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Predestination two packs, one spectator thinks of card and its position, predicted number is counted down in other deck, card there matches first selection
Related toAlso published here 1897 192
Charles T. Jordan Joker Monte No. 6, three cards shown in fan and turned over, spectator cannot find Joker
Related toAlso published here 1920 13
Edward Bagshawe Introduction
1924 9
Edward Bagshawe The Circle of Coincidence five different-colored silks are put in envelopes and attached to a star stand, five color cards are shuffled and matched up with the silks, tray to switch cards
1924 11
Edward Bagshawe Cutting Thro' a Silk silk cut in paper tube and restored
1924 16
Edward Bagshawe The Educated Ribbon slate is covered and put on a stand, a ribbon moves up from under the cover by itself and is then shown to be in the configuration of a previously chosen design of a set of design cards
Variations 1924 19
Edward Bagshawe Vice Versa blue silk is put into red paper tube and then rolled up in some paper, when unwrapped the tube is blue and silk is read
1924 24
Edward Bagshawe The "Decepta" Three Card Trick with a hinged card, jumbo cards
Related to 1924 27
Edward Bagshawe Perambulating Pasteboards hat covered with handkerchief, cased deck put in container, it vanishes from there (black shell), cards removed from hat in string, case also in hat
1924 32
Edward Bagshawe A Necromatic Notes borrowed bill put in envelope, deck with chosen card fixed with two rubber bands, bill travels into deck next to selection
1924 36
Edward Bagshawe Sympathy black and red handkerchief put in envelope, selection made, image of card is shown cut out of silk with matching color, cut-out parts are stuck to inside of handkerchief in card configuration
1924 38
Edward Bagshawe A "Spirit Divination" Mystery name of card appears on empty paper
1924 42
Edward Bagshawe A Tissue Paper Mystery number cards, one chosen, LIAR is seen on tissue paper, when turned over and AR removed, it reads 17 which is the chosen number
1924 47
Edward Bagshawe Cigarette Sorcery silk flag vanishes, is found in cigarette case, cigarettes are now on a tray under a tissue paper
1924 50
Edward Bagshawe The "Simplex" Cervante servante attached to a tray, can be placed on any table
1924 56
Edward Bagshawe The "Rapid Transit" Tumbler glass on tray under handkerchief, collapses visually and reappears in hat, tray mechanism which simulates glass
1924 58
Edward Bagshawe A Dark Deception paper in envelope, tumbler of ink, ink vanishes gradually, word chosen from dictionary appears as white writing in ink blob on paper
1924 63
Edward Bagshawe "Lighting a Lighthouse" flashlight battery vanished from silk and reappears in flashlight which sits in a lighthouse model
1924 67
Edward Bagshawe A Wireless Wonder chosen quantity of silk travels from a "book of silks" to a box that was shown empty
1924 71
Edward Bagshawe The "Kum-Bak" Cigarette Mystery cigarette pack hangs on stage, chosen number of cigarette is removed, vanishes and found back in pack
1924 76
Edward Bagshawe A Deceptive "Floating" Ball "just an idea", thread hook up
1924 80
Edward Bagshawe "Thought Precipitation" stage version, slate is covered and put on a stand, a ribbon moves up from under the cover by itself and is then shown to be in the configuration of a previously chosen design of a set of design cards
Inspired by 1924 84
Edward Bagshawe The Bagshawe Substitute
1933 33
Edward Bagshawe, Jack Merlin Learning New Sleights
1933 76
Victor Farelli, Edward Bagshawe The "Simplex" Thirty Cards envelope
1933 102
Edward Bagshawe Foreword
1936 6
Edward Bagshawe Introduction
1936 9
Edward Bagshawe Introduction
1936 ca. 9
Edward Bagshawe The “Rapid Transit” Silks three silks vanish and reappear on the stand they came from, apparatus
1936 ca. 13
Edward Bagshawe Uniting the Colors knot dissolves from silk twice, silk vanishes and reappears tied between two others, apparatus
1936 ca. 15
Edward Bagshawe Silk Sympathy assortment of silks, three colors randomly chosen, those three silks become knotted together
1936 ca. 18
Edward Bagshawe The Mind-Reader card is mentally selected from a randomly-ordered list of cards, magician reveals he predicted position of card in deck and the card’s number-position in the list
Related to 1936 ca. 23
Edward Bagshawe Sealed Mystery spectator names number and counts to that number in deck, magician predicted card arrived at
1936 ca. 26
Edward Bagshawe A Giant Card Problem jumbo card with two holes is inside case with matching holes, ribbon threaded through holes, card is removed while ribbon’s ends are held
1936 ca. 31
Edward Bagshawe Fixing the Date face cards of four packets formed by audience’s choices make up digits of randomly-chosen year, number cards
1936 ca. 34
Edward Bagshawe The Message That Can’t Be Read random jumble of letters reveals prediction of playing card’s name when a “windowed” card is placed over it, multiple window cards
1936 ca. 37
Edward Bagshawe The Materialized Message spirit message, blank card placed into a windowed case and is covered, when uncovered, writing is on card and is immediately visible through the window
1936 ca. 43
Edward Bagshawe A Newspaper Miracle magician divines words and pictures on a freely chosen piece of newspaper
1936 ca. 45
Edward Bagshawe A Quick Release multiple rings threaded onto a cord magically release
1936 ca. 49
Edward Bagshawe An Instantaneous Bouquet colored tissue papers transform into flower bouquet
1936 ca. 51
Edward Bagshawe Magic Letters tumbler of alphabet letters, ribbon is vanished and reproduced from within tumbler, letters are stuck to ribbon that spell out thought-of word
1936 ca. 53
Edward Bagshawe The Recurring Name writing appears on sealed-up card, naming a chosen celebrity
1936 ca. 57
Edward Bagshawe Out-to-Lunch Principle
1936 ca. 57
Edward Bagshawe An Annihilated Clock clock vanishes from cloth, dummy figure in cloth, clock falls into tray
1936 ca. 60
Edward Bagshawe The Flight of the Die large die vanishes from beneath cloth and instantly reappears in wooden box with cut-out, dummy figure in cloth
1936 ca. 62
Edward Bagshawe The Paper that Joins Up strip of paper attached to stand, center is covered by handkerchief, center is torn out and vanished (flash paper) and reappears restored in center
1936 ca. 66
Edward Bagshawe Through the Frame with hands chained, magician passes through paper frame without damaging it
1936 ca. 71
Edward Bagshawe A Visitor from Down Under séance on stage with lights on, magician is tied to chair with screen around him and still from within the screen a bell rings, writing appears, knots tie in a rope, etc., trapdoor for assistant to reach under
1936 ca. 74
Edward Bagshawe “Projecta”: A Shadow Illusion shadow of assistant tied to a post is visible from behind screen, magician shoots gun at screen and assistant’s has vanished, reappears in back of hall
1936 ca. 77
Edward Bagshawe SYKO chips with numbers from 1 to 4 are placed inside four envelopes, spectator can chose envelope and name number, they match
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Edward Bagshawe Penetration silk through paper, new use for Phantom Tube
Also published here 1940
The Jinx (Issue 112)
Tan Hock Chuan, Edward Bagshawe R. & S. Optica Deck deck shown, then it changes back color and all cards are alike, partial rough-smooth
Inspired byRelated to 1948 12
Jochen Zmeck Non Plus Ultra "Mein Verwandlungsspiel"
deck shown normal, then all cards are alike and back changes as well, then back, partial rough-smooth
Related to 1962 11
Edwin Leist-Bernini, Edward Bagshawe Ein Farbscheibentrick cardboard disks are threaded, chosen ones penetrate ribbon
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 23 No. 1)
James G. Thompson Jr. Think-A-Word cards with words, one chosen, performer divines it by rattling off all letters, can get one "no"
Related to Aug. 1972 553
Karl Fulves The Brainwave Principle history of its development, starting in 1921 ("Edward Bagshawe's Reverse Deck may have been the first Brainwave deck.")
1983 34
Edward Bagshawe The Optica Deck pairs held together with cut-outs and raised parts, all backs can be shown either blue or red, and face cards change to all the same
  • The Optica Technique
with reproduction of ad and original instructions, 1928
Variations 1983 35
Robertson Keene Thought Cards Across
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Magician Monthly, June 1930
1983 45
Edward Bagshawe Bewilda Deck cards held together in pairs with wires on corner, see also p. 77
1983 84
Edward Bagshawe Eine Durchdringung silk through paper, new use for Phantom Tube
Also published here 1987
Magische Blätter (Vol. 1 No. 8)
Edward Bagshawe Think Alike No. 29, three silks halfway in paper bag, chosen one receives a knot
1988 76
Edward Bagshawe, Sam Schwartz, Karl Fulves Metalogic No. 77, four coins, each represents a president, one chosen and divined
1989 106
Edward Bagshawe, Al Koran, Ron Wilson, Gene "Phantini" Grant, Ted Lesley The "Dream-Deck"-Combination single card divination
1997 2