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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Tom Sellers Colour Change Through Fist Fake double tube
Inspired by
  • Robertson Keene color changing silk
1931 26
Robertson Keene Miser's Dream coins stuck behind various objects
Also published here
  • More Novel Notions (Robertson Keene)
1933 1
Robertson Keene Three Instantaneous Knots and... arm ends up in a sling
1939 67
Matchbox Switch in action of opening matchbox drawer
Also published here
  • Robertson Keene’s “Novel Notions”
1940 ca. 83
Edward Bagshawe The Optica Deck pairs held together with cut-outs and raised parts, all backs can be shown either blue or red, and face cards change to all the same
  • The Optica Technique
with reproduction of ad and original instructions, 1928
Variations 1983 35
Robertson Keene Thought Cards Across
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Magician Monthly, June 1930
1983 45
Robertson Keene A Novel Egg Stand eggs vanish after picked up from a stand
Also published here
  • More Novel Notions, 1907, p. 43
2002 83
Robertson Keene Easter Eggs white eggs become colored in hat, then are shown to be of chocolate
Also published here
  • "An Easter-Eggsperiment" (The Magician Monthly, Vol. 33 No. 4, Mar. 1937, p. 44)
2002 223
Robertson Keene Humpty Dumpty Card and Egg card torn up, pieces change to egg and where egg was is restored card minus corner, inside egg is name of card on hard-boiled egg
Also published here
  • More Novel Notions, p. 47
2002 261
Robertson Keene Egg and Flag tissues burned, flag produced from ashes, changes to egg, egg broken, flag produced from broken egg
Also published here
  • More Novel Notions, p. 44
2002 282