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To throwe a peece of monie awaie, and to find it againe where you list coin thrown into air vanishes (classic palm with second and third fingers), duplicate appears somewhere else (like on a stooge)
1584 185
To Palm a Coin classic palm with tips and covers
1902 141
Jean Hugard The Palm Proper
1935 2
The Thumb Palm
1935 5
Throw Vanish
1940 ca. 123
Coin Penetration through bottom of bucket, using back-palm, brief
1940 ca. 125
Jean Hugard Coin Magic on coin magic, general remarks on palming
Aug. 1944 62
The Classic Palm
1952 1
The Edge Palm
1952 2
The Thumb Palm
1952 3
T. Nelson Downs The Downs Palm
1952 3
The Finger Palm
1952 4
The Back finger Clip
1952 7
J. B. Bobo, T. Nelson Downs The Back Thumb Palm three methods to transfer the coin into the palm (Downs, Bobo, Bobo)
1952 8
Paul Morris The Bottom Steal bottom coin of a pile is stolen in classic palm of other hand
Variations 1952 18
Eddie Joseph Tip to Thumb Crotch Transfer thumb palm
1952 2
Roger Klause Comments On Classic Palm
1967 192
Patrick Page How to Palm a Coin general comments
1974 5
John Carney The Coin Pick Up coin sticks to hand
1976 12
Harvey Rosenthal Subtle Coin Steal palming a coin from a group, flip-over
Related toAlso published here 1976
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #2)
Derek Dingle Coin Separation Move several coins in classic palm, one dragged off with fourth finger
1978 1106
David Roth To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group
Variations 1981 21
David Roth Getting into Edge Grip: Method Two
1981 40
Geoffrey Latta To Classic Palm Two Coins of a Group
Inspired byAlso published here 1981 127
Richard Kaufman Getting Into Edge Grip: Method Three
Related to 1981 188
Ron MacMillan Getting a Coin into the Classic Palm
1981 17
Ron MacMillan Classic Palming More than One Coin and releasing one by one, brief
1981 18
Ron MacMillan Placing a Coin into the Finger Palm
1981 22
Ron MacMillan Finger Palming a Stack of Coins
1981 22
Ron MacMillan Throw Vanish to Downs Palm
1981 24
Ron MacMillan The Upper Downs Palm for a Stack of Coins
1981 26
Ron MacMillan Placing a Stack of Coins into the Upper Downs Palm
1981 26
Ron MacMillan Placing a Coin into the Lower Downs Palm
1981 29
Ron MacMillan The Lower Downs Palm with a Stack of Coins
1981 32
Geoffrey Buckingham, Ron MacMillan The Multiple Back Palm
1981 42
Ron MacMillan Getting the Coins into the Multiple Back Palm
1981 43
The Rear of Thumb Palm back thumb palm
1981 63
Steve Beam In a Pinch stealing one of several into Tenkai Pinch, one-handed
1981 6
Dropping Coins from Classic Palm one by one, spread
July 1981
Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 3)
Classic Palm
1982 55
David Roth To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group
Also published here 1985 58
David Roth Method One for Getting Into Edge Grip
1985 79
David Roth Method Two for Getting Into Edge Grip
1985 83
David Roth Method Three for Getting Into Edge Grip
1985 98
David Roth Deep Backclip - The Basic Method Method for getting into backclip
1985 102
David Roth The Deep BackClip Switchout And Recovery
1985 107
Albert Goshman Get Ready Palm
1985 141
Ben Harris Koin Seel Way to conceal coin in hand, variation of Down's Palm
1986 49
The Downs Palm wile holding purse frame
1988 14
David Roth To Classic Palm One Coin of a Group brief
1988 37
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm brief
1989 9
Gary Kurtz, Harvey Rosenthal Rollover Palm Rosenthal not mentioned
1989 8
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm
1990 9
David Harkey Silently Separating Two Finger-Palmed Coins
1991 35
Dan Strange Purse Palm change shell picked off of coin on back of spectator's hand into Purse Palm
1991 6
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm
Also published here Sep./Oct. 1992
Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 1 No. 6)
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm
Related toAlso published here 1992 50
David Roth Classic Palming One of a Group
1994 18
Harvey Rosenthal Roll-Over Palm
1995 5
Getting into Edge-Grip
Related to 1997 10
Bobby Bernard The Flat Palm
1998 16
Baltazar Fuentes Fuentes Silent Coin Palm into classic palm
1999 13
Guy Hollingworth Classic Palm Indexing different sized coins can drop out of classic palm one by one
Mar. 2007
Genii (Vol. 70 No. 3)
Finger Palm
  • Position of Coin in Hand
  • Holding the Hand in a Natural Position
2011 28
Classic Palm
2011 31
Juan Luis Rubiales Algunas líneas sobre el empalme "A la Italiana" on the thumb palm, palming one coin from several into thumb palm
El Manuscrito (Vol. 6 No. 23)
Geoffrey Latta Securing Two Coins of a Group in Classic Palm
Also published here 2017 41
Harvey Rosenthal Subtle Coin Steal palming a coin from a group, flip-over
2017 107
Geoffrey Latta Press Pick-Up moist skin
Related to 2017 124
David Roth Palm one coin from group
Also published here 2018 34
Reverse Thumb Palm coin placed directly in during an open transfer
2018 79
Edge grip direct placement into edge grip and then vanish the coin, done with multiple coins
2018 109
Dropping Coins from Classic Palm one by one to fingertip rest, brief
2018 131
Classic palm vanish directly from classic palm, no false transfer
2018 143
Edge grip coin displayed at fingertips with open hand, with another hidden in edge grip
2018 284
Edge grip placement coin in left hand taken directly into right edge grip, then mimed being placed into left hand
2018 300
Michael Rubinstein Technique to Silently Classic Palm a Stack of Coins
2020 15
Michael Rubinstein The Stack Addition coin silently added to palmed stack
2020 140
Michael Rubinstein Separation Flip coin silently produced from stack
2020 165
Harvey Rosenthal Subtle Coin Steal palming a coin from a group, flip-over
Also published here 2020 172
Michael Rubinstein Technique for Pulling a Coin Out of Angle Palm
2020 192
Michael Rubinstein The Peek to check on orientation of palmed coin
2020 271
David Roth Break Off Move removing single coin from finger-palmed stack
2020 456
Michael Rubinstein Transfer from J.W. Grip to the Fingertips
2020 480
Paul Morris The Bottom Steal Bottom coin of a pile is stolen in classic palm of other hand
Inspired by 2021 138
Giacomo Bertini Pinky Concealment brief
Related to May 2022
The Hermit (Vol. 1 No. 5)
Avi Yap Open Handed Friction Palm coins dumped onto table, one rests in finger palm
2022 22
Avi Yap, Mott-Sun Modified Harada Hold brief
Inspired by
  • "Harada Hold" (Mott Sun, DVD Monster)
2022 48
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Multiple-coin classic palm getting them into position
2022 281
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Palming coin on top of coin tip to soften noise
2022 284