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Shuffling Despite Key Card
1937 22
Spectator Riffle Shuffles and key remains on top or near top
1937 89
James Maxwell The Locator spectator's shuffling while short card stays next to selection
1937 313
Edward Victor Supreme Control eight selections are discovered in different ways, key card control procedure
Related toVariations 1937 14
Joe Berg Mistakes Will Happen card is lost face up in deck behind performer's back with a few more reversed cards for confusion, card should travel to pocket but wrong card travels, it changes into right card, riffle shuffle with key next to a reversed card
Variations 1937 6
Shuffling with a Key Card
1938 94
Shuffling despite Key Cards
  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • The Dovetail Shuffle
1938 96
The Master Card Location two key cards on top and bottom, spectator riffle shuffles
1938 97
G. W. Hunter Backhanded reprinted from The Magic Wand, card sticks to back of hand, key card location
Also published here 1940
The Jinx (Issue 110)
Shuffling around Key or Crimp
1947 17
Shuffling with Key Card
1947 37
Key Undercut Shuffle shuffling after placement
1948 69
Tony Kardyro You Do As I Do method for obtaining the key card
Also published here 1948 17
Neal Elias Center Key Card Shuffle red/black shuffle around center to retain key card there
Mar. 1959
Ibidem (Issue 16)
Edward Marlo Key Card Plus Estimation: Fifth Method spectator's riffle shuffle likely retains top/bottom cards, key card on top
1962 29
Edward Marlo Key Card Plus Estimation: Tenth Method real overhand shuffle after fingertip peek estimation, estimated red/black key shuffle
1962 32
Laurie Ireland, Theodore Annemann Red/Black Shuffle for Key retaining a key at its twenty-sixth position, credit information by Marlo
Related to 1962 32
Edward Marlo Key Card Plus Estimation: Twelfth Method based on principle that spectator shuffles top card to bottom in small packet overhand shuffle
Variations 1962 33
John Quine Key Card Throwoff #1 riffle shuffle despite key
1972 102
John Quine Key Card Throwoff #2
1972 104
Edward Victor Ed Victor's Key Card Location No. 353, meant to describe the beginning of Victor's "Supreme Control"
Related to 1972 100
Philip T. Goldstein Spot'n'Scoop Control sighting card in face-up ribbon spread and moving it to top by cut afterwards
1974 3
Rainer Teschner c) Eine einfache Kartenkontrolle oops control with "accidentally" reversed card, overhand shuffling around key card
1979 32
Spectator Shuffles with Key Card
1981 119
Bruce Bernstein Five Card Psychometry Test chosen card is replaced and deck shuffled, spectator removes five cards including selection, selection is divined
1981 50
Edward Marlo Marlo's Double Christ Location no-touch cut-deeper selection procedure
Variations 1982 39
Edward Marlo Key Card Subtlety narrow or bellied card and tabled riffle shuffle after placement
1984 85
Gerd Winkler Risiko location routine, spectator shuffles with key card
1989 16
Harry Lorayne Key Card Ruse faro to throw off key card thoughts
1990 69
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Double Key Card Setting including Marlo's Ruse Cull to set key cards in place
Aug. 1991 14
Karl Fulves Top and Bottom Keys getting known cards to top and bottom
1994 121
Further Thoughts on the Key Card - Shuffling with a Key Card
1995 144
Letting the Spectator Shuffle with a Key Card
1995 144
Karl Fulves Mind Mirror No. 15, card from a third is removed after performer memorized the pile, he names missing card, key card placement after riffle shuffle
1995 25
Applications for the Crimp
1996 349
Tony Kardyro Boldly Attuned two decks, spectator and performer cut off a packet twice and the face cards do not match,
method for obtaining the key card
Also published here 1997 64
Jeff Busby Shuffle Throwoff shuffling around edge-marked key card, riffle or overhand
1998 69
Wolfgang Moser Wunderpunkt thoughts and techniques using a pencil dotted card
  • ...jetzt machen Sie mal einen Punkt!
  • Forcieren der Leitkarte
  • Setzen der Leitkarte
  • Kontrollieren der Leitkarte
2011 25
Red/Black Shuffle around Position overhand shuffle with a card at known position
Related to 2014 11
Steve Beam Losers Weepers Choreographed process for selecting a card that quickly provides the magician with the key to the selected card.
2015 102
Laurie Ireland Overhand Shuffle with Key overhand shuffle with a card at known position
Related to 2016 78
Key Card Shuffle by Spectatore
2016 20
Joseph Barry Echoed three progressively fairer locations of a card
Inspired by Feb. 2016
Operandi (Issue 1)
John Cornelius John Cornelius Thoughts watch as shiner
Related to 2016
Facsimile (Issue 5)
Laurie Ireland Overhand Shuffle with Key overhand shuffle with a card at known position
Related to Winter 2017
Quarterly (Issue 5)
Harry Riser, Johnny Thompson Impromptu Shiner black coffee
  • Spread Key Card Glimpse
  • Riffle Key Card Glimpse
  • Dribble Key Card Glimpse
  • Peek Control
2018 113
Larry Jennings Red/Black Shuffle for Key shuffling singly around key card
Related to 2020 377
Two-Key Riffle Shuffle spectator riffle shuffles with a key on each half
2021 11