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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
C. O. Williams, Unknown Lazy Man's Card to Pocket Related to Expert Card Technique 313
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Think-A-Drink-Hoffman, Fred Keating, a bar bet by Stuart Robson, Albenice, Orson Welles, Greater Magic, John Scarne The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 25) 106
Albenice Light Up! pantomime rolling of a cigarette, appearance Related to The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 95) 386
Clayton Rawson Letter to Bruce Elliott on Popper and Light UpRelated to The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 97) 395
John Scarne, Johnny Albenice Selected Card Vanishes to Pocket No. 71, Essentially identical to Lazy Man's Card to PocketRelated to Scarne on Card Tricks 130
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Chavez School, Jay Marshall, Sidney Lenz, Johny Albenice, Fred Keating The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 239) 957