Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Lewis Ganson

300 pages (Hardcover), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Dennis Patten, Maurice Day.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Edwin Hooper Publisher's Introduction 3
Hugh Miller Foreword 5
Phoa Yan Tiong Cut & Restored Silk Variations 7
Lewis Ganson Destroyed & Restored 7
Orlando Bagley Yarn Trick 12
Norman Rhodes Ten Shilling Note Trick bill is burnt then found in an envelope (bank night interlude) 14
Howard Gower Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper gradual restoration 20
Horace E. Bennett Bennett's Boner torn and restored napkin in a cup, sucker element 22
Roger Crosthwaite Note in Cigarette bill is accidentally burnt 25
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon Three Rings For Dai Vernon 32
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 1. Counting the Rings 34
Dai Vernon 2. The Twisting Move 34
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 3. Linking Two Rings 36
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 4. Spinning the Rings 37
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 5. Unlinking Two Rings 38
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 6. Sounding the Rings 38
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 7. The Crash Linking 40
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 8. The Pull Through 41
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 9. A Different Crash Linking 43
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 10. Linking the Two Single Rings and the Key Ring 43
Lewis Ganson, Dai Vernon 11. Unlinking the Rings 44
Lewis Ganson Introducing the Rings In A Close-Up Act 47
Arnold De Seiver Seven Colours Of Wisdom keys in envelopes with different colored ribbons 48
Tom Sellers Envelope Marking System just to mark the different one 49
J. Pickstone Elizabeth Arden number divination, with a mirror 51
Charles Cameron The Taste Tells cards with different drinks, one is selected and all put in envelopes, right one is found and divined 52
Tony Shiels Mollusca Mental assistant finds hidden coin under one of six shells by holding a big shell to her ear, code 56
Douglas Francis Idento six discs attached to a string, on one is a number written by a spectator, performer detects that one behind his bag by touch only 59
Albert Spackman Noted Number prediction of the total of the last four digits of four bills 61
Tony Griffith Pseudo Psychometry six envelopes, pencil dots 64
John Bragoli Transversale prediction of a spun number which was added to an other number, with mini roulette setVariations 68
John Bragoli Roulette Force cross total of three numbers 71
John Bragoli Licensed Telepathy blindfolded divination of one of ten drinks written on cards 71
Albert Spackman Miniature Rapping Hand miniature doll hand in box rapping and answering questions, different routine ideas,
- word and card divination and with spirit slates
- stop trick with cards
- whistle put into the box and the hand moves and the whistle blows
- gipsy thread is restored in the box, while hand moves
- in conjunction with "The Thing"
- card turnover
Related to 74
Dai Vernon Chinese Matches "ten count" 78
Frederica Boxology marked coin on a box, hand comes out and takes it inside, then the coin is found in a nest of boxes 80
Unknown Coin Switch 84
Douglas Francis Glass Levitation glass suspends on knife 86
Hans G. Stumpf Sawing A Fakir In Half with a fakir doll 89
Hans G. Stumpf, George Leitmayr Match Sword Box coin in matchbox is penetrated by six matches 91
Elmer Deffenbaugh Flash Business Card printing business cards with flash paper 93
Unknown Turnover Move 95
Charles D. Smith Leipzig's Grindstone knife grinder with a plateRelated to 97
Charles D. Smith Torn & Restored Napkin sucker element 98
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Acrobatic Paperclips paper clips suspend on each other and finally a finger ring as well, when examined the paperclips have linked together to form a chain with the ringVariations 101
Lewis Ganson Rink in Close Up short intro on Rink 101
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Coins Apart four copper and four silver coins are mixed in the hand, copper coins travel to the other hand, with a stick 109
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Chink-A-Chink Simplified with four small balls 118
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen Rope Through Neck 121
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen, Somerset Maugham Grand Guignol thumb is cut with a knife until the performer bleeds, wound is healedVariations 126
J. "Rink" van Rinkhuyzen One Cup - Two Balls chop cup, two large balls as climax 130
Lewis Ganson Bennett on Coins short intro on Horace Bennett 137
Horace E. Bennett Dissimilar Coins Through Table four different coins penetrate table, last one upwardsInspired by 138
Ross Bertram Coin Steal 139
Horace E. Bennett The Change Purse two half dollars travel into a purse 145
Horace E. Bennett Coin Exchange five english pennies in an okito box transpose with four half dollars, hollowed stack, version of Jimmy Ray's "Okito Coin Box Routine" from "Between the Acts" 149
Horace E. Bennett In and Out Part 1 two coins in handkerchief, named one penetrates the fabric 155
Horace E. Bennett Click Pass 156
Horace E. Bennett Part 2 silver coin in handkerchief held by spectator, copper penetrates fabric and joins the other coin 160
Horace E. Bennett, Ken Brooke Tea For Okito with an okito boxInspired by 164
Horace E. Bennett Okito Box Turnover on the table 165
Lewis Ganson The Magic Sleeves of David Berglas short intro on David Berglas 168
David Berglas 'It's Up His Sleeve' why spectator's suspect sleeving, general commentsAlso published here 169
David Berglas Methods Of Sleeving - Gravity
- Manual Propulsion
- Mechanical Propulsion

comments on the material of the jacket
Also published here 171
David Berglas The Berglas Gravity Method For Sleeving A Small Object Invisibly pocket knife vanishes 173
David Berglas Retrieving the Pocket Knife 180
David Berglas Intelligent Use Of Sleeving 181
David Berglas, Lewis Ganson, Ralph W. Hull The Master Move For 'The Homing Ball' moves for ball and cone 182
David Berglas The Torn and Restored Tissue Paper 186
David Berglas, Alex Elmsley The Cups and Balls billiard balls as final loads 192
David Berglas Production and Vanish Of A Silk Handkerchief with tube or ball 194
David Berglas The Vanishing Stick 198
David Berglas Producing A Pen, Pencil Or Cigar from sleeve 199
David Berglas, Milbourne Christopher The Autograph Hunter's Nightmare pen vanishes and appear several times, in the end it travels to spectator's breast pocket 200
David Berglas Pen To Keys as alternative when giving autographs 205
David Berglas Switching One Object For Another for cigarettes, nuts, knives, paddles, safety pins, coins etc. 205
David Berglas Switching A Long Object 207
David Berglas, Henri De Manche The De Manche Switch Used In conjunction With Sleeving Related to 209
David Berglas The Vanish Of the Stack Of Pence for the cap and pence trick 212
David Berglas Sleeving Coins For 'The Coins In Glass' 214
David Berglas Production Of A Cigar 214
Lewis Ganson A Session with Bobby Bernard short intro on Bobby Bernard 216
Bobby Bernard Bernard Switch 217
Bobby Bernard Mirage copper to silver and back 220
Bobby Bernard The Pinch Vanish 222
Bobby Bernard Melted silver extraction from coin, big part is transparent one part is still the coin 223
Bobby Bernard School For Croupiers coin flourishes, cutting the aces and dice stacking to a croupier presentation 225
Cy Endfield Endfield Slip Cut 230
Lewis Ganson My Routine With the 'Devano' Pack three cardsVariations 237
Lewis Ganson, Charles Kettle The Egg Bag general comments 251
Lewis Ganson, Jack Hill Moves For Proving the Bag To Be Empty 1. standing on the bag
2. folding the bag
3. slapping the bag
4. twisting the bag
5. turning the bag inside out
6. to allow a spectator to feel inside the bag
Lewis Ganson To Remove the Egg from the Bag - by the performer
- by the spectator
Lewis Ganson The Routine 263
Lewis Ganson Five Eggs from the Bag 266
Jens Korth Roulette chips penetrates table, chink a chink with one jumbo card, color change, shells 268
Erhard Liebenow Turnover Drop move for removing the shell 277
Erhard Liebenow Baffle Drop 278
Gerald Kosky The Magic Ring ring and three colored stones, variation of two in the hand, one in the pocket, as a climax the ring has three stones set in it 283
Will Ayling The Story Teller oriental story 289