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Trevor H. Hall, John A. M. Howie FKO Sleight turnover switch on packet, face up card under top face down card, double lift
June 1948 611
Trevor H. Hall, Jochen Zmeck Ein R.-G.-Vierastrick partial rough-smooth
1962 27
Trevor H. Hall Preface
1973 v
Trevor H. Hall Introduction on Edward G. Brown
1973 1
Trevor H. Hall Edward Brown and The Magic Circle
1973 13
Trevor H. Hall Overhand Lift Shuffle as a:
  • small packet control
  • location and control of a single card
  • a force
  • complete false shuffle
1973 28
Edward G. Brown, Trevor H. Hall Modernism in Mentalism and the Clueless Card Trick comments about think-a-card effects
Inspired by
  • Ralph Hull's "Modernism in Mentalism"
1973 115
Paul Fleming (reviewer) The Testament of Ralph W. Hull by Ralph W. Hull (written by Trevor H. Hall) 1979 1
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Nothing Is Impossible by Trevor H. Hall 1979 40
Paul Fleming (reviewer) Reading Is Believing by Trevor H. Hall 1979 94
Tom Frame (reviewer) The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown by Edward G. Brown (written by Trevor H. Hall, Andi Gladwin) Aug. 2019
Genii (Vol. 82 No. 8)