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To convert or transubstantiate monie into counters, or counters into monie shuttle pass as transformation
1584 184
A notable tricke to transforme a counter to a groat double sided coin glued from two filed down coins, another thin cover disc stuck onto it with wax to show both sides of coin (pre-shell), then disc stolen away and coin changes cleanly in one hand
Related to 1584 185
To transforme anie one small thing into anie other forme by folding of paper Buddha papers, with paper or handkerchief, standard back-to-back paper method and ungaffed method
Related to 1584 187
A notable trick to transform a Counter into a Groat double sided coin glued from two filed down coins, another thin cover disc stuck onto it with wax to show both sides of coin (pre-shell), then disc stolen away and coin changes cleanly in one hand
Related to 1634 46
How to transforme any one small thing into another forme by folding of paper Buddha papers to change coins
Related to 1634 47
Henri De Manche To Change a Coin one-handed
Related to 1902 153
Jess Kelly, Laurie Ireland Vanish of Coin from Trousers Fold half dollar put in trouser fold, changes into nickel, forty-five pennies grabbed from air
Variations 1937 40
Harry Bernstein Transmutation of Metal two dimes in spectator's hand change into pennies
Aug. 1944 65
Scoop Lapping basic technique explained as a vanish, scoop-lapping coin off table and pretending to place into other hand, much detail about naturalness, three tricks using the move
  • I. Coin vanishes and appears under/in object
  • II. T&R napkin
  • III. One object transformed into another
1944 35
John Mulholland III. Transformation lapping used for transformation, “an olive can be transformed into a lump of sugar, a piece of paper can be changed into a potato chip, a blank domino can be turned into a double six”
1944 43
Samuel Berland Pinched pieces are broken of from a half dollar, last piece transforms into a quarter
May 1946
The Phoenix (Issue 105)
J. B. Bobo The Magic Mint nickel in the hand, half dollar appears, nickel transforms into another half dollar
1947 97
Arthur H. Buckley A Short Routine In Which Sleeving Plays The Major Part quarter changes into half dollar and back, with alternative switch, inertia sleeving for transformation
1948 47
Ross Bertram Devaluation half dollar changes into dime during coin roll flourish
Also published here Apr. 1950
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 7 No. 11)
Thomas H. Bearden Presto Chango two coins change several times from silver to copper and back, copper/silver coin
Related toVariationsAlso published here 1952 245
The Magic Mint nickel in the hand, half dollar appears, nickel transforms into another half dollar
1952 289
Cy Keller, Hen Fetsch Hole the Coin coin transforms in process
Inspired by Aug. 1952
The Phoenix (Issue 261)
Eddie Joseph Half a Penny coin transforms into other coin, while doing heads or tails, ditching coin in breast pocket
1952 3
Eddie Joseph Have a Lemon coin transforms into other coin, while doing heads or tails, lemon appears in closed fist, rubber fruit
1952 4
Eddie Joseph Quick Change quarter changes to several coins, while doing heads or tails
1952 4
Eddie Joseph Shrunken Currency half dollar changes into penny
1952 8
Eddie Joseph The EJ Version of the Bent Coin copper changes to silver, then it bends and bends back and eventually changes back to copper
1952 13
John A. M. Howie Howie's Reward two coins are produced from handkerchief, then they are wrapped in hank and held in place by a rubber band, coins transform in other coins
Also published here Dec. 1953
The Phoenix (Issue 296)
Eddie Joseph You Can't Be Sober coin changes to smaller coin, under cover of a bet
1954 13
John A. M. Howie Reward two coins are produced from handkerchief, then they are wrapped in hank and held in place by a rubber band, coins transform in other coins
Also published here 1956 52
Terry Nosek Rate of Exchange Routine for Coin Capers handling for Harry Roydon's Coin Capers, Pennies change to Nickel
Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1957)
Conrad H. Haden Dime to English Penny
1966 439
Ron Bauer Made In Japan
1966 485
Frederica The Great Purse Swindle three half crowns in a purse transform into three pennies, again three half crowns are put into the purse and everything wrapped in a handkerchief, purse travels to the pocket and again contains three pennies
1967 106
Ken De Courcy The Duplex Coin penny changes into a half-crown, with sucker ending (two pennies)
1967 196
Eddie Joseph The Smack Change coin slapped on back of left hand changes into another coin
1969 111
Juan Tamariz Transmutación coin is supposed to vanish in handkerchief, becomes copper coin instead
Inspired by
  • idea of Tom Sellers' "The Gen", Vol. 17 No. 5, p. 126
1969 26
Jules DeBarros The Hammam Routine signed coin penetrates table and falls in a glass, transforms and travels under other hand, big medallion appears as kicker
1971 52
George Sands Coin Transformation coin transforms in fold of pants
1971 ca. 11
John Scarne Scarne's Coin Change No. 664, coin changes first in performer's hand then in spectator's (perhaps), not enough details
1972 182
Harry Milliken Coincerto For Left Hand one-handed routine in which coin appears, changes, changes back, vanishes
1973 71
Sam Schwartz Alchemy with Coins two copper and two sliver coins, transpositions and transformation, surprise appearance of handful of pennies, see also p. 758 for comment by Marvin Johnson
Also published here
  • "Alchemy with Coins" (Sam Schwartz, Linking Ring)
Mar. 1974 720
David Bornstein Orient Express "Coin Tricks"
Aug. 1975 1037
Bob Elliott Citation Silver copper and silver coin travel from hand to hand, then become two coppers, two silvers, and back again
Oct. 1975 1064
Jerry Mentzer Gypsy Switch Inflation Cent dollar changes to dollar-sized penny with handkerchief cover
Inspired by 1975 16
Jerry Mentzer Switch Change penny changes to dime and back, then to dollar-sized penny, with handkerchief
1975 19
Harold "Harix" Matt Wetten, dass... coin on spectator's hand is covered with a die and a handkerchief, spectator removes die and handkerchief and closes hand, coin changes to other coin
Hokus Pokus (Vol. 36 No. 3)
Lawrence Nudelman Mix-A-Roo Coin Effect coin held on fingers of palm up hand changes twice, hidden ring with coins attached around it is pivoted
1975-1978 ca. 3
Lawrence Nudelman Changing a Quarter the Easy Way quarter changed into two nickels and a dime under handkerchief, wrist watch hold out
1975-1978 ca. 8
Harvey Rosenthal Jacket Sleeve Miracle coin rolled into jacket sleeve near shoulder and vanishes, ditch in breast pocket, also as transformation or transpo
  • The Vanish
  • Miracle Coin Change
  • Copper Silver Transpo
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #1)
Bill Tarr An Impromptu Coin Routine coin vanish and reproduction, transformation, vanish with handkerchief
1976 110
A. Berkeley Davis The Vanishing Chinatown on flexible close-up mat
1977 40
You Caught Me coins transform into performer's hand, sixteen single pennies finale, "21 Cent Trick" gaff set
Inspired by
  • "Fifty Cent Trick" (L. Ireland)
1977 50
Ross Bertram Devaluation half dollar changes into dime during coin roll flourish
Also published here 1978 6
Ross Bertram The Metamorphic Coin in closed hand
1978 29
Ross Bertram Fifty-Two Cents coin changes cleanly in closed hand
1978 34
Ross Bertram Fifty-Fifty one of two half dollars changes into quarter, challenge conditions
1978 48
Ross Bertram As a Transformation sleeving
1978 124
Larry Becker Midas Mentalism silver coin turns into golden coin in envelope, alchemy presentation
1978 59
Fred Kaps Münzenverwandlung und Verschwinden im Tuch with tape and a handkerchief
Also published here 1978 13
Sol Stone Soft Sleeve sleeving technique, with change/switch as example
Feb. 1980
Apocalypse (Vol. 3 No. 2)
Jeff White Do That Again silver changes to copper and back, Himber vanish as a switch, using handkerchief
1980 12
Stephen Tucker Warp.
July 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Tom Gagnon Alchemorphosis five dimes in prescription bottle change into a larger gold coin
1981 31
Camilo Vázquez Sympathetic Coins Variation using a credit card, coins change in the end
Inspired by 1981 16
Meir Yedid Hallucination three coins appear and then vanish in a hole of disc, then hole vanishes and disc becomes solid
1982 11
Max Sterling Drop Vanish as a change, same as Kaps move
Related to 1982 64
Michael Rubinstein Two Effects in One copper and silver coins transpose with one coin under card on table, then both change to Chinese
1982 62
Michael Rubinstein Dime to Half Dollar using Kaps subtlety
1982 77
Ross Bertram Inflation half dollar tossed from hand to hand changes into dime, penny, vanishes
1983 3
Ross Bertram The Bertram Addition coin changes to copper with retention vanish handling
1983 24
Ross Bertram Chameleon Coin hand closed and opened and coin changes, one-handed
1983 70
Ross Bertram The Martreb Change
1983 76
Roy Baker All Change Twenty pence coin placed with handful of ten pence, all change to twenty pence
1983 27
Patrick Page Big Coin, Little Coin coin transform into a bigger coin and back
1984 10
David Britland Orient Express "The Chinese get the better of the Exchange Rate"
copper and silver coins transpose repeatedly, then change into Chinese coins, inspired by Fred Kaps
1985 17
Karl Fulves Interlude "The Chase"
coin roll effect in which the coin changes back and forth to copper and silver, also idea for hinged coin gaff, posed as a problem
1985 10
Karl Fulves Copper Go copper coin trapped in handkerchief with rubber band, corners pulled and coin either vanishes or changes, posed as a problem
1985 61
Karl Fulves Getaway I complete vanish of coin with bill, servante at belt, also as transformation
1985 62
Karl Fulves Getaway II coin changes, bill in handling, short change presentation, ditch in shirt as in previous item
1985 64
Peter Duffie Tunnel Vision one coin sequence, coin changes, vanishes, then both coins appear, bigger coin finale
1987 45
Gary Kurtz The Bottle Cap and Coins dollar vanishes and appears under bottle cap in from of four quarters, they vanish and four Chinese coins are found under cap, they grow larger than the cap
1987 1
Gary Kurtz Vice Versa, Versa Versa copper/silver transposition, both change to Chinese as climax, with wand
1987 12
Jack Miller King Koin king engraved on English penny is shaved
Variations 1988
The Chronicles (Issue 35)
Hiroshi Sawa Sawa's Bank Routine copper and silver coin are shown, copper coin dropped in a paper bag, repeated a few times, in the end there are four silver coins in the bag instead
1988 9
Bill Scott Sleeve Ho! multiple phase copper-silver routine
Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 11)
Karl Fulves Codex quarter changes into gold coin when wrapped in paper
1989 7
Tom Craven Heads or Tails? coin is scooped up with a card and put in other hand, transformation / switch
Feb. 1989
The Minotaur (Vol. 1 No. 1)
Karl Fulves Quarter Bet No. 1, quarter under half dollar changes into dime, heads or tail presentation
1989 1
Money Changer No. 2, dime changes in half dollar in seemingly empty hands
1989 2
Ken Simmons Quick Change half dollar changes into copper coin in presence of Chinese coin, copper/silver/brass
Related to
  • "Wash-Out" (Steve Dusheck)
1990 36
Scott Robinson Coins, By Golly transposition of two silver and a brass coin, then all become brass
1991 676
, Sveroni Rub-A-Dub-Dub with variations, as a transformation and transformation of a coin under a card
1991 38
Dan Strange Purse Palm change shell picked off of coin on back of spectator's hand into Purse Palm
1991 6
Steve Dusheck Inner Sanctum coin changes twice in plastic tube
1992 23
Steve Dusheck Bill Fold coin dropped into folded bill vanishes, or changes, gaffed bill with pocket
1992 53
Steve Dusheck Penny Pile pile of pennies changes into a nickel
1992 82
Alexander de Cova Convention Fooler coin under foot vanish with sucker element, other coin under foot
Related to 1994 79
Paul Gertner Part Four: Visible Transposition and a Trip to Chinatown as before, at the end both coins transform, tabled
1994 35
Paul Gertner K.I.X. coin kicked into lap under cover of both hands
  • The Vanish
  • The Change
Inspired by 1994 38
Paul Gertner Coin Transformation on Deck covered with hand
1994 62
Paul Gertner Chinese in the Hand two in the hand, one in the pocket with transformation of all three into Chinese coins
1994 79
Aldo Colombini Kayak half dollar changes to Chinese coin under card, some card and coin things, Chinese coin travels onto string with knots
Also published here 1994 16
David Acer Double Header one double-headed and one double-tailed quarter shown, they fuse into one regular coin, then changes into half dollar
1995 78
Karl Fulves Guessing Game No. 54, coin under handkerchief on magician's palm, spectators reach under it and guess what it is, it turns out to be much bigger, wrist watch as hold-out
1995 76
Karl Fulves Spirit of '76 No. 57, four coins shown front and back, answer of question appears on back of one coin (one of two possible answers), display sequence in which apparently four coins are shown from both sides
1995 80
Harry Riser Purse Jam two copper coins in purse transpose with two silver coin outside, then all change to copper
Inspired by 1996 211
Karl Fulves Copper copper layer in US quarters moves from being nearer to the head side to the tail side
1997 154
Joshua Jay Fold Up Fooler Picture of coins on paper becomes real coins
Also published here 1998 37
Karl Fulves On The Cuff coin balanced on elbow and apparently caught with hand, changes into another coin
Inspired by 1998 221
Don Nielsen, Karl Fulves The Old Penny & Dime Trick penny vanishes, two dimes appear instead, sucker element
Underworld (Issue 10)
Walter Brusa Lizbeth engraved old queen on coin becomes young woman
Inspired by 2000 31
Michael Skinner Mike's Opener: Presto Chango two coins change several times from silver to copper and back
Inspired by Nov. 2000
Genii (Vol. 63 No. 11)
Michael Esposito Golden Girl coin transforms into gold coin under bill that is removed from wallet
Inspired by 2001 137
Mark Aspiazu, Patrick O'Gorman Other Uses for the Bomb Door Sleight
  • coin through spectator's hand
  • coin transformation on spectator's hand
Mar. 2002
Ego (Vol. 1 No. 10)
Jay Sankey, David Acer Under Foot expose the "brush coin under foot" gag, but reveal that the penny under the foot has become a quarter
Related to 2004 280
Derek Dingle Expert's Copper Silver copper in one hand, silver in the other, they transpose, then both become silver, then both copper, then both grow to dollar-sized silver and copper coins
Inspired by
  • Fred Kaps's unpublished routine
Related to
May 2004
Genii (Vol. 67 No. 5)
Richard Sanders Pile of Change spectator holds out some change, performer takes a penny and changes it into a quarter and hands it back
June 2005
Genii (Vol. 68 No. 6)
Karl Fulves You Have Three Seconds bet in which spectator has to reach under handkerchief and get out a valuable coin, he only gets a worthless chip
Prolix (Issue 2)
David Neighbors Silver-Brass Expo three silver coins placed in one hand, three Chinese coins are changed to silver one by one with one hand, in the hand are now the Chinese coins
May 2006
Antinomy (Vol. 2 No. 2)
Paul Morris "I'll Toss You" coin flipped and caught on back of hand, vanishes completely, sleeving, also as transformation
Prolix (Issue 4)
Vernon Winiecke A Coin Color Change
Related to 2009
Prolix (Issue 6)
Donny Orbit Conversion three half dollars put in hand, one changes into copper and is placed in pocket, repeated with other two, last in spectator's hand, coins change back to silver in pocket
Jan. 2009
Genii (Vol. 72 No. 1)
Miguel Ángel Gea La Esencia I four copper coins change into silver coins, they travel into glass one by one and back into hand, then through table and eventually coins transform back into copper coins, presentation of time, using an alarm clock
  • Fase I: Prólogo
  • Fase II: La esencia en juego
    • I. Primer viaje
    • II. Segundo viaje
    • III. Tercer Viaje
    • IV. Cuarto Viaje
  • Fase III: Retando a la esencia
    • I. Primer retorno
    • II. Segundo retorno
    • III. Tercer retorno
    • IV. Cuarto retorno
  • Fase IV: La esencia a través
    • I. Primera penetración
    • II. Segunda penetración
    • III. Tercera penetración
  • Fase V: Cuarta penetración fallida y climax
  • Epílogo: de cómo extender las monedas
2009 21
Miguel Ángel Gea Cambio a lo Paul Harris using cards
2009 288
Troy Hooser Wand Change Wand used to make three silver coins appear, then change to Chinese coins, uses magnetic coins
2010 75
Mike Pisciotta Mike's Two-Cents dime and penny on table, spectator holds dime up and phone picture is taken, coin changes into penny in real life and on photograph
Inspired by 2016 4
Sam Leo Horowitz A Quarter and a Half half dollar and quarter shown, then both change into half dollars, then one back to a quarter, with follow up suggestion by John Mulholland in which both coins become quarters
Also published here
  • The Sphinx, Vol. 50 No. 5, Sep. 1951
Mar. 2016
Genii (Vol. 79 No. 3)
Geoffrey Latta Transpo Chango two transpositions, then both coins become copper, then silver, then normal, then another transposition
Inspired byRelated to 2017 183
Johnny Thompson Presto Chango two silver coins change to copper in performer's hand, then one back to copper, transposition with spectator
Inspired by 2018 43
Francis Carlyle The Golden Coin coin dropped in beer changes to gold coin, bar stunt
2018 49
Coin(s) reverse coins rotate in air as they are dropped into other hand, effecting change
2018 223
Michael Rubinstein Bologna Debut clear plastic coins changes into copper coins, then half dollars, then two more coins are produced
Also published here
  • My Close-Up Collection, 1985
2020 226
Michael Rubinstein Voodoo Revelation card chosen, four copper coins, text appears on them that reveals the selection, sticker of chosen color travels from coin to selection in deck
2020 243
Michael Rubinstein Voodoo Revelation SOH Version card chosen, four copper coins, text appears on them that reveals the selection, sticker of chosen color travels from coin to selection in deck
Inspired by
  • version on Knockout Coin Magic DVD
2020 248
Michael Rubinstein Goodbye, Hello, Now Change two behind principle
  • Phase One: Count and Vanish
  • Phase Two: Production & Change
2020 312
Michael Rubinstein The Blank Coin Routine coins become blank smooth discs without embossing
Inspired byAlso published here
  • Penguin Two Live lecture, 2016
2020 324
Michael Rubinstein Time for Change coin changes to Chinese coin in purse, vanish and reappearance, becomes lots of small change
Also published here
  • New York Coin Magic Seminar Vol. 12, DVD
2020 343
Nathan Kranzo Shuzbut Coins three copper coins appear, they change to silver coins
2020 388
Motoki Kaido Quiz Two in hand, one in pocket type of routine but with coins. First phase is standard, second phase has coins changing to copper and Chinese, final phase produces jumbo coin
Inspired by 2021 200
Yu Huihang Matrix in China Four silver coins on table, each covered with card. Suddenly all change to Chinese coins. Includes alternate handling with gaffed coins and no servante.
Related to
  • "Impossible Change" (Shoot Ogawa, Cultural Exchange Vol. 2 DVD, 2003)
  • Contagious Transformation (Luis Olmedo, Pigmalion Download Video, 2020)
2021 25
Max Malini Stretching a Penny Into a Quarter
2022 195
Curtis Kam Psychic Exchange five different coins in handkerchief, spectator removes one, all other coins change to match
Also published here
  • MAGIC, May 2011
2022 1029
Aljaz Son Coin on Call spectator holds penny up and phone picture is taken, coin changes into dime in real life and on photograph
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • MAGIC, Aug. 2011
2022 1051
Avi Yap 3 Coin Monte guessing game with silver, copper and brass coin, all change to silver, csb gaff set
2022 57
CJ O'Hara Copper Silver Camera spectator holds silver coin up and phone picture is taken, coin changes into copper in real life and on photograph
Related to Jan. 2024
The Hermit (Vol. 3 No. 1)