8 entries in Doll & Puppet / Spring Animals (Raccoon)
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Karrell Fox It Smells spring raccoon gag, filled with powder Kornfidentially Yours 29
Karrell Fox Fox's "Hare-Straightner" hypnotizing a spring bunny, sight gag Clever.... Like a Fox 139
Larry Becker Snakes Alive comedy routine, no gag and spring snakes in tins in combination with "just chance" The Best of Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism Book II 26
Tim Harkelroad Coon 1 spring raccoon routine, impressions The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 16) 266
John Riggs Coon 2 spring raccoon routine, impressions and selected card is found
1. The Attack
2. The Signed Cod
3. The Finale
4. The Screaming Assault
5. The Follow Up
6. The Wiggler
7. Leftover Line
The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 16) 267
Wayne Kyzer Coon 3 spring raccoon routine, raccoon pees The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 16) 270
Steve Beam Coon 4 spring raccoon routine, intestine leads to a rope trick The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 16) 271
Karrell Fox A "Live" Hat raccoon to hat My Latest Book 74