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Edward Marlo Foo Dice Cup cup for switching dice
1943 Shoot the Works 24
Edward Marlo Dice Switches 1. The One Hand Switch
2. Money Switch
3. Cuff Switch
4. Table Switch
5. Single Dice Switch
Related to 1943 Shoot the Works 40
Walter Essman Single Control dice change color
1953 The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 295) 1180
Unknown Cup Dice Switch as die is thrown beneath cup
1975 Another Close-up Cavalcade 54
Francis Carlyle Two Dice Switch
1975 The Magic of Francis Carlyle 92
Rick Johnsson, Ellison Poland Penny --- For His Thoughts more ideas with the IBGTH Switch, with bills, paper clips, billets, dice, coins, sponge balls, combs, business cards
1976 Practical Impossibilities 52
Jeff Busby Phantom of the Dice Table color changing die routine with cup, die behind ear holdout
  • Phase One: "It's Right Ear"
  • Phase Two: A Handy Switch
  • Phase Three: Into the Darkness
  • Notes
  • Further Notes
1981 The Chronicles (Issue 29) 1345
Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien with dice
1981 Das Camilo Seminar "81" 7
Unknown Dice Switch with bills
1982 The Magic of the Cube 30
Salverio Piacente Dice Twice two-dice switch, ends clean via improvised topit
Oct. 1987 Apocalypse (Vol. 10 No. 10) 1409
Karl Fulves Scoop Switch with cup
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 1) 8
Karl Fulves Money Switch No. 1 with bills
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 2) 20
Karl Fulves Money Switch No. 2 with bills
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 2) 21
Burton Williams Money Switch with bills
Also published here
  • "Dice - Squares, Tops and Shapes" (Burton Williams, 1982)
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 2) 21
Karl Fulves Handoff two dice switch while pulling bills off a stack
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 2) 22
Karl Fulves Free Loading with bills
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 3) 29
Karl Fulves Laydown Switch with bills
1990 Swindle Sheet (Issue 3) 30
Unknown Switching Dice gaffed dice cup
Also published here
  • "The Bunco Book" (Walter Gibson)
1990 Cheat Sheet (Issue 4) 39
Bill Reid Simplex Dice Switch with dice cup
1990 Cheat Sheet (Issue 5) 46
Karl Fulves Dr. Dice switches using partition cup
1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 4) 46
Jack Avis One Hand Switch for two dice
1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 5) 58
Karl Fulves Sleeve Switch
1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 7) 81
Karl Fulves Squeeze Switch
1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 7) 82
Bill Jacobs Scoop & Sleeve dice scooped off the table into hand, with or without cup, credit guessed from issue cover and reference
Related to 1991 Swindle Sheet (Issue 7) 82
Karl Fulves Monk's Money Move more detail on the switch
Related to 1992 Additives 2
Bob Farmer A Simple Dice Switch
1994 Beat 'em, Cheat 'em, Leave 'em Bleedin' 36
Martin Gardner The Classic Palm one from a group
1995 A Die Of Another Color 6
Gary Kurtz Mega Bonus - Giving the Dice Away as Souvenirs switch using plastic cups
  • The Additional Gaffus
1998 Psycho-Kinetic Dice 13
Milton Kort Kort's Dice Switch Improved palm technique
1999 Kort 253
Milton Kort Quick-change Crap Skill demo to switch dice
1999 Kort 281
Bob King Delayed Dice Switch with sleeving
1999 Private Notes 16