ghostwritten by Martin Gardner
Written by Joe Berg, Martin Gardner
Work of Joe Berg
20 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
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Joe Berg Introduction
Joe Berg A Surprise Discovery selected card is replaced reversed, performer tosses deck into other hand in two halves, selection remains in throwing hand, friction pass with cards
Variations 2
Joe Berg Different Disclosure card selected behind back, cut into deck, deck cut through handkerchief straight at selection which is reversed and face up
Joe Berg The Changing Faces two cards from two different-colored decks are placed in the other deck, the faces of the two odd-backed cards transpose
Martin Gardner Gardner's Card Speller answer to three questions is spelled, spectator can lie, still the card shows up at the end
Related toVariations 3
Joe Berg Berg's Miracle Spread card chosen and lost cleanly from shuffled deck, later removed from face-up spread, performer locates card in another deck
Joe Berg The Transferred Cards ten cards counted off, two signed, packet put in hat, ten more counted and put in pocket, the signed cards travel to pocketed pile
Prof. Robert Hellis Hellis Change
Joe Berg Mistakes Will Happen card is lost face up in deck behind performer's back with a few more reversed cards for confusion, card should travel to pocket but wrong card travels, it changes into right card, riffle shuffle with key next to a reversed card
Variations 6
Joe Berg Alignment Move Change
Variations 6
Joe Berg Color Transformation two cards removed from different-colored decks and placed half-way into other deck, the faces transpose, in second phase backs change place
Joe Berg Odd-Backed Two-Card Monte Move
Joe Berg An Unbelievable Prediction one of five cards thought of, performer writes a prediction and removes one of the cards, both put in pocket, other four cards lost in deck, selection is missing from deck and prediction and card in pocket match
Joe Berg The Magician Makes Good unknown card tabled, one card and two mates reversed (e.g. three Aces), first card does not match and reversed cards are seen to have transformed into matching values
Joe Berg An Amazing Card Location top five cards are shown not to be the selection, number up to five is called, card at that position is now selection, imperfection principle
Double Laydown on Table
Joe Berg Coincidental Location spectator and performer both think of a card, spectator removes two cards, they turn later out to be the two selections
Joe Berg Vanish of Glass and Silk silk pushed into small glass, both vanish
Joe Berg Knot From Nowhere without letting go of each end in both hands
Variations 12
Joe Berg Handkerchief and Coffee Cups silk appears and vanishes between two brim-to-brim coffee cups
Joe Berg The Magical Hatchery several eggs appear one by one in net egg bag and are placed in borrowed hat, in the hat are then found baby chicks instead
Joe Berg The Balancing Dime dime balanced on wire of hanger, hanger spun around finger
Joe Berg An Odd Handkerchief Knot knot tied in handkerchief and pulled tighter and tighter, it dissolves in the end
Variations 15
Martin Gardner Gardner's Immovable Cigarette cigarette is gripped through handkerchief which can be moved with motionless cigarette, topological
Also published here 15
Joe Berg Handkerchief and Coin coin rolled up in handkerchief vanishes, then handkerchief held at four corners and coin appears inside again, secret pin
Joe Berg Adhesive Tape Thumb Tie
Joe Berg Berg's Cups and Balls Routine three cups and sponge balls
Joe Berg So That You May Know list of original tricks
Joe Berg Patter Suggestions various lines
  • For Use When Performing With Cigarettes
  • For Use During Manipulations
  • For Use When Performing With Cards
  • Miscellaneous Patter Suggestions
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