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Joshua Jay Introduction
Simon Aronson Preface
Simon Aronson Prior Commitment two Jokers whisper positions of two selections in the deck, the numbers are then shown to have been predicted on the back of the Jokers
Related toVariationsAlso published here 3
Simon Aronson The Face-Down UnDo The "UnDo Influence" control, face down version
Related toVariations 6
Simon Aronson Alternative Shuffles Overhand shuffles to hide face up Jokers in deck
Simon Aronson Variation 1441 Variation of UnDo Influence, use Ace and Four instead of Jokers
Inspired by 10
Simon Aronson Variation 1839 Variation of UnDo Influence, use four face up cards instead of two
Inspired by 10
Simon Aronson Color Separation Variation on UnDo Influence to leave deck color separated
Inspired by 10
Simon Aronson Queenspell Spell the red Queens' names to find two selections
Related toVariations 12
Simon Aronson The Face-Up UnDo The "UnDo Influence" control, face up version
Related to 14
Simon Aronson Alternative Spellings Alternative spellings for Queenspell
Inspired by 16
Simon Aronson Face Up Queenspell Variation on Queenspell with Queens reversed
Inspired by 17
Simon Aronson Faro 18/35 Restacking as an Alternative False Shuffle Use out faros to keep stack in Queenspell
Related to 18
Simon Aronson Divide and Conquer Cards get dealt through, eliminating half the deck each time until two selections remain
Inspired by
  • "One in Fifty-Two Bet" (Lennart Green, Green Magic vol. 3, DVD, 2000)
Simon Aronson Controlling the Aces Way to maintain control over four Aces during Divide and Conquer, can be used for Mark-a-Place Aces
Inspired byRelated to 24
Simon Aronson Lennart Green performs for Ginny Anecdote about Lennart performing his FISM act for Ginny Aronson while half awake
Simon Aronson Euph-oracle (an Alternate Take) Elimination procedure to locate two selections, using Reverse Faros
Inspired by 26
Simon Aronson Alternate Take Combination of UnDo Influence and Euph-oracle procedure
Inspired byVariations 28
Simon Aronson More-or-Less-acle Euphoracle to locate four of a kind
Simon Aronson Alternate Take with the Additional Climax
Inspired by 29
Simon Aronson Alternate Take Deck Switch Walkaround version of Alternate Take, can do deck switch
Simon Aronson Random Tandem Uses UnDo Influence, but with mental stop procedure, selections turn up simultaneously
Variations 31
Simon Aronson Key Card Variation Uses key card in Random Tandem
Simon Aronson Worker Bees Spelling trick to three selections (two chosen and one thought of) using UnDo Influence
Related toVariations 37
Simon Aronson Double Progressive Spell Stack Integrate two "progressive" spell stacks together
Related to 41
Simon Aronson Additional Mindreading Climax Extra climax to Worker Bees
Inspired by 43
Simon Aronson Paramteters of the Worker Bee Stack How to modify the Worker Bee stack
Related to 44
Simon Aronson Twice as Hard cards at named numbers for two free selections
Simon Aronson Packet Displacement Variations
Simon Aronson UnDo Influence: Theory and Practice Theory behind UnDo Influence control
Variations 68
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels Head Over Heels move, control card to second from the top, and reversed, see following pages for applications
Inspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here 95
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels Transposition Simple two card transposition with the Head Over Heels move
Inspired by 97
Jack Merlin Tip-Over Addition
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels Glimpse
Inspired by 99
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels, into a Visual Change
Inspired by 100
Dai Vernon, Stanley Collins Paintbrush Color Change
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels Invisible Card Card turns invisible, placed in deck face up, card then reappears
Inspired by 100
Simon Aronson Head Over Heels In-the-Hands Triumph
Inspired by 100
Simon Aronson O'Aronson Aces O. Henry Aces plot (Ace Assembly), all four Aces appear in spectator's hand
Herb Zarrow Zarrow Block Addition
Simon Aronson Nosnora Aces Aces scatter back to respective packets at the end of Ace Assembly
Edward Marlo Swindle Count
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Partial Rhumba Count
Edward Marlo, Simon Aronson Broken Elmsley Variation
Simon Aronson Simon's Flash Speller System to figure out number of letters in any card's name
Inspired byRelated toVariations 131
Simon Aronson Spell It Out Spelling random card to find actual selection
Simon Aronson Mark-a-Place Move Variation of Business Card Prophecy Move
Simon Aronson Decipher One spectator names value, one spectator names suit, performer produces card
The Deal Twice Force
Simon Aronson Two Deck Canasta Two cards chosen by two spectators from two decks match, even which pocket the cards are placed in
Inspired by
  • Chan Canasta's performance on the Jack Paar show on TV
Simon Aronson Choices Card at named number
Inspired by 155
Simon Aronson Breathing Spell Spelling four other cards to find two selections
Simon Aronson Dizzy Spell Impromptu version of Breathing Spell
Simon Aronson Queens and Kings Another variation of Breathing Spell
Simon Aronson Two Beginnings spectator freely names card, another spectator freely chooses card, it matches
VariationsAlso published here 171
Simon Aronson The S. A. Combination "Self Adjusting", spectator touches force in spread, it apparently does not leave sight, under-the-spread force
Also published here 172
Simon Aronson The Invisible Card freely named card vanishes, then reappears reversed in deck
VariationsAlso published here 175
Simon Aronson Oddly Enough Simple game as bet, magician keeps winning
Inspired by 179
Simon Aronson Rap-Ace-ious Magician raps while locating the four Aces (credits for all the sleights used are given)
Simon Aronson Stalking the Stack Introducing the new tricks in this Aronson stack section
Simon Aronson Aces Awry (Producing the Aces) Tries to spell suit of selection, but wrong 3 times - finally gets the value (Ace), and produces all four Aces
Variations 198
Riffle Force
Related to 199
Simon Aronson Revelations "Along the Way" Variation on Aces Awry
Inspired by 202
Simon Aronson The Double Push Off Using the Double Push off to overcome awkward spellings in Aces Awry
Inspired by 204
Simon Aronson Reverse Dealing Variation on Aces Awry
Inspired by 204
Simon Aronson Other Ace Productions Alternative procedure for Aces Awry that disturbs stack but is fast
Inspired by 208
Simon Aronson Four on a Match (Producing the Fours) Finds selection (a Four) through spelling, then finds all Fours
Related toVariations 209
Simon Aronson Four More Alternative procedures for Four on a Match
Inspired by 211
Simon Aronson Jack Coincidence (Producing the Jacks) selection is predicted with mate, and selection is stabbed in deck, around two matching mates
Inspired byVariations 213
Bill Simon Business Card Prophecy Move
Simon Aronson Paired Color Alternative Alternative procedure for Jack Coincidence
Inspired by 215
Simon Aronson The Mind Reading Deck, Part 6 (Producing the Sixes) Find selection by spelling, produce all the Sixes as a climax
Simon Aronson The Mind Reading Deck, Part 9 (Producing the Nines) Find selection by spelling, produce all the Sixes as a climax
Variations 220
Simon Aronson Mirror Nines Variation of Mine Reading Deck Part 9, with reverse Aronson stack
Inspired by 221
Simon Aronson Direct to the Nines Extra idea to find Nines in fast way
Inspired by 222
Simon Aronson The Mind Reading Deck, Part 7 (Producing the Sevens) Selection is found in sandwich, produce four Sevens as climax
Simon Aronson Two by Four (Producing the Twos) Spell to three Twos, final Two produced with flourish
Variations 226
Nate Leipzig Spin Cut Production Credits given
Simon Aronson Spelling All Four Twos
Inspired by 229
Simon Aronson Fit Four a King (Producing the Kings) Spells to all four Kings while trying to spell to selection, uses up whole deck
Simon Aronson Mirror Kings Alternative spelling procedure for Fit Four a King with reverse Aronson order
Joshua Jay Joshing With The Threes Finds selection by spelling, then produces all the Threes as climax
Simon Aronson Routine Maintenance (Poker Deal Restoration) Poker Deal demo that restores stack order
Related to 238
Simon Aronson, Bill Malone Once and Again Display Procedure to restore order of Aronson stack in Routine Maintenance
Related to 240
Simon Aronson Poker Routine Deck Switch Deck switch done in context of Routine Maintenance
Related to 241
Simon Aronson Mental High Card Original procedure to restore Aronson stack in Routine Maintenance
Related to 242
Simon Aronson Truth-Sayer Lie Detector effect with Aronson (four versions)
Simon Aronson Odds And Ends Collection of "neat" stuff with Aronson stack
Simon Aronson Last Five Standing Produce poker hands with down under deal
Simon Aronson Take Two Double spelling effect
Simon Aronson Threespell (using the UnDo Influence Control) Queenspell with Threes in Aronson
Inspired by 257
Simon Aronson Built for Two (using the UnDo Influence Control) Random Tandem done with Aronson stack
Inspired by 258
Simon Aronson Triple Trick Tip Procedure to display cards while restoring order of stack
Simon Aronson 52 Pickup Full deck spelling sequence
Simon Aronson Sequence Spell Deck Switch
Simon Aronson Ringleader Ring on and off rubberband
Inspired byVariations 269
John Bannon, Simon Aronson An Interview by John Bannon
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