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Roy Walton Oil and Queens transformation kickerVariations The Devil's Playthings 15
David Berglas Ad Infinitum total of three three-digit numbers is predictedRelated toAlso published here Pabular (Vol. 1, No. 5) 53
Michael Ammar The Vanishing Glass stemmed glass vanishes under silk handkerchiefVariationsAlso published here Encore II 29
Ron Wilson Double Restoration Rope with a loopRelated toAlso published here The Uncanny Scot, Ron Wilson 128
Sveroni Vorwort Sveroni Original 8
Sveroni Tricord intro for Professor's Nightmare, rope is cut once, suddenly performer holds three ropes with the same length Sveroni Original 9
Sveroni Marcollectors Sveroni Original 11
Sveroni Reverso selection turns over in deck Sveroni Original 13
Sveroni Reverso Move half pass while spreading cards on the table Sveroni Original 13
Sveroni Das Zweikartenspiel two card transposition, with monte theme, duplicate Sveroni Original 15
Sveroni Ein guter Tropfen glass vanishes under handkerchief, then flowers appearInspired by Sveroni Original 19
Sveroni Tele-Asse two selections from a normal deck are divined with four jumbo aces, aces with matching suit turn over, then they change into selectionAlso published here Sveroni Original 22
Sveroni Double Lift with jumbo cards, without the deck Sveroni Original 25
Sveroni Ein simples Problem backs of six card change into blue and back to red Sveroni Original 27
Sveroni Romeo und Julia card is torn and performer and spectator sign their name on each half, then the performer's name jump to the other card and back Sveroni Original 32
Sveroni Der radfahrende Joker und die Münze joker on card vanishes, then complete card, then a card shrinks and a coin transforms into a jumbo coin Sveroni Original 37
Unknown, Sveroni Rub-A-Dub-Dub with variations, as a transformation and transformation of a coin under a card Sveroni Original 38
Michael Close, Larry West A Visit from Rocco using giant billsVariations Workers Number 3 20
Alex Elmsley Dazzle packet with jokers, backs change color multiple timesRelated toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 463
Alexander de Cova Bill in Edding finger tipRelated to Secrets No. 1 114
Sveroni Vorwort Typisch Sveroni 8
Sveroni Hoppla! flashy location of a card, four cards are sprung on table, selection remains, with variation of Christian Scherer Typisch Sveroni 9
Sveroni Magic Ara balloon bird finds selection, deck in case Typisch Sveroni 13
Sveroni Das ängstliche As four jumbo aces turn into four ace of clubs, spades, diamonds, ace of hearts eventually is found on performer's back Typisch Sveroni 16
Sveroni Seilzerschneiden à la Sveroni: Zwei täuschende Methoden cut and restored rope sequences
1. Mit einer Zusatzschlaufe (with a loop)
2. Mit einem Zusatzstück (with an extra piece)
Related to Typisch Sveroni 20
Sveroni Das Tuch in der Taschenlampe spectator holds flashlight and performer holds a handkerchief, suddenly flashlight stops working and handkerchief transforms into battery, silk is found in flashlight Typisch Sveroni 25
Sveroni Der letzte Kartentrick spectator remembers a card at his thought of number and cuts the deck, performer tries to cut the deck that the card is back at the same position, card is then found in performer's pocket Typisch Sveroni 28
Sveroni Alles Ablenkung oder was? humorous vanish of a handkerchief, then handkerchief vanishes from hand and is found knotted to other silk Kreative Magie 27
Sveroni Gelöscht first faces then backs of four playing cards vanish, with jumbo cards Kreative Magie 30
Sveroni Der Geldschein im Filzstift signed bill travels to marker which is held by spectatorRelated to Kreative Magie 32
Sveroni Unerwarteter Transfer performer's signature on coin travels to coin with spectator's signatureAlso published here Kreative Magie 40
Christian Scherer, Sveroni Money Splitting bill is split in two, gag for magicians Kreative Magie 54
Sveroni Vorwort Variationen 5
Sveroni Poker Dream triple prediction (city, amount of money, card) on post-its, names of spectators are noted on the papersVariations Variationen 7
Sveroni Verdrehte Voraussage B'Wave variation with jumbo cards Variationen 13
Sveroni Sveronis Bank Night with four different colored little bags, bag with red silk wins money, apparently goes wrong, three consolation prizes which are better than the prize the spectator wins Variationen 16
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Das letzte Kümmelblättchen monte theme with jumbo cards, card turns over, as a climax backs change colorInspired by
  • Helmut Schmiedeberg's "Mondo Monte"
Variationen 18
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Three as Four Display with jumbo cards Variationen 19
Sveroni Artistic Cards Homing Card with jumbo cards Variationen 25
Sveroni False Display hiding surfaces, with jumbo cards Variationen 31
Sveroni Sveronis grandioses Gedankenlesen humorous off-beat prediction of a named number Variationen 33
Sveroni Notlösung flashy production of selection, card apparently shot from center of the deck into other hand Variationen 36
Sveroni Vorwort Heureka! 5
Sveroni Das Ritual spectator's scribbling is heated up and transforms into name of selection, friXion penInspired by
  • Mathieu Bich's "Sympathel Ink"
Heureka! 7
Sveroni Das Ritual mit Sternzeichen spectator's scribbling is heated up and transforms into his zodiac sign, friXion pen Heureka! 12
Sveroni Das Ritual mit Visitenkarten adaptation of Das Ritual for close up, with business cards Heureka! 12
Sveroni Der Frauenschwarm oil and queens variationInspired by Heureka! 13
Sveroni Money Printer bills on jumbo blank cards, four blank cards change into cards with bills of different value on them several timesInspired by Heureka! 16
Sveroni, Christian Scherer Dies ist reine Magie five jumbo cards are torn in halves, phrase is spelled and spectator is allowed to say where the cards are changed, after each spelled word on top of the halves are the matching parts Heureka! 21
Sveroni Vorwort ... oder so! 5
Sveroni Instant Tee tea travels to covered mug, then tee and water is mixed just to vanish and from the mug falls confettiInspired by
  • David Williamson's "Saline Solution"
... oder so! 7
Sveroni Tee Recycling tea bag is destroyed and all parts put in little envelope where tea bag is served, thread is ignited and it transforms back to tea bag, envelope is empty and torn and restores as a climaxRelated to ... oder so! 10
Sveroni Simply Clever prediction of selected tea bag flavor ... oder so! 13
Sveroni Ach, so geht das! torn and restored paper with fake explanation ... oder so! 17
Sveroni Tele-Asse two selections from a normal deck are divined with four jumbo aces, aces with matching suit turn over, then they change into selectionAlso published here ... oder so! 20
Sveroni Double Lift with jumbo cards ... oder so! 23
Sveroni Unerwarteter Transfer performer's signature on coin travels to coin with spectator's signatureAlso published here ... oder so! 25
Sveroni Die Kunst der Ablenkung sponge balls routine, two in the hands element, color change of balls ... oder so! 28
Larry West, Michael Close, Christian Scherer, Sveroni Spielschulden / Am Bankschalter with giant billsInspired by ... oder so! 32
Sveroni Vorwort Alte Neuheiten 5
Sveroni Nano Tee shortened version of Tee Recycling, thread is ignited and turns into tea bag, then tea bag changes to billRelated to Alte Neuheiten 7
Sveroni Zero Prinzip total of three three-digit numbers is predictedRelated to Alte Neuheiten 11
Sveroni Doppelte Münzenvorhersage selection of coins, two events are predicted, with post-it pad and names written on predictionsInspired by Alte Neuheiten 14
Sveroni Kompromiss faces and backs of four jumbo cards change Alte Neuheiten 19
Sveroni Spezielles Zählen all alike count, for jumbo cards Alte Neuheiten 20
Sveroni Schnippen four duplicate aces change into different four aces, then they turn over by themselves, jumbo cards Alte Neuheiten 22
Sveroni Optisches Vorzählen all alike count with jumbo cards, similar to a flushtration count Alte Neuheiten 23
Sveroni Homing Card à la Sveroni card to pocket routine, three phases with fake expanation Alte Neuheiten 29
Sveroni Profiler card divination over phoneInspired by
  • "Von Mensch zu Mensch" in "Magigramm", September, 1988
Alte Neuheiten 36
Christian Scherer, Sveroni Fischerlatein fish on cardboard change size with scale, magic trick based on Jastrow optical Illusion, medal on chain vanishesInspired by
  • Toru Suzuki's "Sakkaku Scale" in Richard Kaufman's "Tenyoism - Volume Two", p. 843.
Fischerlatein 3