Written by Harapan Ong
Work of Harapan Ong
253 pages (Hardcover), published by Vanishing Inc.
Illustrated with drawings by Harapan Ong
Language: English
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Joshua Jay Foreword
Harapan Ong Introduction
Harapan Ong Thinking Like a Physicist 1) We make approximations.
2) We copy when we can.
3) We search for beauty.
Also published here 13
Harapan Ong Streamlined Pocket Transposition pocketed card transposes with reversed card in deck
Harry Lorayne, Harapan Ong Flip Force Variation deck reversed around selected card while switching it
Inspired by 24
Harapan Ong The Card Across two tabled spreads with half the deck each, reversed card jumps from one to the other as both are flipped over simultaneously
Also published here 27
Charles Nyquist, Dai Vernon Ribbon-Spread Hide-Out
Harapan Ong On Producing a Four-of-a-Kind - Hadouken Production in-the-hands
Harapan Ong Stress Production cutting to four Kings, Aces are on bottom, multiple Frank Thompson Cuts
Also published here 32
One-Hand Stud Deal top card flipped over with first finger
Harapan Ong Passport Production spectator pushed Ace in deck, other Aces produced from that position
Harapan Ong Mark-a-Place Force
Inspired by 34
Harapan Ong Kaleidoscope Production tabled cutting sequence to produce a four-of-a-kind
Harapan Ong Straight Ace four Aces produced in empty hands at once in straight line
Harapan Ong, Donald Chung Poker Player's Picnic Plus with additional four-of-a-kind at bottom
Inspired by 43
Harapan Ong, Michał Kociołek Michalevator with seven cards, transposition climax
Related to
  • "Low Riser" (Cameron Francis, Let's Get Small, 2012 ebook)
Harapan Ong Jacob's Elevator Inversion climax
Bob Nelson The Nelson Quickie
Harapan Ong Royal Explosions tabled productions of royal flush
I. Royal Explosion One
II. Royal Explosion Two
Related toAlso published here 54
Piet Forton Pop-Out Move
Harapan Ong Simple Bean Aces at once with eight cards off the top of the deck
Inspired by 58
Harapan Ong Daley's Last Sandwiches selection appears sandwiched between one pair or both pairs as climax
I. Tabled Version
II. In the Hands
III. Hands and Table
Harapan Ong Extensions on the Aronson "Heads Over Heels" Move section intro
Inspired by 67
Harapan Ong Sudden Surprise Sandwich two pairs of Aces appear reversed in deck, sandwiching two selections
Inspired by 67
Harapan Ong Head Over Heels, Face to Face two cards named in face-up spread, they end up face-to-face on top
Inspired by 69
Harapan Ong Triumph Squared two selections
Slide Card Cull
Harapan Ong Spread Scoop-Up Turnover as half the deck is scooped up
Harapan Ong Play It Crooked
Inspired by 74
Harapan Ong Twisting Morph Kings turn face-down one by one, then change to Aces
Edward Marlo ATFUS
Bob Farmer Squist Move packet turned over as it is turned end-for-end
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Oct. 2004
Patrick Kun Morph Color Change packet with face-up outjogged card spread, instantly all cards change
Also published here
  • "Morph" (Patrick Kun, Patrified, DVD)
Harapan Ong Three Degrees of Separation Ace to Three on top of deck instantly distribute, Ace is one card away from first selection, Two is two cards away, ...
Inspired byRelated to 85
Harapan Ong Direct Triple Prediction three cards touched by spectator during in-the-hands spread, all predicted immediately before they are touched
Also published here 89
Larry Jennings, Harapan Ong Optical Add-On handling for single card
Inspired byAlso published here 90
Harapan Ong Sandwich-ception progressive sandwich in which a string of sandwiches is produced, in the end sandwich with miniature cards shows up, center card removed and it becomes normal sized
Inspired by 95
Harapan Ong Oops selection made, sandwich cards removed one of which is the selection by apparent mistake, corrected with visual transformation
Inspired byRelated to 100
Harapan Ong Three Chances three duplicates of selection produced from red Jacks, those three cards become red Jacks with sandwiched selection
Inspired byVariations 103
Discrepancy Sandwich Display with double facer
Harry Lorayne Illogical Double Lift
Harapan Ong Bigger Transpo transposition between the Queens and selection, four miniature cards are found on face of original selections and Queens change into giant version of selection
Inspired by
  • "Bigger Finish" (Jay Sankey, marketed product)
Harapan Ong Tiny Transpo three cards on case switch places with three in the hand, sucker gag beginning
Benjamin Earl Discrepancy Switch two packets are apparently exchanged, actually Hamilton's
Related toAlso published here
  • Past Midnight Vol. 2, DVD
Edward Marlo In Lieu of the Thru-the-Fist Flourish Twirl Change, packet pivoted over
Related to
  • "In Lieu of the Through the Fist Flourish" (MUM, Vol. 73 No. 2, 1983)
Harapan Ong Perspective one half for spectator, top cards do not match, they do when packets are exchanged, repeated, then four Aces found near top and on bottom
Related to
  • "Illusion versus Reality" (Peter Duffie, Card School, ebook, 1995)
  • "Illusion or Reality" (Vincent Hedan, Mnemosyne, ebook, 2012)
Harapan Ong Illogical Double Lift Handling
Harapan Ong Faro Pharaoh apparently Ace placed next to another card as indicated by that card's value with a faro, other Aces found
I. Basic handling
II. Advanced handling
Harapan Ong Extensions to the Cheek to Cheek Deck section intro
Harapan Ong Dude, You're not even Trying competition with spectator who rights half a face-up/face-down mixed deck faster, spectator's end up mixed again while performer's magically unmix
Related to 124
Harapan Ong The More you Shuffle cards shuffled face-up/face-down, they become progressively straightened out during more riffle shuffles, four Aces end up reversed
Harapan Ong Followers of Christ same Ace keeps appearing or turning over, then Aces find by cutting to them
Related to 130
Patrik Stenberg Breakless Aces performer cuts deck into four piles to find Aces
Also published here
  • MAGIC, Feb. 2006
Harapan Ong The Infinity Reversal reversed card is apparently turned back over in in-the-hands spread
Inspired by 132
Harapan Ong Countdown Packet four Fours, one card removed, the remaining three cards change to Threes, repeated twice until one Ace remains
Edward Marlo Drag Switch as top card of packet is drawn off onto deck
Harapan Ong Routines with a Tabled False Cut section intro
Harapan Ong Tabled False Cut up-the-ladder type
Harapan Ong Rapid-fire Benzais four cards spun out during consecutive Benzais cut productions
Inspired by 143
Harapan Ong That Escalated Quickly deck cut, Ace on top, cut into two piles, two Twos on top, ends with ten packets with Ace through Ten
Harapan Ong Daley Express visual
Harapan Ong Throwaway Tricks section intro, tricks with the extra cards in the deck
Harapan Ong Triumph in the Trash multi-phase routine in which two of four jokers are turned over and they reverse again
Andi Gladwin Déjà Vu Count
Also published here 157
Ben Harris Fandango Move one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned over
Harapan Ong Blank in the Bin four Jokers become blank one by one and then change back
Harapan Ong Remix in the Rubbish four Jokers turn face down one by one, then All Backs phase, then blank, back to Jokers
Related to 162
Brother John Hamman 2-for-4 Count
Harapan Ong King's Overture black Kings sandwich red Kings, they transpose, with second visual phase
Inspired by 166
Harapan Ong On the Alfonso-Giobbi Twisting Sequence section intro, actually William Goodwin's twisting sequence, mis-credited
Inspired by 169
Harapan Ong Cascading Twist Kings turn over one by one, then all at once two times
Inspired by 169
Edward Marlo OPEC Count
Harapan Ong Plot Twist transformation kicker
Inspired by 170
Harapan Ong Gag Packs packet tricks with four cards
  • Change Back (rainbow backs finale)
  • One Direction (photos as finale of boy band members)
Harapan Ong, Pipo Villanueva World's Smallest Colour Change sandwiched card is slightly pivoted and switched, it changes visually
Harapan Ong Direct Ambigrams "The Law of Non-Conservation of Card Magic & Tawanokomu"
two ambigram revelations from a formula and Japanese characters, "trick that cannot be explained" application
Harapan Ong Checkmate chess figure appears behind card on hand
Inspired by 187
Harapan Ong Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat kit kat bar appears from deck of cards
Harapan Ong Flexacard tritetra-flexagon from cards, two cards can be revealed, self-animated
Harapan Ong The Frog Prince card with frog image visually changes into a Jack of Hearts, hand-operated flap style gimmick
Harapan Ong 2 + 2 = 4 Four value torn in half, both halves change into a Two each
Harapan Ong 4, 3, 2, 1 hybrid flexagon to consecutively reveal four cards
Related to
  • hybrid flexagon, Douglas Engel, Journal of Recreational Mathematics 2, 1969
Harapan Ong On the Fundamental Structure of Routines I: Linear structures
II: Branching structures
  • Equivoque
  • Multiple Outs
III: The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
IV: Conclusion
V: References
Harapan Ong On Apophenia and Coincidence Effects I: An anecdote (impossible vs. improbable)
II: Infusing Intention
III: Connecting random dots
IV: Another anecdote ( "trick that cannot be explained")
V: References
Harapan Ong On Magic, Evolution and Bottom-Up Design I: Evolution and Intelligent Design
II: The Trick That Cannot Be Explained
III: Bottom-Up Design in Magic
IV: Conclusion
V: References
Harapan Ong Thoughts on "The Trick That Cannot Be Explained" I: Introduction
II: Favorite "Licks"
Inspired by 229
Harapan Ong Naming a Number improvisational countdown force, "trick that cannot be explained"
Harapan Ong Breakless Classic Force face-up
Harapan Ong Messy Ace Production deck cut into many tabled packets by performer, Aces produced
Related to 232
Harapan Ong Count or Spell random values are counted or spelled to as the spectator wishes, leads to four Aces
Harapan Ong Twisted Choices Kings and Aces, twisting effect with one packet, chosen suit transposes between packets
Harapan Ong A Blind Mess card chosen from face-up/face-down and rosetta spun mess, performer cuts to it after some mixing, faro
Harapan Ong What Magicians Can Learn From Scientists I: The Importance of Abstract Work
II: Magic
III: Conclusion
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