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La Carte Dansante (The dancing card) selection appears on the wall, goes left and right and up until the card vanishes and appears again, thread and duplicate
1784 13
The Long Card
1876 60
A Card having been Chosen and Returned, and the Pack shuffled, to Produce the Chosen Card instantly in various ways long card or stripper deck, see following tricks
1876 62
To Let all the Cards fall, save the One Chosen long card or stripper deck
1876 62
To Change a Card drawn haphazard to the Chosen Card long card or stripper
1876 63
Long or Wide Cards
1889 38
Tricks with Long Cards simple location of a card, either by using long card as key or by forcing long card
1889 41
Card comes to Top/Bottom on hand or with paper-wrapped deck, long card
1889 42
The Pocket-picking Trick selection extracted by feel from deck in spectator's pocket, stripper or long card or ungaffed
1889 45
To pick out a Chosen Card under a Handkerchief long card, stripper or ungaffed
1889 97
Die absichtlich verzögerte Volte "by Dr. K. in L.", delaying the pass by marking the position with a wide or long card first and tabling the deck
Aug. 1897
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 8)
Carl Willmann Card Clip to mark a Position small metal clip attached to a card to make a key card, "impromptu" long card
Aug. 1897
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 8)
Das Vorherbestimmen der Gedanken spectator stops during deal, number of dealt cards matched prediction, long card under predicted number, excess cards palmed and transferred
Nov. 1899
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 11)
Carl Willmann Das Kartenrätsel four selections shuffled back, deck delt into piles of four cards each, all selections are in chosen pile
Mar. 1904
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 3)
Long Card
1909 87
T. Nelson Downs Sixth Method featuring a new locator card, alternative for long card with portion sticking out in middle of one end
1909 155
The Demon Card Trick card rises to top in paper-wrapped deck
1911 104
The Pocket-Picking Trick card located in spectator's pocket
1911 105
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Die gezogene Karte wandert on einen leeren Briefumschlag card travels into envelope
1930 76
Friedrich "Fritz" Hügli Eine gezogene Karte, die sich in einem von sechs Päckchen das durch Würfelwurf bezeichnet wird, wiederfindet thrown dice to find packet with selection, deck consists of six cards repeated
1930 89
T. Page Wright Card Force and Reverse card forced via peek force, it then turns over fairly
1933 22
Val Evans The Million And First Deck stack with thirteen long cards, chart on card case or memorized
  • spelling to any named card
  • cutting any number of cards
  • calculation rules after cutting the memorized deck
  • naming chosen cards directly
  • story deck (see next item)
1941 24
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin Now! attributed to Robert-Houdin, three cards selected, three times stop by spectator to find their cards
Related to Jan. 1944 34
Orville Wayne Meyer The Guidance of Fate two decks, two cards match, chosen with handkerchief force
Also published here 1944 296
Rémi Ceillier Tour de cartes spectator spells his name to select a card and performer's name is then spelled to find it again
Also published here
  • Jules D'Hotel's "Préstidigitation sans bagages"
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 7 No. 1&2)
Conny Steffensen Magische Lektionen brief explanations of various techniques to control a card, followed by french translation "Leçons de Magie"
  • 1. Durch Forcieren
  • 2. Anwendung der Volte
  • 3. Mit Hilfe der untersten Karte
  • 4. Ein Ersatz für die Volte
  • 5. Lange und breite Karte
  • 6. Eine billige, lange Karte
  • 7. Gebrochene Ecke
  • 8. Dicke Karte
  • 9. Kurze Karte
  • 10. Vergilbtes Spiel
  • 11. "Bleistiftstrich" auf der Seite des Spieles
  • 12. Rand und "Augen" Methode
  • 13. Die umgekehrte Karte
Related to 1946
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 8 No. 1)
Conny Steffensen Magische Lektionen / Leçons magiques brief explanations of various techniques to control a card, followed by french translation
  • "Mappen"-Karte
  • Nagelmarkierung
  • Markierung mit der Stecknadel
  • "Brücke" am Ende des Spieles
  • Ein Ersatz für die lange Karte
  • Staniol auf der Rückseite der Karte
  • Auffinden der Schlüsselkarte durch den Index
Related to 1946
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 8 No. 2)
Peter A. McDonald Which Way? almost the same as Lonley Card
Inspired by 1950
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 11 No. 5)
Ali Bongo Jail Break cards with pictures of a prisoner, prisoner vanishes and appears on other card
1966 43
Edward Marlo Long and Short Cards from different decks
1970 157
Paul Siegel Psychic Perception four spectator sign one side of a blank card and write a three digit number on the other side, sum is predicted
1972 19
Rolf Andra Sehende Hände spectator writes name on one of several blank cards and performer locates it among other in pocket
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 1)
Rolf Andra Ihr Name - Mein Name seven blank cards, one is signed by spectator ans shuffled among the others, performer takes stack behind back and writes name on other side of chosen card
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 3)
Stephen Minch The Robin Hood Caper three cards are selected and spectator throw Aces in the deck, first spectator is close to his selection, second throws card next to his selection and third pierces his selection
Related to 1982 2
Gary Ouellet Key Cards on different Key Card concepts
1. The Short Card
2. The Corner Short
3. The Long Card
4. The Thick Card
5. The Jimmy Ray Card
6. The Kornwinder and similar cards
1986 13
Gary Ouellet The ProControl Card scotch tape
1986 16
Gary Ouellet ProControl Techniques 1. Cutting to the Key Card
1.1. The Normal Cut
1.2. The Drop Cut
1.3. The Swing Cut
2. Returning the Selected Card to the Deck
3. Security Check
1986 18
Paul LePaul, Gary Ouellet The Spread Pass Technique normal and with the ProControl Card
Also published here 1986 28
Gary Ouellet The Overhand Shuffle Technique with the ProControl Card
1986 37
Gary Ouellet ProAces using the ProControl card
1986 41
Gary Ouellet Charlier Technique cutting at ProControl card
1986 43
Gary Ouellet Further Applications 1. The ProControl Multiple Card Control
2. ProControl Variations (Glen Brown)
3. The ProControl Force
4. The New Break Method
5. The Flourish Drop Cut
1986 46
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Der Zweimännertrick one card travels among ten cards to other packet of ten cards in envelope
Also published here 1993 159
Claude Rix Le tour "estoupouflant..." three packets cut, cards are divined
1995 125
Tom Gagnon Makeshift Double building double-facer, double-backer, long cards, and key cards, with sticky label of card box
1998 1468
Karl Fulves Chapter 13: The "Long" and "Wide" Card chapter intro
1999 213
Ellis Stanyon Description of the Pack No. 1
1999 213
Ellis Stanyon The Forcing Pack No. 3, switching deck for short deck after cards have been selected
1999 215
Ellis Stanyon The "Cut" Force No. 4, performer cuts apparently randomly at long card, or spectator cuts and hopefully hits it
1999 215
Ellis Stanyon The "Ruffle" Force No. 5, long card or step
1999 216
Ellis Stanyon The "Jog" Shuffle No. 6, with long card
1999 216
Ellis Stanyon The "Gravitational Pull" No. 7, selection comes to bottom of deck
1999 216
Ellis Stanyon Card Passes Upwards Through the Pack No. 8
1999 217
Ellis Stanyon The Card Freely Chosen Is "Cut" to the Top No. 14
1999 220
Ellis Stanyon To Tell the Number of Cards by Weight No. 16, two long cards at known positions
1999 220
Ellis Stanyon Two Chosen Cards Found Together No. 17, using the long card as key
1999 221
Ellis Stanyon Long and Wide Cards No. 18, one of each in the deck, forced on different spectators
1999 221
"Joro" Bruno Hennig Der Zwei-Männer-Trick one card travels among ten cards to other packet of ten cards in envelope
Also published here 2003 1
Robert Cassidy Business Card Telepathy information written on business card is divined, stack of business cards
2004 106
Frank Lane Wide and Long Card out of celluloid
Related to
  • Here's How, 1934, p. 31
2006 112
Patrick Dessi Quid de la carte clé? on various key cards
  • Les cartes redimensionnées
    • La carte courte
    • La carte étroite
    • La carte épaisse
  • Les cartes amputées
    • La carte au pouce
  • Les cartes déformées
    • La carte doublement cornée
2009 91
Bob Farmer, Steve Mayhew Bolo Jonah methods for marking the Jonah card
  • Marked Cards
  • Short and Long Cards
  • Snap Crimp (Mayhew)
Related to 2015 30
Harry G. Franke Long Card "Harry Franke, Jr."
2015 42
Fränz Prodigy Peek one spectator writes something on a business card and second selects one from stack of business cards with written words on them, both thoughts are revealed
2022 10
Fränz Prodigy Peek X+1 stack of business card, selected one is divined, then two spectators write something on a business card, both thoughts are divined by writing them down before they are revealed by spectators
2022 31