Written by Jeff Siegfried, David Solomon

Work of David Solomon

25 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: German

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
David Solomon Business Card Prediction prediction printed on business card, "trick that cannot be explained" type procedure for the forceAlso published here 1
David Solomon Just Friends four Kings cut in four packets, the Kings suddenly are in the hand of the performer, Queens found at bottom of packetsAlso published here 4
Steve Draun Draun's Cut single card cut from top to bottom as regular cut 5
David Solomon The Ambitious Card Related to 7
David Solomon The 21 Card Trick - Phase One: The Twenty-One Shuffle
- Phase Two: Pure Twenty-One Card Vanish
Also published here 10
David Solomon Action Bottom Palm 12
David Solomon Revised Mexican Poker Also published here 14
Tomas Blomberg Die Blomberg Variante Also published here 15
David Solomon, Jeff Siegfried Jamesway Poker reverse faro mixing, good hands are the result, two phasesInspired by
  • "The Jamesway Poker Deal" (Stewart James, Linking Ring, Feb. 1948)
Also published here
David Solomon Jokers are Wild Joker signed on back, Joker is supposed to be brought next to signed selection but selection is not next to it, card with signed back now suddenly has face of selectionAlso published here 20
David Solomon Blank Thought blank card appears in sandwich which then becomes selectionAlso published here 23