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Edward Victor "A Silver Collection" four coins are produced, then they travel one by one into glass
Variations 1937 36
J. B. Bobo Knee-zy Vanish coin travels from knee to knee, then vanishes
Variations 1947 91
Horace E. Bennett Half Dollar Through Saucer and falls into glass
Dec. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 322)
Horace E. Bennett Cut and Restored Rope with borrowed ring
Dec. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 322)
Horace E. Bennett Knife Through Coat with pocket knife and newspaper
Dec. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 322)
Horace E. Bennett Coin Extraction silver and copper coin in Handkerchief, named coin is pulled out
Dec. 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 322)
Horace E. Bennett, Jardine Ellis, Bertram Millidge, Franklin V. Taylor Combination shoelace and Ellis ring penetration, second phase, finger ring becomes entangled
Related toAlso published here 1955
The New Phoenix (Issue 330)
Walter Rollins Coins Through Table four different sized coins, into glass
Related toVariations 1966 450
Tony Slydini Purse of Aladdin production of an item from purse frame, load from lap
Variations 1966 79
Ken Brooke Tea For Two six coins travel from under one cup to another
Related toVariations 1967 62
Horace E. Bennett Unfair Shake two in the hand (here dice cup) one in the pocket, then die change color and size twice, as a kicker a shot glass appears under the cup
Variations 1967 113
Horace E. Bennett, Larry Jennings Cup Loading Move with a handkerchief
Related to 1967 119
Horace E. Bennett The Ringer spectator's finger ring joins performer's ring on wand, then they link and unlink
1967 175
Horace E. Bennett Coins From Hand To Hand four silver coins in one hand travel one by one to four copper coins in the other hand
1967 187
Fred Lowe, Brian MacCarthy The Disappearing Hole slit in center of a paper, different coins disappear and reappear, based on MacCarthy's "The Disappearing Hole" in "Impromptu" from 1939, see also Jerry Andrus' "Zone Zero"
Related toVariations 1967 216
Horace E. Bennett, Franklin V. Taylor Jardine Ellis Routine on and off the shoelace, in the end string is threaded on finger ring
1967 316
Horace E. Bennett, Dan Tong Tong's Trick jardine ellis ring and split ring, ring on ribbon
1967 331
Don Nielson Sense of Touch comedy routine with cards, case and knife in bag, with a jumbo card, p. 241 for further reference, p. 246 for idea by Robert Eagle
Inspired byVariationsAlso published here Nov. 1968 217
Horace E. Bennett Bennett's Silken Sorcery Routine manipulation with cigarettes, then several handkerchiefs are produced (normal and "flower") and as a climax a stack of glasses with wine
1968 7
Glenn G. Gravatt, Horace E. Bennett Rising Cigarette from packet
1968 9
Keith Clark, Horace E. Bennett Cigarette to Silk
1968 14
Horace E. Bennett Additional Thoughts on the Silk Production Routine ideas, variations
1968 26
Horace E. Bennett Producing the First Silk bare handed, looped silk
1968 27
Horace E. Bennett Perfected Silk Production six handkerchiefs appear, then a jumbo silk as a climax
1968 31
Horace E. Bennett Take Five linking ring routine, five rings
1968 35
Edward Victor, Horace E. Bennett Linking Two Rings Together
Related to
  • Edward Victor's "More Magic of the Hands"
1968 37
Horace E. Bennett Linking Moves with the Key and Singles
1968 38
Horace E. Bennett Unlinking the Chain of Two "Bennett's Switch"
1968 43
Horace E. Bennett, Eugene Laurant Chain of Three & Eugene Laurant's Removing the Centre Ring
1968 47
Horace E. Bennett Alternate Switch for Exchanging the Chain of Two for the Linked Single and Key
1968 59
Horace E. Bennett Eight Ball Routine production of eight billiard balls, with a handkerchief
1968 66
Horace E. Bennett The Penetration of the Silk Handkerchief
1968 68
Horace E. Bennett Ein frappanter Kartentrick card thought at number is apparently removed from under the table
Also published here
  • "Genii" June 1965.
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 29 No. 2)
C. F. Germelman Equally Unequal Patter patter, with introductory remarks by Horace E. Bennett
1968 60
Horace E. Bennett Bennett's Boner torn and restored napkin in a cup, sucker element
1969 22
Horace E. Bennett Dissimilar Coins Through Table four different coins penetrate table, last one upwards
Inspired byVariations 1969 138
Horace E. Bennett The Change Purse two half dollars travel into a purse
1969 145
Horace E. Bennett Coin Exchange five english pennies in an okito box transpose with four half dollars, hollowed stack, version of Jimmy Ray's "Okito Coin Box Routine" from "Between the Acts"
1969 149
Horace E. Bennett In and Out Part 1 two coins in handkerchief, named one penetrates the fabric
1969 155
Horace E. Bennett Click Pass
1969 156
Horace E. Bennett Part 2 silver coin in handkerchief held by spectator, copper penetrates fabric and joins the other coin
1969 160
Horace E. Bennett, Ken Brooke Tea For Okito with an okito box
Inspired by 1969 164
Horace E. Bennett Okito Box Turnover on the table
1969 165
Horace E. Bennett Framed coin produced from purse frame, vanishes inside again, see also p. 320
Inspired by
  • "Theft Proof Purse" (Horace Bennett, Gen, Feb. 1963)
Related to
Dec. 1969 307
Horace E. Bennett Universal Joker
Mar. 1970
Epilogue (Issue 8)
Horace E. Bennett Flying Knot knot jumps off the rope into air
Related to Sep. 1970 363
Derek Dingle Blue Backed Aces
Variations 1971 ca. 1
Horace E. Bennett The Clock two selections
1972 26
Horace E. Bennett The Half Crown Affair american penny and half crown in hand, one placed in pocket & travels back, transposition with spectator in which one coin grows
1973 68
Horace E. Bennett Ghost Knot knot while the spectator holds both ends, in the end the rope is linked to performer's buttonhole
Inspired by
  • "Secret of Gordius" (John Benzais, The New Jinx #58)
Also published here
May 1973 619
Horace E. Bennett Follow the Leader Coins
1975 15
Horace E. Bennett The Pearl routine with pearls, shell and a ring box, pearls travel, change color and grow
1975 5
Horace E. Bennett Okito Box Routine coins penetrate box, hand and deck, then a marked coin appears inside box
1975 23
Horace E. Bennett Easy Coins Thru the Table - Plus four coins, first one by one and eventually all at once
Related to 1975 31
Horace E. Bennett First Coin lapping while picking coins up and throwing them into the other hand
1975 32
Milton Kort, Horace E. Bennett Four Coins Thru Table with a handkerchief
1975 35
Horace E. Bennett Slow Motion Coin Production and Vanish with a handkerchief
1975 38
Horace E. Bennett Sense of Touch Perfected bag made from handkerchief, different coins are divined and date on last coin
Inspired byRelated to 1975 43
Horace E. Bennett A Penny for Your Thoughts longer portable hole routine, with several coins, two large coins appear under hole
Inspired byRelated to 1975 51
Horace E. Bennett Suit Yourself Improved four cards in Matrix layout, travel under piece of cardboard
Related to 1975 71
Horace E. Bennett Am I Blue cutting to four Aces, different colored back kicker
Inspired by 1975 83
Horace E. Bennett Selected Card to Pocket card to pocket, repeated phase with named card out of two cards
Inspired by 1975 85
Horace E. Bennett Seven in the Side Pocket last card with envelope
1975 91
Horace E. Bennett Money in the Bank coin assembly with four coins and a photograph, savings account passbook and jumbo coin as kicker
1975 101
Horace E. Bennett Bennett Change-Over Move
1975 105
Horace E. Bennett Deluxe Ending for the "Money in the Bank Routine" coins are produced from a savings account passbook
1975 109
Horace E. Bennett Bennett's Front Pinch Coin Sleight
1975 114
Larry Jennings Challenge Cards to Pocket two cards are first placed in jacket pocket, then removed and lost in the deck, then travel into two pockets
Variations 1977 21
Dai Vernon The Five-Coin Routine with glass, production, travel into glass, vanish, reproduction, two methods/handlings
Variations 1977
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #8)
Horace E. Bennett Foreword on stage fright
1978 iii
Horace E. Bennett Introduction by Bennett
1978 1
Horace E. Bennett East Meets West torn and restored paper
Inspired by
  • Shigeo Takagi's "Japanese Paper Cutting"
1978 3
Horace E. Bennett Improved - Simplified Ring on Wand ring on wand, then performer's ring link and unlink with spectator's ring
1978 13
Horace E. Bennett The Amazing, Jumping, Flying, Sliding Knot knot jumps, slides and is picked off, then cut and restored rope
Inspired by
  • George Sands' "Ropesation"
Related to
1978 17
Horace E. Bennett My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine on and off shoelace
Related toAlso published here 1978 25
Horace E. Bennett Cocktail Coins four coins are produced, vanished and produced again, with glass and handkerchief, jumbo coin kicker
Inspired by 1978 33
Horace E. Bennett My Sponge Ball Routine with purse frames, with several smaller balls and large ball as climax
Inspired by 1978 51
Horace E. Bennett Coin Assembly with four cards
1978 59
Horace E. Bennett With a Grain of Salt salt finale
Inspired by 1978 71
Bill Voss Relentless four silver and four copper coins transpose one by one, using c/s coin
Variations Aug. 1979
Apocalypse (Vol. 2 No. 8)
Harry Lorayne Four Opener producing four coins
Variations Aug. 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 8)
David Roth The Portable Hole
VariationsAlso published here 1981 63
Horace E. Bennett Introduction
1981 i
Horace E. Bennett Not-So-Relentless four silver and four copper coins transpose one by one from hand to hand
Inspired byAlso published here 1981 1
Horace E. Bennett Big Coin Routine coin travels from knee to knee, then change into jumbo coin
Inspired byVariations 1981 6
Horace E. Bennett, Scotty York The Third Coin third phase for coins thru table, based on the revolve vanish
Related to 1981 8
Horace E. Bennett, Scotty York The Sound of Magic coin vanishes in a cup, match thrown into cup
1981 10
Horace E. Bennett, Scotty York The Illusive Coin Pass - Revisited retention vanish to back clip
Related to
  • Talisman vol. 1 no. 48
1981 13
Horace E. Bennett One-To-Four producing four coins
Inspired by 1981 21
Horace E. Bennett Bennett Change Over Palm
1981 22
Horace E. Bennett Coins Across four coins from hand to hand, one by one
1981 24
Horace E. Bennett Poor Man's Peripatetic Coins four coins from hand to hand, one by one
1981 26
Horace E. Bennett The Fourth Dimension paper with slit, coins appear and disappear
Inspired byRelated to
  • "The Third Hole" in "The Gen" May, 1968
1981 31
Horace E. Bennett Change for Two two half dollars change to quarters, one at a time
1981 39
Horace E. Bennett Clink - Clink - Clink Improved two coins travel from hand to hand, several phases
1981 41
Horace E. Bennett A Copper and Silver Quickie
1981 44
Horace E. Bennett Matrix Coins and Cards matrix with four cards, as a kicker random cards turn out to be Aces
1981 46
Horace E. Bennett A Big Production jumbo coin from handkerchief
1981 50
Horace E. Bennett The Improved Cheat four duplicate Aces, Royal Flush kicker
1981 53
Horace E. Bennett Suit Yourself - Stand Up Version four cards in Matrix layout, travel under piece of cardboard, on a newspaper
Related toAlso published here
  • in "Mantra"
1981 56
Horace E. Bennett Comedy Card to Pocket or Wallet
1981 61
Horace E. Bennett Quick Reverse reverse of card while other cards is turned over
1981 64
Horace E. Bennett Instant Reverse card reverses several times, then it changes back color
1981 67
Horace E. Bennett The Spectator Does a Trick
1981 68
Horace E. Bennett Errata corrections for "Bennett's Best" and "On Your Feet"
1981 70
John Holland (reviewer) Familiar Themes: More Alternative Handlings by Horace E. Bennett Nov. 1985
Epoptica (Issue 7)
Horace E. Bennett New Techniques with the Downs Palm: Delayed Palm Vanish
Feb. 1988
Epoptica (Issue 11)
Horace E. Bennett Repeat Purse Transposition copper and silver coins transpose, one in purse
Feb. 1988
Epoptica (Issue 11)
Horace E. Bennett Bennett Change-Over Move Variation as visible coin is picked up from palm
Feb. 1988
Epoptica (Issue 11)
Horace E. Bennett Transposition Two copper and silver coins transpose with one in purse, repeated
Also published here
  • "The Bennet Touch"
1988 23
Horace E. Bennett Not-so-Relentless four silver and four copper coins transpose one by one from hand to hand
Inspired byAlso published here 1988 27
Horace E. Bennett Ghost Knot No. 7, slip knot transformed into overhand knot, then rope becomes linked to performer's jacket buttonhole
Also published here 1990 13
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Cups and Balls Routine salt as final load
VariationsAlso published here 1991 205
Bob King Bob King Dice Routine two in the hand (here dice cup) one in the pocket, then die change color and size, as a kicker a shot glass appears under the cup
Inspired by 1991 6
Horace E. Bennett The Latest Theft-Proof Purse coin produced from purse frame, vanishes inside again
Inspired by
  • "Theft Proof Purse" (Horace Bennett, Gen, Feb. 1963)
Related to
Jan. 1993
Magic (Vol. 2 No. 5)
Horace E. Bennett Ellis Ring - A New Beginning with shoelace
1994 27
Horace E. Bennett My Jardine Ellis Ring Routine on and off shoelace
Also published here 1994 30
Horace E. Bennett Big Coin - Revisited one coin sequence, second coin appears, jumbo coin appears
Inspired by 1994 159
Charles J. Pecor Odd Coin From Birmingham international, four different coins
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Pecor's lecture notes "Off The Wall With The Wizard", 1975
1994 177
Horace E. Bennett Ellis-Ring-Kombination shoelace and Ellis ring penetration, second phase, finger ring becomes entangled
Also published here 2000
Intermagic (Vol. 23 No. 4 & 5)
Horace E. Bennett Loading coin under card coin under card case lands under card, when case is moved
Related to
  • "A case of concealment" in "The Gen" Vol. 25. Nr. 7. 1969. p. 172.
2009 274