Written by Bascom Jones, Various

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32 pages (Stapled), published by A Goodliffe Publication
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Unknown A Few Facts about the Rubiks Cube facts, trivia and recommended books about it 5
Donald Bevan On the Square or Rubik Cubology collection of ideas, first published in Abra #1873 7
Jim Moore Rubik's Cube Shell three-sided or five-sided shell, for solve underneath handkerchief or sliding it through tube 7
Jim Moore Solving Competition solving cubes with spectators, performer wins, one cube is mixed by only five memorized moves 7
Jim Moore Rubik's Die Box cube in die box, solves there 8
David Wood Rubik's Cube Shell Routine routine in which spectator scrambles cube himself and it solves itself underneath cover and can be examined, with switch and shell 9
Neville Wiltshire Cube Production fold-flat rubik's cubes as production items 10
Neville Wiltshire Die Thru Silk effect proposition in which spots are lost during silk penetration 11
Neville Wiltshire Zombie Cube effect suggestion 11
Neville Wiltshire Sympathetic Rubik's Cubes two cubes scrambled by magician and spectator, they end up in same arrangement, three methods (it's unclear whether the methods are also Wiltshire's) 11
George Schindler Rubik's Prediction color chosen via six card, only chosen color magically solves itself 12
George Schindler Switch Out - An Instant Assembly small Rubik's cube solves itself in spectator's pocket or paper bag, switch 15
George Schindler Flaming Assembly small Rubik's cube solves itself when covered in flash paper and ignited, switch 15
Dennis Marks Grand Strategy color chip chosen by spectator, scrambled cube solved by performer blindfolded, first chosen color then rest, cube really brute-force solvedAlso published here 15
Tony Andruzzi Cubelet small cube solved behind back apparently by memory, switchAlso published here 18
Philip T. Goldstein Cubicle spectator scrambled Rubik's cube and throws it, number of yellow squares on top predictedAlso published here 19
Jack Kent Tillar Dark Vision using solved Rubik's cube for Color Vision, effect also suggested by Bill Wisch & Fr. CyprianRelated to 21
H. Penn Dark Vision - Alternate Version Color Vision type effect with forced color, gaffed Rubik's Cube 23
H. Penn The Cube as a Force applying Stanley Collins' count force principle 24
H. Penn A Novel Booktest Rubik's cube with numbers used to select page number 25
H. Penn Mental Blok Rubik's cube scrambled and put in box with small window by spectator, performer divines color that shows through window 26
Ed Harris Cartoons 28
George Schindler Dice-A-Rubik two dice transform into small Rubik's cubes when thrown 30
Unknown Dice Switch with bills 30
George Schindler Great Loads using Rubik's cubes as final loads in cups & balls 31
George Schindler Quick Change Cube small Rubik's cube changes into normal die, pull 31
Meir Yedid Instant Assembly Rubik's cube mixed by three spectators, performer solves it by tossing it in the air, stooge 31
Meir Yedid Rubik's Coincidence sympathetic Rubik's cubes, two small cubes mixed by two spectators in paper bags, they end up in same arrangement 32