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Bill Simon Tabled single card through table
Also published here 1948 The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 159) 640
Bill Simon Tabled single card through table
Also published here 1956 The Best in Magic 147
Jerry Andrus Deal Lap Switch four card switch, bottom four lapped as top four are dealt onto table one by one, second deal lap precursor
1957 Up Close with Andrus 4
John A. M. Howie 1-2-3-4 aces transform into ace to four
1959 The Cardiste (Issue 12) 6
Jerry Andrus Count Lap as card is placed under packet
1964 Nameless Notes 1
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Lap elongated cards placed on edge
1967 The Best of Benzais 53
Edward Marlo Count Lap
Related to 1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 145
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico A Lap Move dated 1950
1970 Advanced Fingertip Control 152
Bob Stencel The Ditch
Dec. 1972 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 2) 578
Edward Marlo Marlo's Screening Action
1973 Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 43
Edward Marlo, Carmen D'Amico Propelled Lapping Ideas - As an Apparent Control
1973 Kabbala — Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 6) 44
Ian Baxter The "Shooting Star" Lapping Move
1974 Card Cavalcade II 101
Jerry Mentzer Lapping Move using left hand cop
1974 Card Cavalcade II 103
Geoff Ray Lap Flick
July 1975 Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 11) 132
Karl Fulves Misdirection Lapping bottom card of left hand double lapped as right hand turns over tabled card
1975 Methods with Cards — Part 1 3
Slydini On The Fan Steal card drops into lap
Variations May 1975 The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 7) 966
Slydini Timing Lap while removing card from in-the-hands spread
1976 The Best of Slydini ...and More 93
Karl Fulves Negative Sleeving card lapped via Secret Sleeving technique
Related to 1977 Impromptu Holdouts 35
Edward Marlo Lapping Technique as packet is turned over in hand, some cards a lapped
1979 Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 140
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping brief
1979 Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 151
Gene Maze Show Dropper Switch lapping some cards from a small packet
1980 The Gene Maze Card Book 23
Gene Maze Table Tap Lap
1980 The Gene Maze Card Book 38
Harry Lorayne Snap Lap bottom cards
Also published here 1980 Lecture Notes 24
Derek Dingle Lapping from Deck
1982 The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 211
Harry Lorayne Snap Lap bottom cards
Also published here 1982 Best of Friends 376
Harry Lorayne HaLo For Four multiple card lap, cutting action
Also published here 1982 Best of Friends 378
Edward Marlo Covered Lapping
1982 Marlo's Unforgetable Wild Card 11
Unknown Riffle Shuffle Lap deck turned on edge
1983 Marlo's Plus Package 45
Jerry Andrus Riffle Shuffle Lap uncredited
1983 The Mendoza Portfolio No. 1 86
Edward Marlo Propelled Lapping brief
1985 Formula One Close-Up 37
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping
1985 Formula One Close-Up 69
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping
1988 Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 208
René Lavand Lapping Technique several cards from the bottom of the deck, one-handed
1993 Magic From The Soul 121
Gene Maze Bottom Deal Lap dealing top card and lapping all cards underneath, clean-up for packet tricks, brief
1994 Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 56
Juan Tamariz Lapping With The TPC
1994 The Tamariz Perpendicular Control 10
Edward Marlo Count-Lap while packet is counted, see also p. 234 for credit information
Related to 1994 Roger's Thesaurus 31
Edward Marlo A Card or Cards Slough Off bottom card(s) of packet or double lapped
1995 M.I.N.T. — Volume II 183
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping
1995 M.I.N.T. — Volume II 229
Edward Marlo Unloading Techniques lapping sandwiched card, or deep cop, five methods
1995 M.I.N.T. — Volume II 233
Fred Kaps The Bottom-card Lap
2000 Card College — Volume 4 961
Roberto Giobbi The All-around Square-up Lap
2000 Card College — Volume 4 963
Jean-Claude Pagès Jean-Claude Pages's Lapping Method while packet is counted
Related to 2000 Card College — Volume 4 963
Harry Lorayne The Lap Control
Also published here 2000 Card College — Volume 4 965
Edward Marlo Screened Lapping as right hand places card on left-hand packet
Aug. 2001 Genii (Vol. 64 No. 8) 26
Fred Kaps The Kaps Lapping Move
2008 The Magic of Ascanio — More Studies of Card Magic 370
Jean-Claude Pagès, Unknown Lapping Elmsley no credit but similar to reference
Related to 2010 Secret Agenda (Issue May 6) 137
James Steranko Gonesville
  • lapping a card by throwing it straight through the tabled deck, apparently into the center
  • lapping bottom card after riffle shuffle, incomplete shuffled deck on edge, bottom card flicked with upright cards
Also published here
  • Genii, Apr. 1961
Dec. 2012 Genii (Vol. 75 No. 11 & 12) 72
Unknown Gambler's Cop & Lap
2013 Confident Deceptions 147
Jason Ladanye Deck Lap from case
2013 Confident Deceptions 151
Unknown Bottom Card Lap while collecting the cards
2013 Lecture Notes 2
Tom Gagnon Undercover Lap as tabled spread is gathered
2013 Too Hot for the Devil 71
Harry Lorayne HaLo For Four multiple card lap, cutting action
Also published here 2017 JawDroppers! Two 80
Ramón Riobóo The Riobóo Lapping Techhnique
Related to 2019 Second Thoughts 208
Jean-Claude Pagès Count Lap
May 2020 Elixir (Vol. 3 No. 1 Part 1 (Spring #2)) 192