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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
Jack Avis The "Lost Ace" Trick
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 1971 Epilogue (Issue 11) 81
James Swain Tampa Opener four kings turn face up, face down and then each take on appearance of selection. Cards change back to kings
Variations 1992 Don't Blink 3
Zhenjie Gao 444 Four random cards transform cleanly into the four Aces
2018 一盅两件 1
Zhenjie Gao 旧瓶新酒 (Old Bottle, New Wine) Four Aces turn face down one by one, then transform into the selection, before changing back into Aces
Inspired by 2018 一盅两件 4
Zhenjie Gao Printer Four Aces become double backed (All Backs), then change back to Aces
2018 一盅两件 11
Zhenjie Gao Hofzinser's Ace Problem Standard effect, four Aces, one turn over to indicate suit of selection, then transform into selection as the Ace appears reversed in deck
Inspired by 2018 一盅两件 17
Zhenjie Gao 蒸蒸日上 (On The Rise) Four Kings placed into four different parts of the deck, all rise to the top of the deck
Inspired by
  • "Four Its Own Sake" (Jared Kopf)
2018 一盅两件 23
Zhenjie Gao Twisting Twist Four face down Kings turn face up one by one, then all change back colors
2018 一盅两件 28