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Creators Title Comments & References Year Source Page AA Categories
S. W. Erdnase Top and Bottom Dealing with One Hand using the Erdnase Bottom Deal, also mention of Stud Bottom Deal
Related to 1902 56
Jerry Nadell One Hand Fancy Deal as in Chinese Second Deal
1939 46
One-Handed Deal
1940 280
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue Lazy Man's Deal gag deal, deck comes up to right hand
1943 27
Donovan W. Brown One Hand Somersault Deal
Mar. 1948
Hugard's Magic Monthly (Vol. 5 No. 10)
Paul LePaul A Rapid One-Hand Deal
Related to 1949 87
Audley Walsh Rubber Finger Mike one handed flourish, dealing the cards
Oct. 1949
The Phoenix (Issue 187)
Dai Vernon The Chinese Second Deal one-handed pop-over flourish
Related toVariations 1959 71
Edward Marlo Variations of D'Amico's Deal: The Top Card Deal
1959 70
One Hand Flourish Deal as in Chinese Second Deal
1962 73
James Steranko The Crossfire Deal one-handed flourish deal in which top card spins out
Variations 1962 83
James Steranko Blues Up and Down stud-deal handling of Crossfire Deal
Inspired by 1962 85
Peter Kane The Lazy Gambler flourish deal vom incomplete faro position, performer gets Aces
1971 17
Joseph K. Schmidt Card Flourishes two moves Schmidt saw used by GIs
  • Pistol Grip Deal (flourish deal)
  • Downtown Cut (one handed on table)
Magick (Issue 44)
Jerry Andrus Funny Deal incomplete faro shuffled deck with one half perpendicular in T-formation, cards from one half shoot out one-handed
1973 42
Harry Lorayne A Flourish Deal
1975 65
Gerald Kosky Spin-Away Card Deal little finger shot
1975 36
Gerald Kosky Fancy One-Hand Deal thumb shot
1975 37
Martin A. Nash Flip Deal Flourish
1977 182
Chinese Deal
1980 30
Dai Vernon On the Turn of a Card revealing a chosen card (Leipzig, Rosini)
1987 1
Gordon Bruce Split Second Deal flourish in which a card appears while apparently a single card is dealt
1989 49
T. Page Wright One-Handed Deal see endnote
1991 143
Dai Vernon, Alex Elmsley Vernon Flourish Deal both-handed as production
1994 478
Chinese Deal
1995 153
One Hand Fancy Deal as in Chinese Deal
1999 73
Dai Vernon, Tyler Wilson Chinese Second Deal variation "Bastardization" of the Chinese Second Deal for Ace Production
Inspired by 2007 20
One-Hand Stud Deal top card flipped over with first finger
2018 33
Tom Gagnon Chinese Card Spin card spins out after flip-over deal flourish, also as apparent transformation
Inspired byRelated to
  • "Chinese Boomerang" (Roger Klause, The Gen, Vol. 19 No. 10)
2019 23
Blackjack Double-down Seconds by hustler JP
2020 410
Steve Forte jump-deal cards jump off the deck
2020 1004
Steve Forte, Ray Goulet wrong-direction deal card shoots out in wrong direction
2020 1005
Steve Forte sky-high stud deal
2020 1005
Steve Forte dealing two hands at the same time
2020 1006
Steve Forte face-up/face-down deal
2020 1006
Jean-Pierre Vallarino Top-card turnover flourish flashy way to flip top card face up, here used to effect a change (following a Double Lift)
2022 148