Written by Ken De Courcy, Jack Yates
Work of Jack Yates
11 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with drawings by Ken De Courcy
Language: English
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Ken De Courcy Introduction
Jack Yates Jack's Wallet card is predicted with duplicate from another deck in wallet, free selection switched
Jack Yates Wallet Switch
Jack Yates Jack's Line-Up up to thirteen spectators on stage, they select a card from a pile, pile shuffled, cards again given back to the right spectators
Variations 6
Jack Yates Small Packet False Shuffle
Ken De Courcy Last Card Prediction final card predicted in pocket or wallet, with index or sticky dummy prediction
Inspired by 8
Glimpse through Handkerchief
Ken De Courcy Vanishing Packet all cards except selection vanishes from packet that was placed into handkerchief bag
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