Written by Freddie Jelsma, Stephen Minch
Work of Fred Kaps
52 pages (Paperback), published by Micky Hades Enterprises
Illustrated with drawings
Language: English
15 entries
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Henk Vermeyden Foreword
Freddie Jelsma Fred Kaps had Everything a World-Champion Should Have
  • It All Began With a Few Pocket Tricks
  • World Champion for the First Time
  • World Champion for the Second Time
  • World Champion - The Third Time
Freddie Jelsma, Nelly Bongers Fred Kaps in Private
  • Was He a Perfectionist?
  • Whom Did He Admire?
  • What Was His Most Cherished Experience?
  • Did Bram Strive For Popularity?
  • How Did It Happen That Bram Appeared Before the British Royal Family?
  • Bram Was Always Very Trim Looking. Was He a Vain Man?
  • How Did the Name Fred Kaps Come About?
  • Why Did He Never Work With Doves?
  • What Was Bram's Opinion of Magic Conventions?
Fred Kaps From the Lecture Notes of Fred Kaps
Wim Kan Wim Kan to Fred Kaps
Loek Brons A Lamentation on Fred Kaps poem
Freddie Jelsma The Parents of Fred Kaps
Tricks by Fred Kaps
Fred Kaps Ring Varia small ring or washer penetrates on and off cord
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Fred Kaps Fred Kaps' Silk Transposition three silks are produced, two in one glass and one in another glass, the two vanish and are found rolled up inside the other silk in the glass
Fred Kaps The Three Jokers using three glasses
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Bluff Pass
Fred Kaps A Four Ace Trick four cards chosen and put in performer's pocket unseen, spectators look through piles and see Aces, but then no Aces are found in pack and pocketed cards are the Aces
Fred Kaps The Invisible Card in Cigarette named card in cigarette
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Fred Kaps My Coin Switch
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