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Who is this Dr. Jaks?
The Dr. Jaks Lecture

Title Subtitle Year
Completely Mental — Vol. 2 A Kick to the One-A... Head 1999
Completely Mental — Vol. 3 Divide and Conquer 1999
Completely Mental — Vol. 1 Three 4 One 1999
Publications written under other names: Gary Kurtz.

Title Subtitle Year
Pasteboard Perpensions 1990
Stop Fooling Us Lecture Notes Newly Revised and Illustrated, Second Edition 1990
The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James Close-up Expert Shares his Magical Thoughts 1997
Pristine The Cleanest — Easiest — Most Magical — The Most Co... 1998
Ambitious Undertaking Notes on The Ambitious Card Plot 2000
Enchantments Magic for Cards and Hands 2004
Avant-Cards Original Sleight of Hand 2011

Title Subtitle Year
The Nullificator A Series of Card Effects Based on a Single Principle 1954
Magic Mine No. 1 Original Tricks 1957

The Astor-Deck
Das Wunder-Kartenspiel
1967 (ca.)

Title Subtitle Year
A Teen's Routines A booklet filled with insight and invention from the mind... 1998
Magic Atlas 1999
Sleight of Hand and a Twist of Fate 2005
Moments More Superlative Magic From Troy Hooser 2010
Triptych Retreat 2019 2019

Title Subtitle Year
Ultimate Bill in Lemon 1998
The Rising Card Book 12 Dynamite Rising Card Effects 1998

The New Phoenix 301-348
February 1954 — March 1958

Title Subtitle Year
Building Blocks 2003
The Coral Fang 2004

The Time Traveller
A Magician Before His Time — Volume 1

Practical Impossibilities
for the informed close-up worker

The Truth 真相
Lecture Notes

Title Subtitle Year
The Magic of the Cube Featuring Magic and Mentalism for Stage and Close Up 1982
The Compleat Magick — Volume I July 1970 — May 1974 (Nr. 1 — 100) 2009
The Compleat Magick — Volume III March 1978 — January 1982 (Nr. 201 — 300) 2009
The Compleat Magick — Volume II May 1974 — March 1978 (Nr. 101 — 200) 2009

Ahead of the Pack
A Summit Meeting in the Rarefied Atmosphere

Title Subtitle Year
Thirty Card Mysteries (second edition from 1920 used) 1919/1920
Ten New Pocket Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number Five 1920
Ten New Prepared Card Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number Four 1920
Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number One 1920
Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number Three 1920
Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks The Ten New Tricks Series — Number Two 1920
The Four Full Hands (1947 reprint used) 1921/1947

Title Subtitle Year
Intuitional Sight 1938
Strictly Magic 1939
How to Pick Pockets for Fun and Profit A Magician's Guide to Pickpocket Magic 1940 / 1992
How Gamblers Win A complete "Gambler Expose" Act developed by the author 1941
Coin and Money Magic 1942
Greater Card Tricks 1942
The Last Word on Cups and Balls 1942
Heart Throb A Miracle Card Effect 1947
Mail Mentalism 1949
Premonition and The Blind Magician Does a Trick (1983 edition used) 1949
15 Exciting Minutes with a Borrowed Deck 1949 ca.
The Art of Body Loading & Productions 1950
Card Bonanza (1959 edition used) 1950
Eddie's Dumbfounders with Cards (Supreme Magic edition used) 1950
More Dumbfounders with Cards 1951
The Joseph Levitation An Astounding Levitation of Two Tumblers 1951
The Art of Eddie Joseph 1969

Title Subtitle Year
"The Overhand Shuffle" Action Palm 1982
Hand Mucking The Art of Switching Cards in Play 1982