Balloons in Half
1977 33
Tan Hock Chuan Confetti Surprise Bill placed in envelope and burnt, found restored in the middle of a tumbler of confetti
1977 34
Tan Hock Chuan The Long Match Burnt, blackened match can be made longer than the original match, bar bet / stunt
1977 35
Tan Hock Chuan Match Surgery Broken match is restored after being wrapped in paper
1977 35
Tan Hock Chuan Children's Speller Spelling trick with picture cards for children, spectator spells and gets wrong card, magician always gets the right card
1977 36
Tan Hock Chuan The Reappearing Pearls String of pearls appear in empty box
1977 39
Tan Hock Chuan Astral Coin Coin travels from under one card to another card
1977 39
Tan Hock Chuan Moon Rock Mystery Small rock grows into large rock after light is shone on it
1977 40
Tan Hock Chuan Simplicity Divination Magician divines color of ball placed in envelope
1977 40
Tan Hock Chuan Ribbon Fantastique Plastic sheet threaded onto frame by ribbon can be pulled free
1977 41
Tan Hock Chuan New Brandy and Water Separation Brandy poured into water, remains floating on water
1977 41
Tan Hock Chuan The Chameleon Ball Ball changes color from red to green to white to yellow, no shells
1977 42
Tan Hock Chuan, Tom Sellers Prolong the Play Four strings instead of three, ring jumps from rope to rope
Inspired by
  • "Change-Over Ring" (Tom Sellers, Magic Wand, Vol. 43, No. 244, Dec 1964)
1977 42
Tan Hock Chuan Knife Through Coat
1977 43
Edward Marlo A Tip on the Secret of the High Rise general technique credited to Chuan reference here
Related to 1980 244
Tan Hock Chuan Bottomless Glass Finesse cellophane bottom
1980 103
Ken De Courcy Third Guest: Tan Hock Chuan short intro
1980 54
Tan Hock Chuan Discatorial four different-colored discs, colors divined by performer behind back, then order of four colors predicted
1980 54
Edward Marlo, Tan Hock Chuan The Tan Hock Chaun Pass
Related toAlso published here 1982 140
Tan Hock Chuan, Karl Fulves After Tan pinky rise, credit claim
Related to 1982 33
Edward Bagshawe The Optica Deck pairs held together with cut-outs and raised parts, all backs can be shown either blue or red, and face cards change to all the same
  • The Optica Technique
with reproduction of ad and original instructions, 1928
Variations 1983 35
Andrew Shivas No-Gaff Svengali showing all red or all black, incomplete faro
Related toAlso published here
  • Tricks of the Masters (Goldston, 1942)
1983 113
Bob Fillman, Tan Hock Chuan Tan/Fillman Principle distinguish papers by grain (the way they bend)
1991 12
Fred Robinson, Tan Hock Chuan Pinky Rise
1992 243
Gary Ouellet, Ellis Stanyon, Tan Hock Chuan Top-Cover Passes Chaun's The Tan Hock Chaun Pass and classic pass handling
Also published here 1994 91
Ariel Frailich Information on Pinky Rise seen done by Ger Copper around 1977-79
Related to 1996 53
Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hock Chuan Cover Pass
Also published here 1999 31
Edward Marlo, Tan Hock Chuan Tan Hoc Chuan Pass
Related to 2000 52
Tan Hock Chuan Variation of Larry Becker's Knot Effect silk penetrates off rope
Also published here
  • Genii, May 1953
Nov./Dec. 2012
Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12)
Tan Hock Chuan, Edward Marlo Tan Hock Chaun Pass
Also published here 2019
Output (Issue 1)