Written by Joshua Jay
Work of Joshua Jay
67 pages (Stapled), published by unknown publisher
Illustrated with photographs
Language: English
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Joshua Jay Introduction
Joshua Jay Remote Control Ambitious card ending where card travels to battery compartment of remote control
Joshua Jay The 9/11 story When Joshua Jay was booked to lecture in New York on the evening of September 11, 2001
Joshua Jay Discreet Displacement card is added on top of selection in action of stripping it out, done at chest height. Can be done as a control or a force.
VariationsAlso published here 11
Gregory Wilson Indiscreet Displacement Variation of Discreet Displacement as a face-down force
Inspired by 15
Allan Ackerman Allan Ackerman's Addition Variation of Discreet Displacement
Inspired by 16
Joshua Jay Discreet Displacement Collectors Collectors routine using the Discreet Displacement move
Related toAlso published here 17
Joshua Jay Discreet Displacement Thought of Card Think of a Card plot
Inspired byRelated to 21
Joshua Jay The Pink Bruscetta story When Joshua Jay tried to avoid eating hardened bread with mayonnaise and ketchup in an Italian restaurant
Joshua Jay Inflated Transposition bill transposition with surprise $100 dollar bill ending
Inspired byAlso published here 25
Joshua Jay The Viagra story When Joshua Jay received Viagra-related props during a lecture
Joshua Jay Shrunken Revelation Jennings Revelation with cards shrinking to mini cards as an ending
Inspired byRelated toAlso published here 34
Joshua Jay The Spanish Stripper story When Joshua Jay was mistaken as a male stripper in Madrid
Joshua Jay Heightened Senses predicting a spectator's height with a measuring tape
Also published here 40
Joshua Jay The Obsession story When Joshua Jay recounts how obsessed he is about magic
Joshua Jay Overlap Twisting Twisting the Jacks routine with Overlap gaff, instant turnover as kicker ending
Also published here 45
Joshua Jay The Fake I.D. story When Joshua Jay broke multiple state laws by using a fake I.D. to stay in motels
Joshua Jay Jumbo Overlap Homing Card Homing Card plot with jumbo cards and Overlap gimmick
Also published here 50
Joshua Jay The Tattoo Typo story When Joshua Jay met a young magician with a leg tattoo containing a spelling mistake
Joshua Jay Three-coin Vanish Vanishing three coins with flipper, expanded shell and watch holdout
Inspired by
  • "Squeezed Away" (Troy Hooser, Destroyers, 2001)
Related to
Joshua Jay The Vanuatu story When Joshua Jay performed in Vanuatu and had delicious coconut crab every night
Joshua Jay Trumped Triumph ends with kicker after Triumph effect in which all the cards of the same suit appear reversed distributed in the deck
Inspired byVariations 61
Darwin Ortiz Darwin Ortiz's Variation Trumped Triumph variation with two selections
Inspired by 65
Karl Hein Karl Hein's Variation Trumped Triumph variation with phone number revelation
Inspired by 66
Joshua Jay The Argentinian Lecture story When Joshua Jay met a young kid in Argentina and had a humbling experience
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