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Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Unlimited Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer, Norman Osborn Edward Marlo, Norman Osborn 1953/83
Hierophant 1969-1980 Jon Racherbaumer Various 1969
On the Clock Effect Jon Racherbaumer Various 1971
The Universal Card Yod Series Jon Racherbaumer Various 1972
Further Flight a yod manuscript Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer, Gene Castillon Edward Marlo 1973
The Artful Dodges of Eddie Fields Jon Racherbaumer Eddie Fields 1976
The Ascanio Spread Jon Racherbaumer Various 1976
Kabbala — Volume 3 Jon Racherbaumer Various 1976
Lecture Notes 1 Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1976
Good Turns Twistwist Jon Racherbaumer Various 1977
Arch Triumphs Jon Racherbaumer Various 1978
Double-Dazzling Triumph Jon Racherbaumer Daryl Martinez 1979
Kabbala — Volume 1 Jon Racherbaumer Various 1980
Kabbala — Volume 2 Jon Racherbaumer Various 1981
The Lost Pages of the Kabbala Jon Racherbaumer Various 1981
Card Finesse Jon Racherbaumer Various 1982
Marlo without Tears Jon Racherbaumer Edward Marlo 1983
The Card Puzzle and Other Diversions Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer 1983
Facsimile No. 1 — 6 Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1983-2017
At The Table Jon Racherbaumer Various 1984
Don England's Gaffed to the Hilt! Jon Racherbaumer Don England 1985/93
Cardfixes Transitional Studies Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1990
The Olram File Issues 1-16 Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Edward Marlo 1990-1993
Cavorting Ladies A Four-Phase Synergism Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1991
Cabbages & Kings In Four-Part Harmony Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1991
Synergistic Sandwiches Six Sandwiches In A Single Sitting Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1991
The Racherbaumer Papers Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 1991-1992
The Olram Aces — The Impossible Travellers Jon Racherbaumer, Michael Powers Jon Racherbaumer, Michael Powers 1992
The Wild Card Kit A Modular Experiment (Second Edition) Jon Racherbaumer Various 1992
Card Finesse II Notes On The Work Jon Racherbaumer Various 1992
MO — Modus Operandi Issues 1-8 Jon Racherbaumer Various 1993-1996
Magie Duvivier Jon Racherbaumer Dominique Duvivier 1996
The Looking Glass Richard Kaufman, Jon Racherbaumer, Stephen Hobbs Various 1996-1998
Virtual Foolery by GeMiNi: The Greater Magic NetworkTM columnists Jon Racherbaumer, Thomas Alan Waters Various 1997
In a Class by Himself — The Legacy of Don Alan Jon Racherbaumer Don Alan 2000
Sankey Unleashed Jon Racherbaumer Jay Sankey 2004
Marlo on Erdnase Annotation and Marginalia on Expert at the Card Table Edward Marlo, Jon Racherbaumer Edward Marlo 2007
7-7-7 The 21 Card Trick — Reconsidered, Retro-fitted, Rigged Jon Racherbaumer Various 2007
The Jinx — 75 Years Jon Racherbaumer, Harry Anderson Various 2009
Ten Card Mysteries Anneman Would Have Loved Analects and Analogues Jon Racherbaumer Jon Racherbaumer 2009

Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Between Ourselves A Book of Exclusive Magic Oswald Rae Oswald Rae 1926
Wizardry With Watches Oswald Rae Oswald Rae 1927
Sub Rosa Another Book of Exclusive Magic Oswald Rae Oswald Rae 1928
More Practical Patter For Practical Magicians Oswald Rae Oswald Rae 1929
Original Magic Oswald Rae Oswald Rae 1930

Four Little Beans
(A Comedy Trick)

Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Pseudo Chris Rawlins Chris Rawlins 2016 (ca.)
The Event, 2017 Exclusive Lecture Notes Chris Rawlins Chris Rawlins 2017
Un-Luck Chris Rawlins Chris Rawlins 2020

Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Thanks to Pepys... Bob Read Bob Read 1973
The Penultimate Cups & Balls A lighthearted presentation for a classic Bob Read Bob Read 1974
Transpo Tumbler Bob Read Bob Read 1979

The Queens' Soiree
Dai Vernon's Pet Effects — No. 1 of a Series

Hokus Pokus
Zeitschrift des Magischen Ring der Schweiz

a new series of close up miracles

Slydini's Linking Rubber Band Mystery
Slydini's Untold Secrets

The Magic of John Riggs
The Man with $1.98 Hands

Second Thoughts
Card Magic Using the Brain, With Hands Involved

In Search of the "perfect" Rise
The Hunt for a workable Rising Card Routine

Up in Smoke and Other Tantalizing Mysteries
A Lecture on the Card Magic of Larry Jennings


Title Subtitle Author Artist Year
Secrets The Original Magic Of Terri Rogers Terri Rogers Terri Rogers 1986
More Secrets Terri Rogers Terri Rogers 1988
Top Secrets Terri Rogers Terri Rogers 1998

Six Card Repeat
two professional routines

Early Vernon
the magic of Dai Vernon in 1932