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190 pages (Hardcover), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Darwin Ortiz Introduction v
James Swain Foreword vii
James Swain The Airmail Card Triumph done with signed card, this card is then removed from wallet with different back design and stampInspired by 1
William Goodwin Block Turnover Force from spread, Two Ton Transpo 2
James Swain Clue murderer and victim from twelve-card packet divined, thought of with strange procedure ("opposite suit and opposite sex...")Inspired by 7
James Swain, Edward Marlo Small Packet Simple Shift 9
James Swain Out of this World separated into suitsInspired by 12
Unknown Center Block Pass 14
James Swain Superbowl Aces 18
James Swain, Bob Stencel The Stencel Move Vernon Transfer Handling, from packet to deck 18
James Swain Four-Card Display 21
James Swain Card in the Matchbox Inspired by
  • "Card in the Matchbox" (Tony Giorgio, Genii, late 60s)
James Swain Matchbox Switch 25
James Swain Card in the Card Box spectator removes deck from case at beginning, no palming 28
Unknown Card behind Cellophane 28
Ed Balducci, Henry Christ Cut Deeper Force 28
Matt Schulien Card from Case Extraction 30
James Swain Boxed B'Wave Twisting phases with Queens, named Queen then travels to case, finally turns over and changes back color 32
James Swain Four-Card Equivoque forcing the Queen of Hearts 33
James Swain The World's Greatest Card Trick "a.k.a. The Homing Card"Inspired by
  • Bill Malone's handling
Arturo de Ascanio Ascanio Display spreading out five cards as four 37
James Swain Perfect Triumph ambitious card with joker, joker put in breast pocket, Triumph with all cards face-down, when spread face-up the deck is in new deck order with joker reversed and selection in breast pocketRelated to 41
Charles Nyquist Ribbonspread Hide-Out 42
James Swain The Swain Simplicity Control setting up for a double liftRelated to 45
James Swain The Swain Simplicity Switch using The Slip 51
James Swain Gambler's Miracle four Kings on table change to Aces, Kings in different pocketsInspired by 52
Larry Jennings, Daryl Martinez Rising Crime Display from Natural Grip 53
James Swain Up-the-Ladder Aces Related to 56
Unknown Up-the-Ladder Cut 56
James Swain Tabled Pop-Out 56
James Swain The Blank Deck cards become blank except selection, then back to normal, Nudist deck 60
Michael Skinner Pocket Packet Switch brief, at end of a routine 61
James Swain Australian Aces Revisited spelling four answers to questions, aces on top and kings on bottom of pilesInspired by 62
Edward Marlo Frictionless Bottom Deal 65
James Swain The Impossible Card Trick four spectators think of a value, counted down to to four piles, Aces on top followed by named values and Kings on bottom of piles 66
James Swain Real Mindreading freely thought-of card found with fishing procedure (Tsunami)Inspired by 68
James Swain, Bob Farmer The Spectator Cuts to the Aces two versions 74
Unknown Turnover Move 74
Bruce Cervon One-Handed Flip Over Force 76
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal brief 78
James Swain Boxed Reset with case 80
James Swain, Alex Elmsley Brainweave follow up with Play It Straight type effectInspired by 84
Frank Simon Fan Revelation card pops out during one-hand closure of fan 86
James Swain Fortune Telling Cards three "fortune telling" cards change into one selection, blendo 90
Derek Dingle NoLap Switch 90
Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Interlock Steal 92
James Swain, Darwin Ortiz Hitchcock Aces Inspired by 94
Unknown Snap Turnover between fingers 95
Trevor Lewis Monte Plus Move 97
James Swain Miracle Aces Aces lost in deck, yet come to bottom at once 100
James Swain The Swain Bluff Control bluff type multiple shift 100
James Swain Bluff Control Palm Swain Bluff Control followed by copping the cards 105
James Swain Bluff Control Routine aces lost, kings put in table, they transpose 106
James Swain, Edward Marlo Topping the Mental Topper cards freely chosen (or thought of), card and its three mates found, faroInspired by 107
James Swain The Unweave Revelation Faro Divider type 109
James Swain My Opener aces produced, triumph with aces reversed at end, aces lost again, cut to and new deck order finale 112
James Swain Propelled Table Production card propels out of deck during tabled card face-up 112
Unknown Push-Through Shuffle 113
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Ron Wohl Popout 113
James Swain Gorilla in the Middle card appears between sandwich cards, ungaffedInspired by
  • "Monkey in the Middle" (Bill Goldman)
James Swain Invisible Load Move 121
Jeff Busby Snap Finesse double snaps off fingers 121
James Swain Trapped Inspired by 125
Ken Beale Sandwich Switch 126
James Swain Secrets of the Pass introduction 129
James Swain Tips on the Pass classic pass 130
James Swain, Larry Jennings The Jennings Box slit in case
- Version One (card into second cased deck in wallet)
Inspired by 134
Larry Jennings The Jennings Handling slit in caseAlso published here 138
James Swain The Well Traveled Card deck in case and number up to 52 named, signed card dropped on case, it vanishes and reappears inside at named number 141
James Swain The Stand In deck in new deck order, put in case, joker outside case changes into named card, joker is at its position in cased deck 143
James Swain The "Block"Buster Pass Inspired byAlso published here 145
James Swain The Bottom Card Cover Pass 148
James Swain The Pass Palm top cards into left hand classic palmRelated to 149
James Swain Anastasia one of five cards thought of, vanishes and reappears in pocketInspired by 152
James Swain The Lost Multiple Shift Aces placed in different parts of deck, instantly removed from pocket 154
James Swain Honest Aces spectator choses leader packetVariations 155
James Swain The Swain Drop Switch cards apparently just taken off deck and dropped on table 157
James Swain Honest Collectors 160
Carmen D'Amico D'Amico Multiple Shift hindu shuffle 161
James Swain Annemann's Miracle three cards removed, performer divines them fairly, peek case with holeInspired byAlso published here 164
James Swain Something for Nothing new deck order show, shuffled a few times, poker hands dealt, straight flushs and royal flush for performerInspired by 167
James Swain Rules of the Game from shuffled deck the performer produces all nine possible poker hands
credit information
John Cornelius Spring Set 171
Bill Malone Malone Revelation 173
Steve Freeman Freeman Revelation 176
Bruce Cervon Pivot Revelation 178
James Swain, Darwin Ortiz Finale for the Capitulating Queens vanish of signed card to walletInspired by 182
Jon Racherbaumer Handling of Norm Osborne's Unlimited Vanish 186
James Swain Final Departure Inspired by 187
James Swain Card to Case Load card loaded underneath cellophaneRelated to 189