second edition from 1920 used
Written by Charles T. Jordan
Work of Charles T. Jordan
80 pages (Stapled), published by Selfpublished
Illustrated with drawings by Eli Benneche
Language: English
55 entries
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Charles T. Jordan Preface
T. Nelson Downs Introduction
Charles T. Jordan Chapter I - Trailing the Dovetail Shuffle to its Lair "(with sidelights on one or two other shuffles)"
interlocking chain principle with up to three riffle shuffles
Variations 7
Charles T. Jordan Close Range Mind Reading No. 1, cards riffle shuffled once, low values removed, remaining thirty-two cards dealt into two piles, one card moved over and located, interlocking chains
Charles T. Jordan Long Distance Mind Reading No. 2, card trick performed via mail, deck riffle shuffled once and cut in two halves, one card moved from one half to the other and either half mailed back
VariationsAlso published here 12
Charles T. Jordan Allowing a Spectator to Shuffle general comments
Charles T. Jordan The Premo No. 3, card located after three riffle shuffles, interlocking chains, optional with marked deck or blindfolded
Charles T. Jordan A Novel Detection No. 4, spectator counts down cards and remembers the last one, halves riffle shuffled together, interlocking chains
Charles T. Jordan The Dealing Dovetail Detection No. 5, card is found after lots of real shuffling
Charles T. Jordan Back and Front Count Sorting
Divided Deck Riffle Shuffle deck dealt into two piles and those are shuffled together
Charles T. Jordan Red/Black Shuffle running single cards in the center
Charles T. Jordan The Rolling-off-a-Log Detection No. 6, card removed is found out, unusual presentation with card rolled to tube, one suit together
Charles T. Jordan The Full Hand No. 7, four spectators select four cards each, those sixteen cards are riffle shuffled by performer and dropped in hat, performer takes out the cards of each spectator without looking
Charles T. Jordan Perfect Riffle Shuffle without details, four shuffles for sixteen cards to recycle, "Mr. Downs, however, can handle a full pack of 52 cards with the degree of dexterity necessary to restore its original order."
Charles T. Jordan Chapter II - Tricks of an Impromptu Nature "(requiring little or no skill)"
chapter intro
James J. Moren With the Mind's Eye No. 8, dressed-up key card location, blindfolded
James J. Moren Palmed-Card Glimpse
Charles T. Jordan The Simplicity Speller No. 9, card selected and cut into deck, long phrase with selection spelled, spelling to twenty-sixth card
Variations 37
Bridge half the deck by squeezing left hand
Charles T. Jordan The Trio No. 10, also "The Thirty-first Mystery", three cards predicted, new deck opened and three selected, three duplicates palmed to deck
Faced-Deck Switch secretly turned over
Charles T. Jordan Odd or Even No. 11, spectator cuts off pile and spectator divined whether it's an odd or even number
Charles T. Jordan The Escape No. 12, card travels from rubber-banded half to other half, cards are secretly propelled to other half
Charles T. Jordan The Bare-Faced Detection No. 13, card chosen by cutting, found with the faced towards the spectators at all times
Related to 45
Charles T. Jordan The Twentieth Century Puzzle No. 14, chosen cards are returned into deck one by one and divined
Charles T. Jordan Telepathic Control No. 15, card chosen after some dealing is divined
Charles T. Jordan Multiple Card Glimpse during in-the-hands riffle shuffle
Charles T. Jordan Chapter III - Feats Requiring More or Less Manipulative Ability chapter intro
Charles T. Jordan The Single-Card Reverse No. 16
Charles T. Jordan Shuffle Reverse at the end of an overhand shuffle
Charles T. Jordan The Half-Pack Reverse No. 17
Charles T. Jordan Half Reverse Cut bottom half is flipped over with left thumb as top half is cut to table
Related to 53
Charles T. Jordan The Alternate Reverse No. 18, every other card is openly reversed, they all right themselves again
Variations 54
Charles T. Jordan Two Halves Exchange
Related to 55
Charles T. Jordan The Pack that Cuts Itself No. 19, rubber banded deck cuts itself at selection, duplicate
Variations 56
Charles T. Jordan The Impossible Journey No. 20, selection comes to top in rubber banded deck, executing classic pass with rubber banded deck
Related toVariations 58
Charles T. Jordan Our Friends, the Aces No. 21, Conus-type gag phase, Aces vanish from three piles, but there are Jokers in fourth pile, they change back to Aces, duplicate Ace and four Jokers
Wedge Break
Charles T. Jordan Count Steal right hand counts cards from deck in left hand one by one, packet stolen at one point from bottom
Also published here 63
Charles T. Jordan Leave it to the Aces No. 22, Aces pushed in deck, named Ace lies next to selection, using Diagonal Palm Shift
Variations 64
Charles T. Jordan The Phantom Aces No. 23, four Aces are alternated in color, spectator cannot take two of same color
Charles T. Jordan Jordan Count
Charles T. Jordan Chapter IV - Feats Requiring Previous Preparation chapter intro
James J. Moren The Message from Mars No. 24, deck reduced to thirty-two cards and dealt into two piles, top card of one of the piles chosen and predicted in pocket
James J. Moren Inside Pocket Bluff item removed from vest pocket, looks like inside pocket
Related to 67
James J. Moren Simple Deal Force bottom cards are force card, dealt into two piles, top cards are now force cards
Charles T. Jordan Coluria No. 25, thirty-two-deck of cards is cut and dealt into six piles, two remaining cards pocketed, colors of top cards code bottom cards and cards in pocket, done out-of-room
Variations 68
Charles T. Jordan Satan's Trance No. 26, four cards removed from thirty-two-card deck and put in envelope, lights out, when lights are back on the names of cards are written on envelope
Variations 70
Dr. Ford Rogers Rough-Smooth as Haptic Cue
Charles T. Jordan Change Your Mind? No. 27, one of two cards thought-of, replaced, found
Charles T. Jordan Spelling Any Card Called For No. 28, full deck stack
VariationsAlso published here 74
Charles T. Jordan The Card and Number System No. 29, spectator deals piles, selects one, adds values, counts down to number and the card there is predicted
Charles T. Jordan The Card and Bag Mystery No. 30, Joker is put in envelope and pierced with thread inside a bag, it transposes with a selection, duplicate
Charles T. Jordan Adios
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