50 entries in Cards / Sleights / Additions / Using clothing
Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Jack Merlin A Sure Fire Force cards cut behind performer's back, card is added while turning over
1927/28 23
Oswald Rae Adding Palmed Card on the Deck from pocket, transferring deck from hand to hand, while looking for a pencil
1930 4
Victor Farelli Obtaining a "Stock" strategy for adding cards from pocket to deck
1933 75
Tom Sellers Behind Back Addition deck behind back, cards added via clip
1934 5
Stuart Robson Stack Addition behind back
Feb. 1935
The Jinx (Issue 5)
Sleeve Addition key cards are added behind the back from sleeve
1937 92
Franklin M. Chapman Addition from Vest Pocket as outer jacket pocket is examined
1937 8
L. Vosburgh Lyons Addition from Jacket Edge packet under jacket in paper clip, palmed off and added
Apr. 1939
The Jinx (Issue 55)
Jean Hugard Secret Addition of Cards to the Pack vest pocket, clipped to pocket, three methods
1940 171
Ron Johnson Trouser Leg Steals stealing stuff from trouser leg, when performing kneeling on the floor
Feb. 1948 392
Dr. William Weyeneth Neuer Karten-Effekt adding keycard to deck, using magnets on body
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 17 No. 1)
Dai Vernon Addition from Sleeve
1957 164
Eddie Fay Capping the Deck sleeve hold-out for adding a small packet to tabled cards
1969 23
Eddie Fay Fay's Capping Demonstration producing Aces from shuffled deck, sleeve-holdout
1969 23
Dai Vernon Card Production Packet of five cards increases to ten, then to twenty, sleeving
Related to 1975 220
Karl Fulves Insta-Sleeve from bottom placement position, also as add-on
1977 19
Karl Fulves Hank Tunnel addition from sleeve with handkerchief cover
1977 19
Karl Fulves Part Two on card retrieval from sleeve
1977 25
Karl Fulves The Impromptu Holdout wristwatch, two methods
1977 25
Karl Fulves The Exit Move card retrieved from sleeve to bottom as another card is pushed in deck from back
Related to 1977 27
Karl Fulves Exit Left variant handling of Exit Move for left sleeve
Related to 1977 36
Karl Fulves Non-Square Loading sleeve retrieval
1977 40
Karl Fulves Undercover Loading sleeve retrieval
1977 44
Karl Fulves Pocket Addition as something is removed from pocket
1977 75
Edward Marlo Adding The Aces two methods to add packet to deck, one more on page 320 from inner pocket
1979 321
Dan MacMillan Sleeved Card Retrieval added to deck as it is cut onto table
Related to 1981 25
David Harkey Ringing in the Duplicate from pocket with case
1991 31
Allan Ackerman The Clip Add using pen
1994 11
Guy Hollingworth Pocket Cop Add-On
1996 1
Guy Hollingworth Jacket Addition using paper clip & magnet
1996 26
Dai Vernon Addition from Sleeve
1997 96
Guy Hollingworth Jacket Addition using paper clip & magnet
1999 95
Joshua Jay Watch Out using watch as a holdout for a packet of cards
Also published here 1999 129
David Regal Jacket Edge Clip
1999 100
Joshua Jay Watch Out using watch as a holdout for a packet of cards
Also published here Jan. 1999
Onyx (Issue 6)
Guy Hollingworth Jacket Addition using paper clip & magnet
2000 21
Addition from Pocket in between two tricks
2001 41
Behind-the-Back Addition as card is placed in deck behind back
2001 55
Sleeve Add adding card from sleeve to deck
2004 225
Al Baker Adding a Stacked Portion to the Deck in pocket
2008 137
Steve Reynolds Stealing Cards 1 from vest pocket
  • Onto Deck /Packet ("Friction Steal")
2014 15
Steve Reynolds Combination Loads/Steals from vest pocket
2014 16
Steve Reynolds Stealing Multiple Cards from vest pocket into palm
  • First Technique (Squeeze Steal)
  • Second Technique (Squeeze Add)
  • Adjusting Packets
2014 20
Guy Hollingworth Pocket Cop Add-On
2015 36
Benjamin Earl Pocket Addition bold
2015 7
Roberto Giobbi Laughing Trojan Horse Addition adding cards from the case, or pocket, by openly removing cards
Hidden Agenda (Issue Feb 4)
Johnny Thompson Adding the Gaffs for McDonalds Aces, two methods
2018 181
Larry Jennings Addition Sequence from Pocket
2020 452
Roberto Giobbi Managing Management spectator shuffles deck, Aces are then added to top for next routine
2021 73
Justin Higham Impromptu Six-Card Repeat Addition addition from sleeve
Related to 2021 19