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Val Evans uses the penname Harry Valcarte.

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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Orville Wayne Meyer, Jean Hugard, Val Evans Handkerchief Force see credit corrections on page 166 and 198
Nov. 1936
The Jinx (Issue 26)
Val Evans Multeffect Cards long-short paired deck used for a routine of eighteen different effects
Related toVariations 1937
The Jinx (Issue Winter Extra 1936/37)
Val Evans, Franz Christensen An Invitation to Lunch...with Beer picture cards with images are spelled out with story, always beer image shows up
Inspired by
  • Christensen's "Spell Hound" (Nov. 1936 Genii)
Aug. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 35)
Theodore Annemann, Michael F. Zens Call Your Hand ten card set-up, see credit claim by Val Evans on page 259
VariationsAlso published here Sep. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 36)
Val Evans Smoker's Paradise packet of cigarettes changes brand multiple times
Dec. 1937
The Jinx (Issue 39)
Val Evans The Tray and Houlette steel spring pushes up card
1938 407
Val Evans Discs of Dir ball and disc threaded on string, they impossibly change places
Nov. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 68)
Tom Sellers, Val Evans Forced Prognostico selection appears on blank card
VariationsAlso published here Feb. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 79)
Val Evans Glide Display hiding face of one card
Feb. 1940
The Jinx (Issue 79)
Val Evans Stacks and Stacks Of Cards
1941 1
Val Evans Progressive Poker Hands dealing a four-handed game six times, better hand for performer each time
1941 2
Val Evans Pocket Deck Switch during location in pocket
1941 5
Val Evans Poker Memory spectator cuts deck, deals out five hands, performer names all hands
1941 6
Val Evans The Ten Game Challenge stack that can be used to win at ten different games
1941 8
Val Evans The Seven Game Stack stack that can be used to win at seven different games
1941 11
Val Evans Any Hand Called For (Poker) forty-card stack
1941 13
Val Evans Any Poker Hand Called For ten-card stack, for credit information see also p. 1
Also published here
  • "The Poker Hand" (Val Evans, Pasteboard Perplexities, 1920)
1941 16
Val Evans The Dealer Resorts to Magic sixteen-card stack, sucker deal, opponent is ahead until the last card, two phases
1941 18
Val Evans Pat Hand Full Houses seven-handed deal, variation without bottom deal
1941 19
Val Evans Solitaire Gag
1941 20
Val Evans Pseudo Stacking Aces pushed into deck next to already stacked cards with marks on their backs
1941 21
Val Evans The Auto Repeato Speller divided deck spelling stack, card thought of from one half
1941 21
Val Evans The Million And First Deck stack with thirteen long cards, chart on card case or memorized
  • spelling to any named card
  • cutting any number of cards
  • calculation rules after cutting the memorized deck
  • naming chosen cards directly
  • story deck (see next item)
1941 24
Val Evans The Story of Jack Hartz
1941 31
Val Evans The Prognostication Pack half Koran-type deck, one of five cards thought of, then performer shows five-card groups, card predicted on piece of paper
1941 34
Tom Sellers, Val Evans Forced Prognostico selection appears on blank card, with Tom Sellers' Forcing Gaff
Also published here 1944 288
Val Evans Digivision card is selected behind the back, clever
1945 83
Val Evans Four Coin Transposition four coins travel from hand to hand, extra
1945 164
James G. Thompson Jr. Biographical Sketches of Contributors
  • Theo. Annemann
  • Charles Arbuthnot
  • George E. Arrowsmith
  • Roger Barkann
  • Sylvan Barnet
  • Joseph L. Barnett
  • Raymond L. Beebe
  • Eugene Bernstein
  • J. B. Bobo
  • John N. Booth
  • Tom Bowyer
  • Vynn Boyar
  • Joan Brandon
  • Fred Braue
  • John Braun
  • Lu Brent
  • R. C. Buff
  • Clyde F. Cairy
  • Loring Campbell
  • Jack Chanin
  • Frank Chapman
  • Forest V. Chesbro
  • Milbourne Christopher
  • Eddie Clever
  • Stanley Collins
  • Mystic Craig
  • Thomas J. Crawford
  • John J. Crimmins, JR.
  • Paul J. Curry
  • Del Monte
  • Harry Dobrin
  • Ronald B. Edwards
  • Bruce Elliot
  • Professor El-Tab
  • Dr. E. G. Ervin
  • Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans
  • Val Evans
  • "Hen" Fetsch
  • Thomas B. Fitzgerald
  • Dariel Fitzkee
  • Sid Fleischman
  • Joseph Harman Fries
  • Martin Gardner
  • Teral Garrett
  • Walter B. Gibson
  • Arnold L. Grubin
  • Nelson C. Hahne
  • Hathaway
  • Royal V. Heath
  • Charles H. Hopkins
  • Jean Hugard
  • Mark Jacobs
  • R. M. Jamison
  • F. H. Jeudevine
  • Maurice Kains
  • George G. Kaplan
  • George Karger
  • Joseph A. Karson
  • Wilbur Kattner
  • Gerald Lynton Kaufman
  • Howard B. Kayton, M.D.
  • The Great Kolar
  • Gerald Kosky
  • Abril Lamarque
  • William W. Larsen
  • Sid Lorraine
  • Art Lyle
  • L. Vosburgh Lyons
  • Richard F. Madden
  • Greer Marechal, JR.
  • George McAthy
  • William H. McCaffrey
  • Jack McMillen
  • Harry Mendoza
  • Orville Meyer
  • John W. Mifflin
  • Chester Morris
  • Paul Morris
  • Frederick Mosteller
  • Robert A. Nelson
  • C. A. George Newmann
  • Grady S. Nicholson
  • Dr. Cecil E. Nixon
  • Charles Walter Nyquist
  • Dell O'Dell
  • Tom Osborne
  • George Harrison Pittman
  • Julien J. Proskauer
  • Clayton Rawson
  • Ralph W. Read
  • Dolf Rudin
  • Herb Rungie
  • Ned Rutledge
  • James J. Sanders
  • Lucille Pierce Saxon
  • Sigmar - The Magician
  • Jerry Sorensen
  • Willard S. Smith
  • George Starke
  • Dr. Raymond V. Stone, SR. (RAMO)
  • Harlan Tarbell
  • DR. Franklin Taylor
  • J. G. Thompson, JR.
  • Jack F. Trebel
  • M. Van Reese
  • Jack Vosburgh
  • Audley Valentine Walsh
  • Peter Warlock
  • Herman L. Weber
  • Bob Weill
  • William H. Wilson
  • Tommy Windsor
  • Howard H. Wise
  • Ed. Wolff
  • Michael F. Zens
1945 347
Tan Hock Chuan R. & S. Master Pack deck shuffled, when card is removed the performer instantly knows it, rough-smooth pairs in Si Stebbins arrangement
Related toAlso published here 1948 7
Val Evans Crazy Crackers chinese compass with crackers
Also published here
  • "Optogramma" Lloyd Jones' "The Bat" 1948.
1949 32
Jack McKenty Drink Up picture cards with images of drinks are spelled out with story, instead of beer water comes up, "drunk" as final gag
Inspired byVariations June 1960
Ibidem (Issue 21)
Alan Keith Open Challenge stack by Val Evans
1968 61
John A. Novak Sven Stebbins svengali deck meets Si Stebbins, paired deck
Related to 1975
Magick (Issue 134)
Juan Tamariz Historia de un Descubrimiento brief history on Val Andrews Multeffect Cards
Related to 1980 7
Val Evans La Baraja preparation of Val Evans Multieffect deck, 48 cards
  • Trucaje
  • Ordenación
1980 9
Val Evans Adivinación Increible Efecto N°1, simple card divination
1980 24
Val Evans Tacto Finismo Efecto N°2, cutting packets of even or odd numbers
1980 25
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Adivinación Corte Efecto N°3, spectator cuts packet and performer divines if number is odd or even
1980 26
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Revelación Fraterna Efecto N°5, card with a value one higher than selection is produced
1980 29
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Superjuan (La Carta Que Falta) Efecto N°6, one or more cards are removed from shuffled deck and divined by performer
1980 31
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Exhibición de Poker Efecto N°9
Related to 1980 45
Val Evans Memoria Prodigiosa Efecto N°10, apparently memorizing half of the deck, other half as memory aid
1980 48
Val Evans Memoria Prodigiosa II Efecto N°11, apparently memorizing half of the deck, other half as memory aid, spectator names card and performer can name position
1980 50
Val Evans Memoria Prodigiosa III Efecto N°12, apparently memorizing half of the deck, other half as memory aid, spectator names number and performer can name card at position
1980 50
Val Evans Revelación Subita Efecto N°13, quick production of selection
1980 51
Val Evans Encuentro Regio Efecto N°16, Kings are shuffled into packet, then they drop out on the table at once
1980 59
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz El Tahur y los 4 Ases Efecto N°17, cutting the Aces
1980 60
Val Evans, Juan Tamariz Los Treboles Magicos Efecto N°18, clubs are found under handkerchief, trick to exchange deck
1980 61
Juan Tamariz Exhibición de Poker (más sencillo)
Related to 1980 76
Val Evans Multeffect Cards
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 3)
Peter Wilker, Olaf Spell Immer dieses Bier picture image cards are spelled out with story, always beer image shows up
Inspired by 1986 1
Sam Schwartz Fan-Tastic Joker pushed in fan, card next to it noted, then repeated in different position, cards vanish and travel into other half, Sellers force for two cards
Inspired byRelated to 1998 262
Ellis Stanyon Riffle Shuffle for the Paired Pack No. 31, long-short pairs of cards that add up to fourteen, can be riffle shuffled, divining chosen card by the one next to it or forcing a number
Related to 1999 290
Chris Wardle A Further "CW Mene-Tekel" Variation Plus Ideas For Its Use kind of "Multeffect Cards" type deck with various effects
Related to 2003 23
Juan Tamariz An Assortment of very Beautiful, Loose and Simple Ideas (In their Description, not in their Effect) various ideas
  • To make it look as if you're using a shuffled deck
  • A great and very direct prediction effect
  • Another idea that originated the same way
  • Applied to the change of a card
  • Force any number
  • Marking the backs of a stacked deck
  • The fabulous idea using an overhand shuffle
  • A riffle or a dovetail shuffle
  • You produce all the cards of that suis
  • Combining a single deck Mnemonica and Val Evans's "Multeffect Cards"
  • Mnemonica and any gimmicked deck
  • One deck consisting of a half Mnemonica, while the other half is gimmicked in some way
  • Two decks stacked in reverse order to each other
  • A stack deck concealed
  • Presenting Mnemonica tricks with a partner who knows the stack
2004 157
Val Evans, Burling Hull, Theodore Annemann, Juan Tamariz Prodigious Memory half of the deck is memorized, performer in other room names cards at correct positions
  • Reassembling the Stay Stack
2004 168
Steve Beam Bag Lady Magician introduces a napkin folded into a bag and hands it to a lady. He asks someone in the audience to call out a poker hand. He produces that hand from the napkin and claims it is otherwise empty. He proves it by showing the cards that remain are blank on both sides.
Related to 2015 179
Steve Beam Stack Attack While deck is shuffled, spectator calls a poker hand. Magician deals out hand called. Can be repeated.
Related to 2015 183
Denis Behr Photographic Memory
  • First Phase - Move-a-Card
  • Second Phase - The Missing Card
  • Third Phase - Half the Deck (spectator takes phone picture of order, after shuffling the order the performer can still recite it correctly)
Inspired by 2018 59