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The Vanishing Knots
1876 238
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Hexenknoten silks are suddenly knotted together, then loose again, secret rubber band, attachment at back of chair that holds it until needed
Feb. 1905
Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 5 No. 3)
Harry Houdini The Vanishing Knot
1909 336
T. Page Wright Knotty Travels vanishing knots in handkerchief with story presentation
1933 51
Edward Bagshawe Uniting the Colors knot dissolves from silk twice, silk vanishes and reappears tied between two others, apparatus
1936 ca. 15
Joe Berg An Odd Handkerchief Knot knot tied in handkerchief and pulled tighter and tighter, it dissolves in the end
Variations 1937 15
Tenkai Ishida The Tenkai Knots three knots vanish
1938 613
Vanishing Knots silks are tied together, false knot
1938 613
Mitchell Dyszel The Travelling Knot knot in silk slides down and dissolves
May 1939
The Jinx (Issue 56)
Al Baker The Knot that just Won't
VariationsAlso published here 1941 64
Johnny Albenice The Serpent Silk knot unties itself
1941 13
Johnny Albenice The Naughty Knot knot unties itself while ends are held by performer
1941 16
Keith Clark Silks Supreme silk produced, knot effects, silk becomes two, then three, then six and up to eighteen or more
  • As the Spectator Sees It
  • Properties
  • Preparation
  • Presentation
    • 1. A Striking Experiment
    • 2. The "Naughty" Knots
    • 3. Squeegie, Squeegie!
    • 4. The Fourth Dimension
    • 5. Another Silk Appears
    • 6. The Conjurer Counts - And Counts Again!
    • 7. The Sympathetic Silks
    • 8. The Multiplication Finale
1942 1
A Knotty Interlude tight knot is resolved, knot appears
June 1945 125
George G. Kaplan The Spirit Handkerchief multiple knot routine with a Thayer "cabby" prop
1948 258
Dr. Jacob Daley A Silk Trick three handkerchiefs are knotted together and the two knots placed in a glasses, knots dissolve
Also published here Mar. 1954
The New Phoenix (Issue 302)
George Blake Uncanny Hanks four silks tied on ribbon, one by one the specified knots dissolve and silks drop
Variations 1954/27 107
Tony Slydini Slydini's Knotted Silks two silks repeatedly untie
  • Preparation for Tying
1960 177
Janel Kid Trick With A Rope vanishing knot
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1962)
Conrad Schmoranzer Der verschwundene Knoten vanishing knot in silk, placed inside a box
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 23 No. 3)
J. W. Sarles Transit Silks three silks vanish behind screen, reappear knotted on wand when it is tossed in air, black art
Nov. 1968 215
Eddie Joseph The Nuptial Knot serpent silk handling with reel
1969 143
Eddie Joseph My De-Luxe Routine and Handling of the Serpent Silk
1969 153
Eddie Joseph The Spirit Lends a Hand bracelet unties from handkerchief in cup
1969 155
Tenkai Ishida Vanishing Silk Knots triple knot in handkerchief dissolves, invisible black thread
1974 110
Vanishing Knot
1976 188
The Untying Silk thread
1976 190
Dai Vernon, Joe Berg Berg Knot Variation
Inspired by 1977
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #7)
Harry Lorayne Not a Knot!
1977 257
Don Tanner Silks knots tied into silk vanish in cloth bag
1978 9
Tony Slydini Slydini's Two Silk Routine
1979 59
Ken Brooke Method for "The Untying Silk" self-untying knot
Also published here 1980 75
Ron Fredrick The Babushka Routine five phase routine with dissolving knots and a large handkerchief, final one is through neck
1982 7
Nelson Lyford, R. Waddell Die Knotenlosen Knoten silk knot routine with change bag
Jan. 1983
Intermagic (Vol. 9 No. 4)
Silk Moves
  • Unknotting Silk
  • Knot That Isn't
shown by Charlie Miller (1939)
1985 27
Jean Hugard Tuchknoten & andere Spielereien collection of silk knot effects and flourishes, stretching silk
  • 1. Ein Tuch in die Länge ziehen
  • 2. Das nicht zu verknotende Tuch
  • 3. Ein beidhändiger Blitzknoten
  • 4. Zwei Blitzknoten
  • 5. Die Vereinigungs-Knoten
  • 6. Der Arm-Blitzknoten
  • 7. Ein einhändiger Blitzknoten
  • 8. Fliegende Knoten
  • 9. Einhand-Knoten mit zwei Tüchern
  • 10. Ein-Hand-End-Knoten
  • 11. Drei-Tücher-Blitzverknotung
  • 12. Doppel-Schleifen-Knoten
  • 13. Die verschwindenden Schleifen-Knoten
  • 14. Verschwindende Knoten
  • 15. Ein Tuch mit sieben Enden
  • 16. Zwei Knoten aus einem
  • 17. Ein magisches Auffädeln
  • 18. Tuch durch Bein
  • 19. Die Stanley Collins' Variante
  • 20. Das Schlagen eines Knotens ohne Loslassen der Enden
  • 21. Das sich selbst entkontende Tuch
  • 22. Ein nützlicher Knoten
  • 23. Das schwebende Tuch
  • 24. Das Heimkehrer-Tuch
  • 25. Das Herumwirbeln eines Tuches
  • 26. Ein Geschicklichkeits-Trick
July 1985
Intermagic (Vol. 11 No. 3 & 4)
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Dissolvo two silks tied together untie in glass
Also published here 1987 39
Teach In No. 33, two silks tied together untie in paper bag
1988 97
Karl Fulves, Tony Slydini Dissolvo No. 34, two silks tied together untie in glass
Also published here 1988 99
Dr. Jacob Daley Releaso No. 36, three handkerchiefs are knotted together and the two knots placed in a glasses, knots dissolve
Also published here 1988 106
Karrell Fox "No Not" fairly knot tied vanishes
1988 26
Tenkai Ishida, Joe Berg Joe Berg and Tenkai's Silk Knot Vanish Tenkai's handling of the Berg Vanish
Inspired byRelated to 1988 9
Tenkai Ishida Vanishing Silk Knot with recounting of a Tenkai performance
Related to 1988 1
Jimmy Grippo Grippo's Wish kind of Slydini's Silks with one silk
The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue Astonishing Friends)
John Hamilton Tuch und Ringzieher-Zauberei knot vanish handlings with reel
Intermagic (Vol. 21 No. 2)
Ken Brooke Das sich selbst entknotende Tuch self-untying knot
Also published here 1998
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 3)
William Larsen, Rudolf Braunmüller Fatima routine with one handkerchief
  • Das wachsende Tuch
  • Der verschwindende Knoten
  • Der Einhandknoten
  • Stab durch Tuch
  • Tuch durch Stab
  • Fatima (puppet from handkerchief)
Intermagic (Vol. 22 No. 4 & 5)
Charlie Miller, Ron Bauer Left-Handed Hank knot dissolves
Inspired by 2001 1
Kurt Weiss Ghost Detector red and white silk tied together, they untie by themselves, apple in paper bag transforms into two oranges, rubber apple
2001 204
Warren Stephens Silk Effect and Routine performer cannot tie a knot in a silk, then knot falls off, unties itself, silk penetrates wand
Sep. 2001
Magic (Vol. 11 No. 1)
Al Baker The Knot that just Won't
Also published here 2003
The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means)
Alexander de Cova Groundhog Day 4&4, all red kicker, unusual presentation, oil & water combined with silk knotting and Groundhog Day movie presentation
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 2006 15
Patrick Page, Charlie Edwards The Knotted Handkercheifs Slydini silks
2011 320
Alexander de Cova Das Murmeltier 4&4, all red kicker, unusual presentation, oil & water combined with silk knotting and Groundhog Day movie presentation
Also published here 2015 37
Johnny Thompson Unprepared Serpentine Silk knot vanishes with a snap
Inspired by
  • an item from Keith Clark
2018 233