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Title Subtitle Year
Minds in Close-Up A Collection of Mental Mysteries using Small Accessories 1954
Minds in Duplicate Easy-to-do Mental Mysteries for Two People 1956
Jack's Pack 1978
Card Caprice 1979
Clue and other Mysteries 1986

Title Subtitle Year
Off the Wall Lecture Notes 1983
Finger Secrets An Adventure in Finger Magic 1985
Twisting Arm Illusion 1989
Twisting Arm Illusion 1989
Memorable Magic English / French Edition 1993
Predict-Perfect Meir Yedid's Professional Performance Series Issue Two 1994
The Piatt Envelope 2000

Title Subtitle Year
Coins 1975
Cups & Balls 1975
Lecture 1975
For Your Eyes Only 1993

Fingers don't Entertain, People Do
Sleightly Crazy Close Up Magic