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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Asi Wind The Trick that Never Ends spectator cuts to his named card, features a final choice which card the spectator wants, includes impromptu handling
Variations 2018 Repertoire 81
Harapan Ong Yu Huihang Short artist introduction
2021 Stylo 22
Yu Huihang Matrix in China Four silver coins on table, each covered with card. Suddenly all change to Chinese coins. Includes alternate handling with gaffed coins and no servante.
Related to
  • "Impossible Change" (Shoot Ogawa, Cultural Exchange Vol. 2 DVD, 2003)
  • Contagious Transformation (Luis Olmedo, Pigmalion Download Video, 2020)
2021 Stylo 25
Yu Huihang Co-Inky-Dink Spectator and magicians each hold half the deck behind their backs, turn over one card and place in the middle. Both cards are mates
Inspired by 2021 Stylo 37