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Vynn Boyar An Amusing Interlude wine visibly vanishes from glass, when it is raised to the lips
Variations 1945 291
Stuart P. Cramer Parlour Yoga
  • pulse stopping
  • blood flow
  • hand turns white
  • pin smashed in table with palm
  • hand removed from skunk trap
Related to May 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 178)
Ormond McGill The Trap Mystery activating a jump trap without being harmed
Related to 1951 8
Rick Johnsson Raisin' Rabbits sponge rabbit vanishes and only leaves some dung in form of raisins
Related to 1976 75
Steve Beam, Wayne Kyzer Mail Box fake biography of a certain Plooster family
1983 13
Wayne Kyzer Caught comedy routine with a bear trap, activating a jump trap without being harmed
Related to 1983 20
Wayne Kyzer Wilmot comedy bit, rubber chicken starts to laugh and is eventually shot by performer
1984 40
Wayne Kyzer Rat Trap comedy routine with a bear trap and a fake mouse
Related to 1984 93
Steve Beam Leftovers a joke by Wayne Kyzer for the Guillotine act, Henry Pettit
1984 104
Steve Beam, Wayne Kyzer Raisin' Rabbits joke, apparently rabbit appears and disappears, handful of raisins as proof, see p. 351 for credit information
Related to 1985 117
Wayne Kyzer The Trick that Cannot Be Printed gag prediction
1985 181
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam The Dusty Drink glass fills up several times, funny patter
Inspired by 1985 182
Wayne Kyzer Ooze gags for razor blade swallowing, second one by Steve Beam, see also p. 228 for additional ideas
1985 188
Steve Beam Leftovers on duct tape, Dan Fleshman, Wayne Kyzer, George Wallace, James Swoger, Phil Thomas, Paul Wolman, Jerry Andrus, video editing, John Riggs
1985 192
Wayne Kyzer Reserved Seating three gags with a bedpan
Related toAlso published here 1986 220
Steve Beam Leftovers on Harry Blackstone, Jr., John Riggs, Wayne Kyzer, Don Morris
1986 228
Wayne Kyzer Night Writer prediction, blank card, writing is seen with flashlight, see also p. 264 for additional ideas by Phillip Young
1986 240
Steve Beam Leftovers on W.I.M.P.S, Wayne Kyzer, Henry Pettit, Phillip Young
1986 244
Steve Beam The Good, the Bad & the Layman comments and thoughts on magic
1. Magician or Actor?
2. Why aren't Magicians Tougher on Each Other?
3. Are Magicians too Tough on Each Other?
4. The "Commercial" Trick
5. Good Versus Bad Tricks
6. The Commercial Magicians
7. The Attitude
8. Conclusion
Followed by comments of Don Morris, John Riggs, Leroy Blackstone, Phillip Young, Dexter Cleveland, Wayne Kyzer
Related to 1986 245
Wayne Kyzer Thumbs Down comedy routine, performer's finger vanishes from hand and appears on selection
1986 256
Wayne Kyzer Coon 3 spring raccoon routine, raccoon pees
1987 270
Wayne Kyzer Over Lightly gag, anti-smoking, lighter transforms into small sign
1987 285
Steve Beam Leftovers on Abbott's, Greg Bordner, Wayne Kyzer, Kaymar The Magician, patter for The Shrinking Glove, computer tricks
1987 296
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam Slicker toupee put in card case, cards transform into toupee and in case selection is found
1987 336
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam Blindfold joke, toupee comes off in a blindfold act
1987 339
Wayne Kyzer Hair Production toupee is produced from handkerchiefs
1987 339
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam Grow comb grows
1987 341
Wayne Kyzer Sweat Silk while doing the card silk, performer accidentally removes his toupee
1987 344
Steve Beam, Wayne Kyzer Fallout gag, toupee jumps from one hand to the other
1987 346
Steve Beam Leftovers on Wayne Kyzer, John Riggs, Phillip Young, TV show "The Search for Houdini", James Randi, The Pendragons
1987 352
Steve Beam Upwardly Mobile 2 card sticking out at the back slowly and visibly rises to the top
Related toVariations 1988 372
Steve Beam Pot Holder gags with playing cards, on using ordinary cards
  • Twins
  • Double Up
  • Smoothie
  • Hot Deck
  • Mixed Up
  • Heavyweight (Wayne Kyzer)
  • Shuffled
  • Pot Holder
1989 474
Steve Beam Phony Magic 1 medium on phone names card, 52 friends
Related to 1989 478
Wayne Kyzer Ordered Upwardly Mobile #2 handling and presentation idea
Inspired by 1989 480
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam Phoney Magic II phone rings, medium calls and is not called as usual
Related to 1989 496
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam Glass Elevator glasses rise up and back into the case
1989 517
Wayne Kyzer Visual Magic gag
1989 518
Wayne Kyzer Hot Handed hands rubbed together, smoke appears, opener gag
1989 550
Steve Beam Leftovers on Mark Gallo, Glenn Strange, Wayne Kyzer
1991 720
Wayne Kyzer Birth Card
Inspired byAlso published here 1991 734
Steve Beam Leftovers on Paul Sorrentino, Steve Pressley, Wayne Kyzer
1991 740
Steve Beam Leftovers on Michael Clancy, Wayne Kyzer, Bob Lund, Magic Inc, Matt Schulien, Frances Marshall
1992 820
Steve Beam Bottoming Out all values are spelled, selection is found at last letter of last value, sucker element
Related toVariations 1993 17
Wayne Kyzer Raw Deal card is found by spelling different characteristics of the selection
Inspired by 1993 19
Wayne Kyzer Forte four of a kind is found, dealing four piles and stop, performer and spectator deal
1993 73
Wayne Kyzer Open and Shut cards cut and dealt by performer and spectator number and cards are predicted
1993 75
Wayne Kyzer Bottomout card is stopped at, hands separated and selection dropped on table
1993 154
Wayne Kyzer Reserved Seating three gags with a bedpan
Also published here 1993 2
Steve Beam Leftovers on long distance calls, Seinfeld, Impact / Multiple Impact, tricks with computers, Don Morris, FFFF, picture with Derek Dingle and Obie O'brien, handling detail for Steve Beam's "Quadruple Prediction" from Semi-Automatic Card Tricks by Billy McDonnell, Wayne Kyzer, John Moran, Tom Craven
Inspired by 1994 992
Steve Beam Leftovers on Tom Gagnon, 4F convention, Wayne Kyzer, Simon Aronson, Drei-Länder-Kongress, Magic Christian, Leo Polacek, Harry Lucas, John Moran, Ron Jeffries, Simon Lovell
1995 1100
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam, Mike Beam, Joel Givens, John Riggs The Heavy Deck gags with block of steel in card box
Also published here 1995 1116
Steve Beam Leftovers on Marty Kane, Jon Racherbaumer, Jim Hyams, Wayne Kyzer, Scott Robinson, Simon Lovell
1995 1148
Wayne Kyzer Memorable Magic one red/blue double backer and blank card
Inspired by 1995 57
Wayne Kyzer Birth Card
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 1995 151
Steve Beam Leftovers on David Michael Evans,Wayne Kyzer, Bill Robinson
1996 1172
Steve Beam, Rajneesh Madhok, Doug Canning, Mike Beam, Wayne Kyzer Subscriptions How do you know someone is not a card magician? Humorous answers
1997 1268
Wayne Kyzer The Finger joke with handcuffs, finger hanging from end
1997 1332
Wayne Kyzer, Steve Beam, Mike Beam, Joel Givens The Heavy Deck gags with block of steel in card box
Also published here 1997 22
Paul Curry The Color-Changing Deck one red/blue double backer
VariationsAlso published here 2001 71
Steve Beam Errata Volume One
  • Color Vision
  • Double Stop
  • World's Greatest Magician
  • Quadruple Prediction
Volume Two
  • Bite Me / Underhand Location
  • Well Shaken
Volume Three
  • Memory ADE
Related to 2002 251
Steve Beam The Trapdoor Issue #13 on Jinxed, Reserved Seating, 6801 Prediction
Related to 2011 xxvi