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C. O. Williams, Lazy Man's Card to Pocket
Related to 1940 313
Martin Gardner Eye-Pop Routine two selections reverse in the center, then travel back to top, pseudo duplicates
Related to 1940 18
Johnny Albenice Foreword
1941 7
Johnny Albenice The Serpent Silk knot unties itself
1941 13
Johnny Albenice Visible Self-Tying Silk silk moves by itself and forms a knot
1941 15
Johnny Albenice The Naughty Knot knot unties itself while ends are held by performer
1941 16
Johnny Albenice A Suggested Routine with the Vanishing Cane and Handkerchief
1941 18
Johnny Albenice Visible "40th Century" Silks using a paper bag
1941 18
Johnny Albenice Penetration Effects with Handkerchiefs
1941 23
Johnny Albenice "Penetro" silk penetrates ring
1941 23
Johnny Albenice Color Changes with Silks
1941 29
Johnny Albenice Card on Ribbon card is torn and appears restored visibly on ribbon
1941 33
Johnny Albenice Rising Cards Through the Air
1941 35
Johnny Albenice Light Up! pantomime rolling of a cigarette, appearance
Related to Nov. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 95)
Clayton Rawson Letter to Bruce Elliott on Popper and Light Up
Related to Dec. 1945
The Phoenix (Issue 97)
John Scarne, Johnny Albenice Selected Card Vanishes to Pocket No. 71, Essentially identical to Lazy Man's Card to Pocket
Related to 1950 130
Martin Gardner, Johnny Albenice, Bert Feinson Cross Suits No. 99, two cards reverse in the center, then travel back to the top
Related to 1950 189