Written by Peter Duffie
Work of Dave Campbell
431 pages (Hardcover), published by International Magic
Illustrated with drawings by R. Paul Wilson
Language: English
90 entries
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Peter Duffie Dedication
Gordon Bruce Foreword
Peter Duffie Biography of Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell Fusion selection signed on face, odd-backed card signed on back by performer suddenly has the spectator's signed face
Also published here 37
Dave Campbell Three Cards Across three selections, could be thought of
Related to 43
Dave Campbell Tent Vanish Packet Switch
Dave Campbell Dave's Premonition card not named but built from two consecutive cards in the deck by taking suit of one and value of the other
Inspired by
  • "Thinking Out Loud" (Steven Hamilton, The Crimp #10)
VariationsAlso published here
Dave Campbell False Cut Hindu/Charlier combo
Dave Campbell Simplex Premonition impromptu version
Inspired by 55
Dave Campbell Leap Frog
Dave Campbell Automatic Speller three cards cut into packets and spelled to, banks of cards with the same number of letters
Also published here 63
Dave Campbell Snap two odd-backed indicator cards are placed in deck during deal by spectators, next to their duplicates from the deck
Addition under Envelope
Dave Campbell Enveloped signed card sandwiched in deck transposes with card in envelope that lies in deck
Inspired by 75
Dave Campbell Surprise Surprise Sandwich two cards sandwiched and cut into deck, one sandwich travels into pocket and the sandwiched cards transpose
Dave Campbell Mix 'n' Match
Inspired byRelated to 83
Dave Campbell Swindle Switch Variation
Inspired by 85
Dave Campbell Chinese Prediction only odd-backed card chosen, comedy bit with Chinese prediction
Variations 91
Dave Campbell Coincidental Transposition card chosen and reversed in red-backed deck, blue-backed deck spread, it has the same card reversed, they transpose
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 3 No. 9, Jan. 1968
Dave Campbell Everywhere and Nowhere
Dave Campbell The Defectors four Jokers "whisper" three selections and transpose with them
Inspired byAlso published here 105
Dave Campbell Swap Round Aces
Dave Campbell Ricochet three signed cards, one put in pocket, one in tabled sandwich and one in deck, card shoots out of deck, but it is one of the others as a triple transposition took place
Also published here 121
Peter Kane Single Shot from incomplete faro
Dave Campbell About Turn Aces put in deck turn over, selection vanishes from between Aces and reappears, Aces change to Kings and Aces are found in wallet
Dave Campbell Jokers To Aces four Jokers change into the Aces, ungaffed
Dave Campbell Joker Special two Jokers transform into two selection, Jokers then reproduced from pocket
Dave Campbell Take and Turn Move displaying more cards as only two
Dave Campbell Performing Aces Aces turn over in deck, Twisting sequence, two Aces transpose from pockets of spectator and performer, Assembly (diamond shape layout for Ace assembly, before Daryl)
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 22 No. 8, Dec. 1966
Dave Campbell Thought Anticipated card chose from face-up blue deck and put on table, sealed red deck opened and counted, the selection is missing and tabled card turns out to be red-backed
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 14 No. 12, April 1959
Dave Campbell Transpo Dots two blank-faced cards with red spots on them transpose with two cards with blue spots, repeated with spectator's signature, three phases
Also published here 161
Wild Card Switch
Dave Campbell All Change four Jokers and Ace of Spades shown, Ace removed, Jokes all change into Aces of Spades and the backs change
Variations 171
Dave Campbell Your Card My Card Ace of Spades placed on table, three blank cards in hand, one changes into Ace of Spades and tabled card now has photo of performer on its face
Inspired by
  • "Vanishing Pip Card" (Patrick Page)
Related to
Dave Campbell The Traveller blank card transposes with Ace of Spades, one card clipped to pocket with pen
Inspired by
  • "Vanishing Pip Card" (Patrick Page)
Related to
Dave Campbell Dave's Dotty Spots four cards with red spots and four cards with blue spots, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separate, as a climax the packets transpose (trick with same name in Five times Five is different)
Inspired by 183
Dave Campbell Bingo five bingo cards shown on both sides, one side transforms in letter cards that spell "BINGO"
Also published here 191
Dave Campbell Dave's Oil and Water "(Oil and Water Classic)"
4&4, using cards with oil and water pictures printed on them, they change into pictures of other drinks and whiskeys as finale
Also published here 197
Dave Campbell Transpo Print four blank cards transpose with four tabled Kings
Dave Campbell Irish Poker Hand five blank cards change into Aces, story presentation
Also published here
  • The Crimp #15
Dave Campbell All The Cannibals "(Ultimate Cannibals)"
unusual routine with cards with pictures on them
Also published here 215
Dave Campbell Beyond Belief card chosen, five double-blank cards shown, one exchange with selection and the blank cards become duplicates of selection, then blank again
Shigeo Takagi Takagi Turnover Count
Dave Campbell Teleportation signed card put in four-card packet of blank cards, it vanishes and appears under tabled jumbo card, repeat, then blank cards change into duplicates of selection
Also published here 229
Dave Campbell Three Blanks Routine three blue-backed blank cards, mini beer bottle tapped against packet, the become Jokers and one changes back color
Inspired byAlso published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 16 No. 2, June 1960
Dave Campbell Highly Progressive Jokers with Jokers and twelve blank cards
Inspired byRelated to 241
Dave Campbell Highly Sensitized Cards five cards chosen, five blank cards printed to match
Dave Campbell Alcohol Monte Color Monte presentation, with jumbo cards, rhyming patter, misspelled "Alchohol Monte"
Dave Campbell Stripped Three-Way Count
Dave Campbell Inauguration four jumbo cards, monte type routine
Dave Campbell Houdini Escapes card to wallet, using card with Houdini figure on it, card vanishes among other hole punched cards that are fastened together with lock
Also published here 271
Dave Campbell The Grow More, Grow Less Card credit information
Inspired by
  • Peter Kane's "Elongated Lady"
Dave Campbell Super Transposition two signed cards
Dave Campbell Static Modified Second Deal static right hand
Related to 292
Dave Campbell Stamp Duty stamp vanishes from sheet of nine stamps and appears on tabled selection
Dave Campbell Infallible Prediction "You will not pick the Four of Clubs", rest of deck shown as Fours of Clubs
Inspired by
  • "McCombical Prediction"
Related to
  • "Potty Prediction" (Ken Brooke"
Dave Campbell Cards To Pocket one duplicate
Dave Campbell Showing Trousers Pocket Empty cards palmed
Dave Campbell Lazy Travellers single palm, duplicates
Dave Campbell Cards Through a Newspaper one cover, all cards face up
Dave Campbell Reverso-matic card reverses five times, color-changing back kicker
Also published here 327
Dave Campbell The Original "Fred" Trick credit information
Also published here
  • The Thistle (Scottish Conjuror's Association's magazine)
Dave Campbell Blank Astonishment card named, it is only odd-backed, rest shown blank, partial roughing
Inspired by
  • "Kruger's Revenge" (Peter Duffie, Hidden Agenda)
Dave Campbell Direct Transfer selection signed on face, odd-backed card signed on back by performer suddenly has the spectator's signed face, red/blue double backer, partial roughing
Related to 341
Dave Campbell An Open Prediction red/blue double backer, partial roughing
Dave Campbell Card In Wallet coin cut effect apparently goes wrong, card then shown in wallet, hollow block to conceal a coin
Dave Campbell Super Optica spectator touched card in face-up spread, it is only odd-backed, rest is shown to have change into Jokers then, partial rough-smooth
Dave Campbell Magnetic Ink card keeps turning over when magnet is held over deck, duplicate
VariationsAlso published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 21 No. 8, Dec. 1965
Dave Campbell Gen Prediction deck cut, top card taken and put reversed in deck without looking, when spread it is seen to be predicted card, fifty-two envelopes with prediction in pockets
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 9 No. 3, April 1958
Dave Campbell Inflation five cards with different currencies printed on them put on table, balloon blown up to represent inflation (!), pound card has vanished from packet and fifty pence piece drops out of balloon when burst
Dave Campbell Ring Road ring travels from right hand back on ring finger of left hand
Dave Campbell False Transfer with Finger Ring
Dave Campbell Observation Test penny, half dollar and Chinese coin, routine with set and handkerchief, shell and double-faced coin
Inspired by
  • "The Chinese Bit" (Fred Lowe, marketed)
Dave Campbell Triple Surprise cigarettes appear in tube, misspelled "Tripple Surprise"
Also published here 389
Dave Campbell Silk 'n' Tumblers tray with three tumblers and a silk, thread, monkey bar routine
Also published here
  • The Gen, Vol. 20 No. 8, Dec. 1964
Dave Campbell A Blend of Silk 'n' Tumblers three tumblers on a tray with a different-colored silk each, outer silks jump in center one and become one large silk
Dave Campbell Substitution copper coin placed in metal ring, cover on top, silver coin on cover, silver coin visibly changes to copper when tapped, transposition
Related to
  • The Gen, Vol. 24 No. 9, Jan. 1969
Albert Verity Albert Verity Coin Change coin tapped with wand or pencil changes visibly, sticky end of wand
Dave Campbell Top Card Break - single handed buckling top card with thumb on outer right corner
Dave Campbell Modified Second Deal starts with break
Related to 409
Dave Campbell Bottom palm - to right hand single or multiple card, as in Jennings's palm
Inspired by 411
Dave Campbell Thumb Palm Change a bit like stage manipulation steal from back of deck into thumb palm as color change with double
Gavin Ross From Gavin tribute to Dave Campbell
Val Le-Val From Val tribute to Dave Campbell
Roy Walton From Roy tribute to Dave Campbell
Andrew Galloway From Andrew tribute to Dave Campbell
Bill McBrinn From Bill tribute to Dave Campbell
Dave Robertson From Dave tribute to Dave Campbell
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